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... I asked my rheum whether I tested my ANA was centromere antibody positive or just centromere pattern. He said PATTERN. I have recently read that they ACA is a different test altogether and that ANA centromere is a pattern. ... (73 replies)
... I know mine was positive and, the way I read it, states that my ANA pattern is both speckled and homogenous. ... (73 replies)
... Although I have centromere pattern ANA, I don't meet the criteria to be diagnosed with that either. ... (73 replies)

... Received the rheumatology report in the post and realise that he was quietly working away in his head, meanwhile I cried the whole time thinking he didn't understand me. Primary Diagnosis: Uncertain diagnosis, (?connective tissues disease ?mechanical pain) Undifferentiated CTD (ANA-centromere antibodies positive, anti Ro ve.) He also has written: Neurological... (73 replies)
... ANA was Centromere pattern again. ... (73 replies)
... your earlier centromere pattern. If your earlier ANA was done "manually", meaning by a lab tech and not by machine, pattern was probably assigned by the lab tech, and as such would have been a subjective interpretation on the tech's part. ... (73 replies)
... On the opposite end, the severe side, picture a person with positive ANA and positive for one or more of the ANA subtypes. These people meet 4 or more of the criteria. Rashes, if any, are often of the malar kind. ... (73 replies)
... StarStacey, to re-orient myself, I just reread the entire thread. Your labs that really stand out to me are positive anti-Ro and ANA of 1:1280; and of your symptoms, mouth sores. (Your rashes I wasn't sure I could picture, NOT that I'm anything but a dumb patient anyway!) Last I knew, you said your dr. was viewing you as having, at this juncture, UCTD (undifferentiated... (73 replies)
... and the ACA. As far as my ANA goes, one lab's results state that it shows both "homogenous and speckled patterns". ... (73 replies)
... Stacey, I am so glad you have shared what has been going on with you and that you have received such knowledgeable support here. I am so grateful to have found your thread today, and can't tell you how closely I can identify with all that you have been through recently. I know that one of the most difficult aspects of my current, similar experience is that I feel alone, as I... (73 replies)
... Thank you VeeJ, The rheumatologist only mentioned CREST because when he told me that the ANA was centromeric in pattern I mentioned that I have read it is linked with CREST/Limited Systemic Scleroderma. Then he started to go through some of the things that you would see in scleroderma and said I do not have any of the physical symptoms of this, which I totally agreed. He... (73 replies)
... Hi, all, my rheumatologist finally rang back today to tell me that the results still aren't back for the ANA and ENA. She was able to tell me that the C3 and C4 were normal. ... (73 replies)
... Still waiting for ANA & ENA results. Complement is back but lab wouldn't give me result. Has to come from Dr. The lab said that there was a note on the ENA to only run if ANA + which I understand. But I find it difficult to understand that it takes so long for test to be carried out. Blood was taken on 3rd Nov & sent to an off site lab. Should I be worried that the results... (73 replies)
... to which she replied that I'd be more likely to have a positive Rheumatoid Factor. The upshot is that she has ordered the ANA to be redone, ENA, Complement and full blood analysis. Also, gave urine sample. ... (73 replies)
... I am dumbfounded that any Dr would be so misinformed about Ana levels. You are right in your understanding. You'll be in better hands with a good rheum who knows more about this. ... (73 replies)
... You have not misunderstood. I think both GPs have totally misinterpreted how the test is done and therefore what high/low positive is. Sounds like they're thinking backwards in dilutions. anything under 1:40 is negative... over 1:160 is considered significant. Your result is high. Rheumatologists always understand these tests a lot better (ie, some GPs refer out for... (73 replies)
... Boy, hearing that nonsense about ANA levels ONCE must be dismaying, but TWICE? ... (73 replies)
... ght be relevant for the rheumatologist and hopefully he'll sit up and listen. Fingers crossed they can identify exactly what is bothering me, and that given the ANA result, they will hopefully order full bloods to identify the offending antibodies. ... (73 replies)
... doubling each time. Each doubling represents a dilution of the blood, the actual end titer is the last visible stage of the ANA by the lab tech. ... (73 replies)
... my overall Ana was positive but she said that she doesnt get concerned unless it it above 3. It is all so confusing to me. ... (21 replies)

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