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Is this SLE?
Jul 11, 2017
... of SLE patients have a positive RF, which I take to mean that you can have a positive RF without having RA. ... (3 replies)
... This is a very good summary of SLE findings. It would be helpful to have this posted as a sticky post at the top of the lupus board, if administrators approve. ... (1 replies)
... Hi. Any caring mom would be concerned, I think! In your shoes I'd really try to worry a little less, but I'd definitely keep that appointment for several reasons. I'm only a patient but her bloodwork is showing some mild anomalies that are indeed possible in lupus. Also, having ANY kind of lupus-specific rash means a person has lupus "to some degree". By that I mean... (2 replies)

... That said, some criteria are so characteritistic of ONLY lupus, that they'd point to a Dx for some specialists. e.g. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks for all of your help and info. It has been a great help! I'll definately keep you posted as to what transpires. Since both RA and SLE are treated almost identically I suppose it's not imparative that I get a definative answer on whether or not I have SLE. ... (4 replies)
... at the top of the thread list, particularly the one with the ACR criteria for diagnosing systemic lupus. You typically must meet at least 4 of the 11 to support a Dx of SLE. ... (4 replies)
... dermies, is that the type of rash one has doesn't define the grouping of lupus into which you fall. Instead, it's how many of the 11 ACR criteria you meet. ... (8 replies)
... I def think you have SLE or another autoimmune disease....Learned on my own that you need to be your own doctor sometimes and go with your gut feeling.. ... (10 replies)
... When I was Dxd with sle I too only had a 1:40 speckled pattern ana...... at the time I also had liver, kidney, lung, heart and skin dsdna which was tested at the same time the ana was, was extremely high, as was my igg. c3 and c4 were terrible, urinalysis was way off too. I also had horrendous results regaurding organ function etc..... If my Dr. would... (10 replies)
... of diagnostic criteria...if at least 4 of the 11 criteria develop at one time or individually over any period of observation, then the patient is likely to have SLE however, a diagnosis of SLE can be made in a patient having fewer than four of these symptoms. ... (1 replies)
... I tried to tell my doctor but she wouldn't listen. So I found a new doctor. He sent me for labs on Friday April 10th and here's all the labs he wants. Ana , dsdna, anti smi , anti ro, anti lag, anti phospholipid ab, complete level on all ( labs will only say negative here and not show the number if there is one that's low) Also sed rate, thyroxine tsh 3rd gen and C-reactive... (3 replies)
... located right above the user threads, particularly the one on rashes and the one with the ACR criteria. ... (3 replies)
... have to meet 4 or more of the 11 ACR criteria to sustain a dx of SLE. ... (28 replies)
So confused =(
Oct 10, 2014
... known "red flags" for lupus, but again, symptoms and those 11 ACR criteria are extremely important and must always be considered. ... (1 replies)
Very confused
Sep 25, 2014
... You could read those criteria in the "sticky post" section, located above the thread list. ... (31 replies)
... The "stickies" are pretty abbreviated. You could find fuller explanations of the criteria in hardcovers, etc. ... (42 replies)
... Per the ACR criteria, I was an uncommon lupus Dx, yet I matched almost all of the more subtle "alternative criteria". ... (9 replies)
... The ACR criteria for each of these conditions are likely to contain one or more specific AB's, but with most of those criteria lists, a patient only must fulfill "some" criteria. ... (19 replies)
... With those symptoms I'll give myself a 3 out of 4 ACR criteria. ... (4 replies)
... sufficient to diagnose lupus. Instead lupus is dx'ed by the 11 criteria you may find in the "sticky posts". ... (8 replies)

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