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Hi everyone. i have already posted my story somewhere. but useless with computers so will do it again.

i was prescribed contraceptive pill for a few spots a few months ago. i came out in red allergic type spots instead. So came off pill and doc gave me oral antibiotics akenim and a solution to put on my skin called dalacin c. after a week or so of using these i got pain around my left eye, so stopped oral antibiotics. a week after that i put my lotion on my face one night and woke to find my face bright red and the texture of sandpaper. Went to doc and they gave me anti allergy tablets. for a week my skin was just peeling off and then went back to normal. i just felt tired and weak. i was fine for about 5 days and then i started getting tingling sensation around my eyes it looked all craggy there. the next day my face was swelling up above the eyes below them my cheeks my jaw my nose. i also had terrible headaches. like someone was punching my head from the inside. also when my eyes were closed i could see coloured shapes and dots. in desperation went to see a dermotologist privately who said i was very sick and that i should be referred to the hospital the next day. The night before i went into hospital i had pains in my stomach back upper thighs. i got up to go to the toilet thought i was going to be sick or pass out. i lay on the landing floor shivering and shaking. my dad put a blanket over me. i could not move any part of my body without extreme pain. I had shortness of breath and my voice very faint. when my dad took me to hospital the next day i don't know how i got down the stairs.

Two medics examined me and did tests at the hospital. by now the pain was less and i could move. They sent me home as an outpatient with follow up scans and a rheumotologist appointment. since coming out of hospital i was very bad for about a week. i hardly slept at all and was in great pain in my legs and calfs when i walked. my vision was very blurry too. i had continual swellings to my face and when they subsided my face looked deadly hollow. sunken eyes the right eye more so. very flat lookbetween my brows. hollow cheeks. my skin is peeling everyday leaving baby soft greasy skin underneath. My hair seems brittle too and to be thinning. i have decided not to look in the mirror anymore people used to tell me i was beautiful.

i have also lost a lot of weight despite eating as much as i can and keep loosing it. Im already pretty skinny. and my bones seem to protude and stick out more.

I have had ok days but mostly they have been pretty bad. And i have often thought i should go back to the emergancy room. a few nights i have not been able to breathe properly but i have told myself it would pass and it did thank god. i have been very confused too. i walk into a room forget why i am there. Im doing it much more than usual. And i have these moments where i feel overwhelmed my complete fear. My brain feels logical but my body seems to be in a complete nervous state.

i have to wait for a couple of months to see the rheumy on the national health service. But i really can't bear it any longer so i have booked a private appointment with one for two days time. the docs at the hospital i think did an ana but was ok i think. i don't know. no one is telling me anything. i feel trapped in a nightmare these last few weeks and in shock too coming to terms with all these changes. i feel i am deteriating all the time and have to sit at home and bide my time. I am very weak and have not been to work for two months since all this happened.

a few months ago i was going to the gym, to work , out with my friends had a boyfriend and was feeling and looking great. i am 28 years old.

The pain now is mainly in my hands. which can be very painful or sometimes just go completely numb. there are darkish swellings on my knuckles too and on my knees. My hands are almost always freezing even in a warm room.

i don't know if this is Lupus or drug induced lupus?i have not been diagnosed yet. and would appreciate any feed back ?? im sorry this mail is so long but i have had no one to talk to and am not sure what action i should be taking? i have felt the lowest i have ever felt in my life but all the wonderful people on here give me some hope

zoe xx

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