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... I have had two CT scans in three weeks. Both showed pneumonia in left lung. My question is how can I have pneumonia without any of the usual symptoms? ... (1 replies)
... I have noticed over the past week to week and a half that I have a weird feeling in the upper middle area of my chest. It feels like I have cold in my chest and it even goes up into my throat a little. Aside from a stuffed up nose, I have no other symptoms of a cold, and no cough. ... (2 replies)
... collapse of my left lung. I still have and use the incentive spirometer once in a while, and I'm still doing 4,000 on it with no problems. ... (1 replies)

... rule out the heart then I would suggest being checked for reflux. Mine was the heart, to my surprise. If I had not gotten to the doctor and ignored this funny feeling I was having in the upper part of my chest, I would not be here today. ... (2 replies)
... If it happens when you are laying down it may be reflux. If caused a lot of weird chest pains for me. My pains started in the heart area and would sometimes move up. They would also move over to the right or left center of chest, halfway between my throat and breastbone. ... (2 replies)
... pain in the right side of my chest that comes and goes. Almost feels like its a rib pain, but kinda feels like it's between the ribs. ... (0 replies)
... trust me...this will cause that awful feeling in your chest, I suffer with it, so I know. It feels like something heavy is sitting on your chest, your chest feels very tight, and eventually it will have a "bruised" feeling, because of the tightness. It truly makes me want to cry... ... (1 replies)
... Just yesterday driving to my mom and dads I had this very weird feeling come across me and sitting here this morning I can feel it coming back. ... (1 replies)
... It feels like when I breath that i'm breathing in like really warm air. Hard to describe the feeling, or maybe it's a lack of feeling. This only happens in my left lung. There is no shortness of breath or anything like that. It's sorta like when you put your head in a plastic bag and breathe for a little while. ... (0 replies)
... When I was little I used to get terrible awful illnesses every winter that resulted in a trip to the ER because I physically could not breath. I didn't have asthma but I can't remember what the disorder was called. ... (1 replies)
... I started having this burning feeling in my chest when I was breathing. I thought I was coming down with a cold or something. ... (1 replies)
... eathe and I try not to panic because I had my first panic attack months ago and was under stress because I just felt like there wasnt hope for me...I'm ready not feeling my doctors and will switch back to kiaser who made sure you got better. Also I been sick since my birthday which is February and in 3 months it will february... ... (0 replies)
... said it was clearing up but keep the inhalers in case the cough comes back. I also asked for a blood test, but I didnt get called back since Im assuming it was ok. ... (6 replies)
... Its been more than a month from now that I have been having this weird feeling asthough my neck is being pressed, a lump in my neck and under my chin which pains occasionally. Besides this I also find it difficult to breathe at times and my chest feels heavy and hurts. ... (0 replies)
... Hey drcassinelli, I know exactly how you feel. I have the same problem! I can never take a deep breath, and I always seem to be yawning in order to get any type of breath. It's very annoying, and it scares me sometimes. ... (5 replies)
... the anxious feeling comes back again. ... (7 replies)
I Need Help Asap
Sep 16, 2004
... Has Anyone Ever Felt Like Their Throat Was Closed , Nose Very Dry Kinda Clogged And Felt Like It Was Very Hard To Breathe Also Have A Weird Feeling In Their Chest Like Pressure Or Like A Cold Kinda, Please Right Back Cause I Am Feeling This Way Now And I Don't Know What To Do (2 replies)
... For the last few weeks, I have had a weird feeling in my chest, almost like i am inhaling shorter breaths and exhale faster than normal. ... (2 replies)
... d known reason for the condition. I have recently tried going back to the gym which unfortunately triggered another bout of the condition. But, there is relief in deep breathing with stretching. That is the only way for me to control it. ... (13 replies)
... le days after that I felt heaviness on my left side, along my collar bone, and felt like I couldn't quite get a deep breath on that side. And I started waking up in the morning for a couple of days feeling like a brick on my left upper chest, very unpleasant. ... (10 replies)

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