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... Hey Vee, missed that post about the GI issues somehow. The weight loss was intentional. I had gained about 30 lbs when I first started having stomach issues. Somehow it would feel better after I ate, so I ate cookies, crackers all the time to get it feeling ok but it never lasted long. I was also then suffering from reflux so I then had colonoscopy and endoscopy and found... (27 replies)
... I don't know what an ANA reading of 24 means, whether that's considered positive or negative. You should definitely ask the dr. who ran it! But ANA is considered ONLY a "threshold" test, because it's positive in a variety of conditions. ... (7 replies)
Blood test
Mar 14, 2008
... i picked up my drs. notes and in there she has past medical history of inflammatory arthritis along with positive ANA and RNP.i suggest she has MCTD.raynaud's pheomenon.patient has nocturia x2. ... (11 replies)

... Hello, Maria. I met a woman with the same kind of lupus I have---the SCLE variant---and she had multiple episodes of scaly, itchy, weepy outer ear infections. I think her drs. sent her for outpatient antibiotic drips, as her problem was really hard to clear up. She was on steroids at the time, but I think she got off them & remained on Plaquenil. (I've never had this... (6 replies)
... Hi, Pam. I'm certainly no dr. But what seems to be missing in your list are the *additional* blood tests that look for the specific antibodies & other "stuff" seen in lupus, such as anti-ds-DNA, anti-Sm, anti-Ro, anti-La, anti-RNP, complements C3, C4, CH50, antiphospholipid antibodies, etc. In his hardcover on lupus, Dr. Daniel Wallace lists about 16 (!) things that are... (3 replies)
Just A Question...
Nov 11, 2005
... Another P.S. ANA is only a threshold test. Say a patient comes in with complaints. Some drs. ... (5 replies)
... FYI, ANA is a very tricky concept. It's only a threshhold test. ... (3 replies)
New Dr.
Jun 4, 2005
... Hi, deedea. I just did some scouting around on peripheral blood smear tests. It doesn't look to me that it's specific to lupus. It seems to be looking at red, white & platelet counts; how "mature" the cells are; etc. In lupus (per my hardcover), the following conditions are fairly common: (1) Anemia, which can be caused by iron deficiency or chronic disease. ... (8 replies)
May 12, 2005
... Dear Mary, I tried looking up CH50. It seems to be a "sum total" complement level test. Dr. Wallace (the author of one of the lupus hardcovers) says that there are several tests that are the best reliable tests for following severe lupus disease activity: C3, C4, this CH50, and the autoantibody anti-ds-DNA. I have no idea what a *high* CH50 might imply, as it's a... (4 replies)
Ana Titer
Mar 12, 2005
... I think that once the ANA is positive WITH other findings that create a lupus Dx, it's not a useful predictor of disease activity. ... (2 replies)
Tests For Lupus ?
Jul 15, 2004
... Hi. Sorry... I think people are out & around, otherwise you'd have gotten more answers. Here goes: If you open up the the "sticky post" (at the top of the list for the lupus board) you'll see a permanent post listing the "4 of 11 ACR criteria" . This means that a patient must have, at SOME time, 4 of the 11 to be Dx'ed with SLE. They do NOT have to appear... (2 replies)
Other diseases
Mar 2, 2016
... Hi & welcome. I'm only a patient, but I too believe your ANA's aren't normal & are unlikely to be false-positive at those levels. (This is true for women, as well, btw.) Did the rheum suggest follow-up monitoring or any additional tests? Did you get copies of all your labs? In my (tiny) mind, even though you may not have met the diagnostic criteria yet for any particular... (3 replies)
... Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and just got diagnosed with Lupus last week. Some background info: I have hypothyroidism--on meds and under control--but didn't show Antithyroid antibodies (TPOAb). Had my 1st pregnancy followed by miscarriage in March (5 months ago). Six weeks ago, I was perfectly normal and healthy. Then, I woke up one morning, with the left... (3 replies)
I am at a loss...
Nov 19, 2011
... Mimi, hi & welcome. I'm sorry you're struggling. Re: ANA, a big problem is that it can be positive in a variety of conditions, including lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other rheumatological conditions; also quite a few outside of rheumatology; or simply due to a passing virus, or aging, or certain prescription meds. Once your ANA came back positive, were *further*... (1 replies)
... Jamusafl, Welcome! Obviously I'm just a patient, one who reads; but that doesn't "qualify" me for anything but reading a lot. :D But here's some of what I've read, for what it may be worth. Have you seen Dr. Daniel Wallace's lupus hardcover? It's in most libraries & bookstores. Dr. Wallace says a couple of interesting things. One is that most dr. offices are NOT... (13 replies)
... It's my understanding that in lupus, ANA can wax and wane with flares. ... (7 replies)
May 12, 2005
... Thanks for replying back.My Dr. gave me a few of my test results and said we would talk June 4 with the results.I don't want to push it with her because May 4 was my first visit with her. These are the results she gave me: AntinuclearAb Postitive A ANA positive 1:640 RH Factor 43 Platelet 418 Sed Rate 24 CH50 311 - 250 is normal C3 100 C4 16 (4 replies)
... Dear Sandy321, Welcome & greetings to you. Lupus is one tough disease to diagnose. There's a sticky post at the front of this board in which AngelicBrat put up. The first is the Am. College of Rheumatology "4 of 11" criteria used to Dx systemic lupus: a patient must at some time (not all at once, necessarily) meet a minimum of 4 of these criteria. There is nothing... (3 replies)
... Hi Sheila, I would suggest the following blood work: Complete Blood Count (CBC)- This can show some abnormalities in Lupus, such as a decreased lymphocyte count, platelet abnormalities, anemia etc. ANA- which can show Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, depending on the "pattern" of it. It can be negative in Lupus too however, but its a good starting point ... (2 replies)
... like syndrome, but my Ch50 was normal... ... (29 replies)

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