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Well I saw the rheumy again!
He tells me that I have fibromyalgia and that there is nothing he can do for me... that I dont' have any arthritis (my pcp saw that my fingers were swollen and asked me if my knuckles hurt when I went in complaining of depression, joint pain and an inability to concentrate) and that my blood test don't show any 'problems' .. I got copies and he is right... my ana is normal now... of course many of my symptoms have eased since my initial contact with my pcp MONTHS AGO...
He said if I get bad again to call for another exam and that Cymbalta was the best treatment he can offer.
My pcp said that EVERYTHING I have been seen for in over 5 years is considered a symptom of autoimmune... and I had a positive ana when he tested me.

I'm frustrated but ever so glad to be feeling better even if it is short lived. I am now on my third perscription for this sinus infection (my only symptom was vertigo, now my throat and mouth is red and I have two sores between my teeth and gums....)
I asked him to look at the sores and he said he would be glad to refer me to an ears nose and throat dr... UGH!!
I asked about my dry painful eyes and he suggested that I buy some eye drops.. (been using eyedrops 6-8 times a day for nearly a month)
So I guess this is all in my head or whatever,.... I have found that trying to figure out whats wrong is harder than just sleeping it off.
So , I guess i wait... hope it doesn't return and try to find out more about fm...
Any thoughts?

Thanks bunches for all your comfort and information... flowerchild

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