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Trouble Breathing
Jan 23, 2016
... I have difficulty taking a deep breath or yawning. Oxygen level good, no apparent cause. Docs don't know and prescribe symptomatic remedies like prednisone (which doesn't help). It's worse following exertion, following eating a meal, or lying down. Anyone have an idea? (2 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel. From what I researched, this is usually diagnosed as "chronic hyperventilation syndrome" (CHS) its symptoms being things like air hunger, constant yawning, chest disconfort, anxiety... I've struggled with CHS for some years and I may now say I overcomed the problem. IT IS possible! There is a great post on the board called "Help for people with... (5 replies)
... About 4 weeks ago i started having trouble getting a cleansing breath. They call it air hunger. In addition to that i have the worst indigestion i have ever had. It has been four weeks straight of this. ... (3 replies)

... Dysfunction, which may be what some air hunger people have. Abdominal breathing allows the lungs, chest and throat to relax and can actually break the cycle of yawning and trying to get a full breath. ... (35 replies)
... ogen causes relaxation of the esophageal sphincters and thus acid reflux. If you take hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills, these could cause your yawning problem. ... (35 replies)
... its nice that you posted trying to help the rest of us, but i'm not buying it for a minute. nor am i going to put my faith in any book that supposedly "teaches" one how to breath correctly. i have not taken Nsaids for at least 10 years. i have had this problem on and off since 2003 and am at my wits end. i am not anemic and over the years have been normal weight or... (35 replies)
... In one week, the mucous ball in the back of my throat went away, my ear pain and fulness started to subside and the yawning urge slowed down and finally went away. ... (35 replies)
... hi..ive been having trouble taking deep breaths and yawning recently.this is often accompanied by a bloating in my stomach..doctors have found nothing so far and im headed to specialists... ... (3 replies)
... There are many reasons why you may have these symptoms and I always say trust your instinct and change Doctors if you have to. Assess it well and if you know it is not stress related or anxiety and your husband can gauge that too do not wait for the Doctor to change his/her mind. My Doctor is a lovely lady and I told her I thought I had bone cancer, we knew I had highly... (2 replies)
... yself and my son who has a pacemaker now. Pretty sure its my mind and lots of stress in my life that is causing these problems with not getting deep breathe and yawning alot. I try to focus on things like playing music, reading, or vigorous exercise really help temporarily but eventually it comes back every day. ... (57 replies)
... (57 replies)
... And Now When I Breathe Sometimes I Get A Sharp Lower Back Pain. Sometimes Yawning Helps The Intake But That Takes A Couple Of Attempts As Well. I Have A History Of High Platelet Count And Anemia. ... (5 replies)
Trouble Breathing
Feb 29, 2008
... Hello all, I am a young mother (26) of three and I have been experiencing the same symptoms since I was 14. When I was young my parents kept health insurance on me and I visited a doctor many times with my complaint and there too everything came back fine. My stepfather was a cardiologist and he had some pulm. friends who did every test under the sun on me and found nothing... (57 replies)
Trouble Breathing
Jan 10, 2008
... I've been having trouble breathing since this summer. ... (57 replies)
... le, 180 pounds, reasonably healthy, and have pretty bad panic attacks. BUT the past 3 or 4 days i have been feeling like i cant get a full breath. Im pretty much yawning but its not because im tired or anything, its because i feel like i cant get enough air into my lungs. ... (5 replies)
... WOW, JCGMAN,,,i think you just describe me almost to a T. Going on 8 or 9 years now, ive been having trouble taking in a deep breath. All day long, its a struggle to take a good , deep breath. Any physical activity naturally is made more difficult by this. ... (19 replies)
... occer and through winter conditioning, my breathing has gotten unmanagable. it's gotten to a point where i can't sit through my classes sometimes without having trouble breathing. ... (20 replies)
... I had that exact description (though also with a nasty cough) and I just learned I have pneumonia - I think you should ask for a chest X-ray just to be on safe side. GL (2 replies)
... Has your doctor sent you for a Pulmonary Function Test? I have similar issues, while my lungs are very healthy, they for some reason are not releasing all the air when I exhale, creating a feeling suffocation. It's called "Air trapping". Depending on your PFT results it may give you some indication as to what is going on. Or sometimes, like in my case, no one has a clue -... (2 replies)
... I'm new to this site and may have already posted this message. My oxygen level is good, no apparent cause for this condition. Docs don't know and treat symptoms with prednisone, etc., which doesn't help. Anyone out there who can help? (2 replies)

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