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Hi everyone,

I'm 49 and I have felt sick and tired nearly all my life. I have always been chronically Anemic and been fighting that. 5 years ago I was dxd with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Sleep Apnea and Celiac.

Sometimes I feel halfway decent but a year and a half ago I started going downhill. I went from being able to work a full 8 to 12 hour day to now doing good if I manage to get the dishes washed.

3 weeks ago I was dxd with Endometriosis FINALLY after 39 yrs of heavy periods and pain, have had an Endometrial Ablation a week ago and slowly recovering from that. 2 weeks ago I was dxd with Systemic Lupus.

I have had so many blood tests and now find out my Vit D is at 7 and my potassium level is at 3.9, my hemoglobin is at 8.2, total serum protien is at 6.3.

All these are at or below the normal levels. But my Vit B12 is in the middle at 546. Go figure.

I am on 600 mgs of Gabapentin and 800 mgs of Ibuprofin. My pain levels arent so bad, every once in a while I get what I thought was a Fibro flare but Dr says I dont have Fibro, it's just Fibro type symptoms from the Lupus.
Anyway it's my fatigue that is so debilitating.

So, I have started taking Vit D, potassium and Magnesium.
Since I have been gluten free I have now been told to get rid of the Gluten free processed foods and start a whole foods diet, preferably a Paleo diet no grains.

Has anyone felt better on a whole foods diet?

Sorry for the long post but just was wondering. I just found you guys a few days ago and I have been reading alot.

So, again i'll say hello and thank you for reading.
Hi Veej.

Right now the Dr has not prescribed any meds except what I am currently taking now which is the Gabapentin and Ibuprophin. She wants to see if the Endo Ablation helps my anemia first. She did not prescibe anything at all not even the Vit D. I started taking the Vit D 3 5000 a day and Potassium and Magnesium after reading about it and she did say stay out of the sun. Now I understand why my skin has always felt like it was burning and I would get sick with a headache and and feel dizzy if I stayed out in the sun for very long.

I dread the summers because I get sick very easily if I get hot. I can handle the temps outside if they are in the 80's but anything over 85 and i'm in trouble. I can handle the cold better than I can the heat. Now, I understand why i've always wanted to live in the northwestern states. Lol.

I was a truck driver for over 9 years and I enjoyed being in the northwestern areas and my body always seemd to feel better when I was above 4000 ft.

Ive been unable to work for a year and a half now but hopefully here in a couple of months i'll start to feel better.

Sorry, didnt mean to write a long post again. It's just that I feel like I finally have some hope finally.
Good morning. One of my hardcovers says anemia in lupus can be "immunologic" or "nonimmunologic". I think the first kind is where an (unwanted) autoantibody is specifically targeting red blood cells, while the second is a "general" anemia resulting from such things as heavy periods, inflammation (which depletes body stores), heavy use of NSAID's, etc.

I think when anemia is present in lupus, the task is to figure out WHY, which may be why your doctor is waiting to see whether your blood levels improve after having endometrial ablation...? You could make it a habit to ask for copies of your labs for your personal files... never hurts, esp. if you ever have to change doctors suddenly.

My rheumatologist & GP warned me not to take too much Vitamin D3, as that can elevate CALCIUM IN BLOOD. I started at 2000 IU's daily, then reduced to 1000 IU's once my level tested in-range. Maybe you could check your dosage with your dr., also for Potassium and Magnesium? (I'm extra careful because I've had total urinary blockage from kidney stones, very nasty.)

I get what you say about sun. I became wildly photosensitive over time, had years of nonscarring circular lupus lesions on upper arms & back (proper name for mine: SCLE annular), dizziness, and headaches. I wear hats with brims, SPF32+ sunblock on face & neck, and just cover up everything else with long sleeves & trousers (tight material, not gauzy). Also, I limit time in midday sun (10AM to 4PM) to a few minutes max.

Please, no worry, your posts aren't too long! You should post any time the mood strikes, OK? I'm very glad you found us. Happy holidays to you & yours, bye for now, Vee

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