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... i did do some reading on the scarring of lungs(pulmonary Fibrosis) can my situation get worst? my dr says not to worry, he said he didnt see the actual cat scan images yes, but just read the report. the report said i had a mild scarring on top of one of my lungs. this is pretty frightening. can the other symptoms all be related to this? constant pressure in chest... (8 replies)
... from the minute i wake up to when i sleep., also about a month after the dry cough started, i have a tight thoat and Hoarseness. i also started seeing blood in my phelm and when i blow my nose. the blood is bright red. ... (8 replies)
... I have treated my chronic cough with anti depressants, however even if it seems that the throat clearing seems to be getting better. ... (3 replies)

... e new system has not done a good job of removing indoor humidity as you can tell by my username I live in Texas where humidity gets high.I have been developing a tight sensation in my throat. people claim I could have asthma like symptoms but I don't have coughing or wheezing per the doctor. ... (0 replies)
... For example, yesterday my ribs were tight all day, I seem to be able to control it when seated, but as soon as I start moving around it seems to make it worse, and start getting muscle spasms. ... (0 replies)
... i immdiatly got this sensation of a swelling in my throat and it felt like every time I swallowed I was swallowing my Tongue. I was fine ten mins later after drinking loads of water. ... (0 replies)
... (2 replies)
... Does he get blocked ears and tight throat with his copd? ... (2 replies)
... When I run or exercise I get the feeling of a tight throat, this has never happened before this. ... (8 replies)
Aug 16, 2008
... from a tight throat and always looks like her ribs are pulled up and shoulders up around her ears,she does not suffer from much weezing more a dry sensation in throat and chest like there is no mucus at all,she says it feels like her lungs are dry. ... (3 replies)
... I am a 23 year old female. I was a social smoker but have not smoked for a while. For the past two months I have had a very tight chest. ... (1 replies)
Aug 31, 2007
... Hi Folks, hope i can find out a few answers to my questions here from people who would know and understand my questions My friend is 60 years old this sept 8 years ago she was diagnosed with emphysemia by a chest xray The funny thing is she never gets congested chests or a weeze and yet it showed up on xray. does not catch the flue and smokes about 20 to 30 ciggarettes a... (4 replies)
... Hello fellow gaspers, There are several threads that appear to touch on VCD or VCD-related symptoms, such as shortness of breath and difficulty yawning. I am posting on this thread b/c I noticed something that also applies particularly to my situation, i.e., the constancy of the condition. That is, the sensation of a tight throat is always with me, no matter what (the only... (20 replies)
... have the same symptoms and suspect that my acid refulx is the culprit as I have had many tests. In particular I think I have vocal cord dysfunction disorder with tight throat feeling and problems breathing in. ... (1 replies)
... I'd seek another opinion too - though having a normal PFT is a great sign! Best of luck and God bless, Jeff (8 replies)
... thanks for the reply jeff. i did see a specialist and he is the one who had me take the cat scan. my PFT was ok. my doctor does not seem to concerned about this. he just told me, he does not think the lung scarring is causing my symtoms. i think i should find a new dr. i left his sectretary 2 messages over 3 days ago. the dr. has not returned my phone call yet. ... (8 replies)
... Scaring and cancer are not tied to one another, or in other words scaring won't cause cancer. There are lots of things that can cause scaring in the upper lung area. I know bronchitis is one, and other similar traumas to the lungs. In my case the scaring is noticible on x-ray in the lower lobes, especially in the right lung, but a biopsy shows that the scaring is through... (8 replies)
... i took the cat scan and the dr said i had mild lung scaring on top of one of my lungs. he said i shouldn't worry about this.. does anyone know what can cause lung scaring and should i be concerned about cancer? thanks (8 replies)
... I'll watch for your update :) Jeff (8 replies)
... thanks jeff, i will be going to a specialist in 2 days.. i will post an update. (8 replies)

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