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... I've been having joint pain and hyperpigmentation on my face. I had a rheumatology appointment and was tested for autoimmune disorders. I never heard anything again, so assumed that my tests were negative. However I just phoned up to check - and the secretary read out my results to me: ANA 1:80 pattern nucleolar. She said the rheumatologist must have thought my results were... (4 replies)
... 2 years ago it was ANA 1:80 and the anti-dsDNA was 10, now it's ANA 1:40 with anti-dsDNA 22. So which is worse ? 2 years ago they said it's borderline and if I don't have symptoms, let's wait, they didn't dx. me with lupus. I had ( and still have ) unexplained hip pain ( comes and goes ), headaches and lightheadedness ( had them before, but usually around periods ), but 2... (28 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... Other findings beyond ANA would be required to be diagnosed with any of the AI's. ... (4 replies)

Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... Hello I am new to this forum so thanks for listening. I went to my GP because of joint pain, fatigue and just an overall decline in health over the past years. She has known about this but after doing some research of my own I asked her to run some tests. I'm 41 and have had a hysto due to endometriosis, had both my appendix & gallbladder removed, have IBS, yada yada. I... (4 replies)
ANA 1:80
Apr 29, 2011
... I've had a few connective tissue/autoimmune symptoms for the past 6 months. My ANA has been positive at 1:80 for the past 3 tests (over 3 years). CRP and Rheumatoid Factor all normal. It's been suggested I might have undifferentiated connective tissue disease ( The diagnostic criteria states- "....In order to... (0 replies)
... in sun exposed regions. I also got joint pain and leg pain and inflammed veins after taking b12. Before taking b12 my ANA was negative. ... (4 replies)
... Tammy, I think there are at least two measuring systems for ANA, so you should ask which was used. There's a titer system in which 1:80 would be low, but there's an International Unit system in which it wouldn't be. So I think you should speak with the rheumatologist (not his staff), and also ask for hardcopy. Also, I think people can have SOME TYPE of lupus without a... (4 replies)
... I think there are multiple things an ANA result might mean. ... (1 replies)
... After negative 3 negative ANAs I've now got a positive one 1:80 nucleolar. But noone contacted me about it. I had the tests done organized by a rheumatologist and noone got back to me so I assumed they were negative. I eventually phoned just to check and was shocked to find my ANA positive (all other tests negative). The secretary told me the rheumy checks all results and... (1 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 13, 2004
... now as well as a low C3 level and anemia and leukopenia but the rest of the lupus panel was negative to include double strand DNA. The doctor has to look at the ANA as well as your family history and your symptoms. With all of your lab results included the rheumatalogist will make an informed decision. ... (5 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 12, 2004
... is considered positive, just how positive depends on the doctor interpreting it I suppose. I do know though that your ANA can change from day to day even, that's why people can have one reading at one draw and a different one at another. ... (5 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 11, 2004
... Is a ANA of 1:80 considered high? I am just not sure of some of these tests. My regular doctor said it was borderline. I trust you folks here more on this. susanp :) (5 replies)
... nysue, I'm just a patient but I think your labs and symptoms could be suggestive of lupus, but only depending on your lab levels. To put your lab results into context, you really do need the reference ranges. Also, there are OTHER tests typically run when lupus is suspected, so you'd want to know what ELSE was run. Could you procure hardcopy of your labs? To illustrate.... (28 replies)
... Also, some people have a somewhat elevated ANA due only to aging, to a family tendency, or to a passing bacterial or viral infection. ... (8 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 10, 2013
... I can share some of my coping mechanisms as well. I have had lupus 30 yrs and RA about 7-8? I take more meds than I like, but they all seem to help-Placquenil, Methotrexate, Prednisone plus Naproxen on an as needed basis. The thing I struggle with is fatigue and back pain constantly, then a mix of migrating joint pains. So I have my limits and tend to pace myself. My AM is... (4 replies)
... Hi, I have been struggling with hypothyroidism for some time and recently my 21 yr old daughter had been showing similar symptoms....fatigue, muscle & joint pain, headaches, chronic illnesses, etc. Her first test indicated a TSH of 4.8 and the next one showed 2.3. However, her ANA was positive and showed nucleolar ratio of 1:80. Upon looking this up, it seems to be... (1 replies)
... Boxer mama! I too was recently dx'd with Lupus in October and went through many 10+ docs over the years,including gastro issues a major obstructed bowel surgery in the beginning of the year. I was first going to a GP he said my blood work (CBC) "normal", so he said,I had "anxiety" gave me anti-depressants,sent me on my way...still no results-same symptoms,heart... (27 replies)
... Test Name LUPUS (SLE) PANEL ANA SCREEN, IFA ANA, IFA PATTERN ANA, IFA TITER <1:40 1:40-1:80 >1:80 In Range HOMOGENEOUS Negative Low Antibody Level Elevated Antibody Level Out Of Range POSITIVE 1:40 H (0 replies)
... autoimmune diseases can take time to develop and affect your blood work. i was diagnosed with CFS & autoimmune dysfunction in the beginning (ana 1:320), fibromyalgia, mild lupus, back to fibromyalgia again, and now 13 yrs later, MCTD (ana 1:640 & RNP 7.3 at it's highest), well my doctor didn't say I had MCTD 100% positively but he said I very well could, and I pretty much know... (4 replies)
... My ANA has always been positive high for the past 10 years it's been tested (1:320/1:640).QUOTE] Hi Thanks for your reply. Do you have an autoimmune disease - or can you be healthy and still have high ANA? Luckily my energy actually seems fine :) (4 replies)

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