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Ana 1:1280
Nov 19, 2012
... Hello, I am new to this forum, but thought that I can turn here for answers while waiting for additional test results. One month ago, I had bronchitis and the flu. After being out of work for several days, I returned to work. I woke up slightly dizzy, but didnt pay attention to it. After arriving at work, I became EXTREMELY fatigue to the point that I was going to pass... (1 replies)
... Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and just got diagnosed with Lupus last week. Some background info: I have hypothyroidism--on meds and under control--but didn't show Antithyroid antibodies (TPOAb). Had my 1st pregnancy followed by miscarriage in March (5 months ago). Six weeks ago, I was perfectly normal and healthy. Then, I woke up one morning, with the left... (3 replies)
... ANA of 1280 is considered significant, I think... but ANA may be positive in multiple conditions, not only lupus. ... (3 replies)

... Hi Sjogrens Yes. With the little understanding I have of the ANA 1:1280 is that there are numerous causes for this count and not all relating to LUPUS. There are a number of variables. I am going to be patient and wait for more tests. Will post the results, when I get them. I will have a better direction then. Cheers. (19 replies)
... next month, but in the meantime I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts about what this could be. GP say a negative dsDNA means I don't have Lupus, and that the ANA could be a false positive? ... (6 replies)
... sorry for posting again but all my tests are back. last batch of tests were all fine (last august) apart from ana. (these are not from doctor yet, but from a friend who works at hospital, will see doctor later next week, so maybe slightly muddled) ana: 1:1280 speckled p-anca: weakly positive ena anti-ro: positive ena anti b anti ena (could this be ss-b??): positive ... (1 replies)
... Thank you so much for the reply Vee! I will look over the sticky posts and see what I can find. I was able to get a copy of my lab results and my ANA shows >=1:1280 Speckled. Other notable results were the slightly low Vitamin D (the labs agree with you, normal being above 30, but my doctor was looking for 50 or more) and the low WBC count (3.5, the results show 3.6 is... (7 replies)
... Oh, and according to the sticky on this thread about diagnosing criteria, I have ONE of the 11: arthralgia. According to the testing criteria, I tested positive for ONE of the Lupus criteria: high ANA. How then could my doc say I have Lupus? (3 replies)
... Actually, it sounds like Sjogren's to me. I was diagnosed with Sjogren's a year ago based off of very similar symptoms (extreme fatigue, joint pain and swelling, hair loss, IBS symptoms, muscle pain, dry/flaky skin, mouth sores, nose bleeds, migraines that are increasing in frequency and a long list of other things). My initial blood work was highly suggestive of Sjogren's -... (6 replies)
... Hi!! Just wanted to comment on Lupus Bloodwork. I was dx with a postive ANA 1:640 and positive SSA....I saw 3 rheumy docs...the most impressive and the one who dx me with Lupus was a grad of Johns Hopkins...she told me this blood combination is definately LUPUS (SLE)...I also had extreme fatigue/ facial rash/photosensitivity/infertility/joint pain and livido... (19 replies)
... Hi Thanks also for your reply. I have no rashes, itches or skin irritation ... yet. From what I have read, the 1:1280 count can be due to a number of factors. I guess I need to show due patience and wait for more tests. Cheers (19 replies)
... sitive in a variety of conditions, not just lupus. And it can also be positive due to a passing virus, aging, etc. So your GP makes sense when he says elevated ANA doesn't prove lupus. ... (6 replies)
... alled and left a msg stating the results were "interesting" and she was sending us to a pediatric rhuematologist. We have an appt in a few weeks. I looked up the ANA tests and what the results might mean. And, I'm scared to death for my daughter. If all of her other blood work was normal, wouldn't that help rule out lupus? ... (4 replies)
... I too run a high titer ANA with a speckled pattern, while the ANA test does not always mean a person has lupus, I have read the it is more likely when the pattern is speckled. ... (7 replies)
... speckled pattern. I was on plaquenil and prednisone, and my last ANA was also negative. I am convinced it is from the medicine. My Dr. also sais it usually does not turn negative. ... (5 replies)
... Lenin, I have all of my recent labs right by me. The ANA has been slowly going up for the last 5 years (after the first positive at 1:60 in 1999). The lab ran the test 3 times to make sure and all 3 times came the same result (1:1280, not 1260 as I thought). I see here the DNA ds,ss, and Histone (Homogeneous) as well as the SM, RNP, SCL-70, SS-A/SS-B (speckled) on the... (18 replies)
... and the ACA. As far as my ANA goes, one lab's results state that it shows both "homogenous and speckled patterns". ... (73 replies)
... with speckled pattern. ... (4 replies)
... Hi There and Welcome, I agree with what has been said already. I would also suggest that you follow up with your rheumy if you haven't already to let him/her know that the prednisone isn't working as they may need to increase the dose. Since they don't seem quite sure what you have, I would err on the side of caution and keep in close contact with the Rheumy. Good luck... (3 replies)
... Thanks, sometimes I wonder about the some of the doctors. If anyone has any recommendations for a Rheumatologist in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ it would be helpful. In addition to the stuff going on with my face I get a rash on my chest (basically to my neckline) that comes and goes. It is more bumpy and does not itch. My face looks more of a deep flushing or a sunburn (I... (8 replies)

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