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... write back before now! Anyhow, ANA is only a general test that can be positive in a wide variety of conditions, not just lupus. The ANA test involves doing successive dilutions, and inspecting the sample at each point to see if "fluoresced material" still shows up. ... (1 replies)
... This was a test to confirm Lupus but Normal titer was <1:80. With a titer of <1:160 be positive and what is Nucleolr (1 replies)
CNS Lupus?
Jan 30, 2014
... She was the one who tested my ANA and said that she doesn't feel I need to see a rheumatologist at this point because I have no systemic symptoms. ... (10 replies)

Possible lupus?
Mar 22, 2014
... I am awaiting ANA test results... ... (7 replies)
... Hi, again. I'm wondering if your rash itched. I just saw something in an article about psoriasis after weight loss surgery. Also, there's a rash common in Celiac that tends to be horribly itchy. i.e., I'd bet there are multiple possibilities for your rash, in addition it possibly being a lupus rash. Unfortunately there are over 16,000 known skin conditions... Re: vitamin... (3 replies)
... Kitkat, for sure I'd want to see some "ologist". I think low hemoglobin and low ferritin can go hand-in-hand, and I think both can be seen in multiple AI's, including hypothyroidism, but I suspect non-AI causes are possible, too. But given your ANA of 1:160 (low-ish but definitely positive), Have your thyroid levels been tested recently? If they have & were OK, then a... (3 replies)
... I have had ANA tests many times due to family history and they have always been negative. ... (3 replies)
?? Lupus ??
Mar 8, 2014
... My doctor asked if I have been tested for Lupus. No, I had not. I was tested after seeing the doctor, for Lupus. My test results from the lab for the ANA test shows "POSITIVE", ANA Titer 1:160, ANA Pattern NUCLEOLR I have not talked with the doctor yet, but am very worried with this diagnosis, knowing I only have one kidney. :( (1 replies)
Test results
Feb 27, 2014
... welcome. ANA stands for antinuclear antibody. It's a "threshold test", meaning one that can suggest the need for further, more specific tests. ... (9 replies)
Test results
Feb 27, 2014
... HI Expected Test Result LO Units Values ------------------------------------------------------------------ Antinuclear Antibody (Multiple), S ANA Titer: >1:640 ANA Pattern: Speckled The speckled pattern is associated with antibodies to ribonucleoprotein (U1-RNP), SM, SSA, SSB, PCNA (proliferating cell nuclear antigen), SCL-70, or PM-1. This pattern is seen most frequently in... (9 replies)
... An ANA of 1:640 is moderately high. I don't know who is downplaying that, but it is not accurate or fair to you. 1:40 or 1:80 may be considered low +, 1:160- 1:320 mod. +, and I consider 1:640 and above high +. Someone just doesn't understand or doesn't want to deal with referrals, explaining things, etc. That is sad, and I am glad you got results for yourself. Now you have... (11 replies)
1-160 ana
Apr 19, 2012
... Just got a call from my doctor's office stating that my lab results showed ana 1-160, WBC 2.9, and vitamin D 19. Lets just say...... that I hate lupus!!! (1 replies)
... Obviously the elevated ANA means something right. ... (3 replies)
... and had an ANA come back negative. i was on Prednisone at the time for a bad headache that I had. ... (0 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... Other findings beyond ANA would be required to be diagnosed with any of the AI's. ... (4 replies)
1-160 ana
Jun 8, 2013
... Hi blessedbeauty, I thought I would reply through this thread because I don't know how to message people, but I have crohns (for 8 yrs starting at 15) and am being tested for lupus now too. I had a positive ana at 1:160 but they say that it could also be from remicade, I'm awaiting more specific results too. This past year I've also had joint pain in hands (unusual for... (1 replies)
... Could a cold virus make my ANA titer number shoot up that high? ... (2 replies)
Positive ANA
Jun 25, 2012
... Six weeks ago I had an appointment with a rheumatologist during that visit he had me do some labs. An ANA and lupus panel and a bunch other. ... (1 replies)
... If there is anyone out there that can offer and info to me, I would be grateful. I have been feeling sick for about 4 years now; mostly fatigue, joint pain & stiffness, had a low grade fever in the evening for about 2 years (that has gotten better), been losing hair in clumps for about 2 years, some dizziness, now with new dr., I Waas found to have a positive Ana 1:160, and... (7 replies)
... Can all this really be from anxiety and stress. Would all the stress ect cause the positive ANA test. ... (3 replies)

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