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... I think there are multiple things an ANA result might mean. ... (1 replies)
... After negative 3 negative ANAs I've now got a positive one 1:80 nucleolar. But noone contacted me about it. I had the tests done organized by a rheumatologist and noone got back to me so I assumed they were negative. I eventually phoned just to check and was shocked to find my ANA positive (all other tests negative). The secretary told me the rheumy checks all results and... (1 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 13, 2004
... now as well as a low C3 level and anemia and leukopenia but the rest of the lupus panel was negative to include double strand DNA. The doctor has to look at the ANA as well as your family history and your symptoms. With all of your lab results included the rheumatalogist will make an informed decision. ... (5 replies)

... write back before now! Anyhow, ANA is only a general test that can be positive in a wide variety of conditions, not just lupus. The ANA test involves doing successive dilutions, and inspecting the sample at each point to see if "fluoresced material" still shows up. ... (1 replies)
... This was a test to confirm Lupus but Normal titer was <1:80. With a titer of <1:160 be positive and what is Nucleolr (1 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... Other findings beyond ANA would be required to be diagnosed with any of the AI's. ... (4 replies)
Ana 1:80
Nov 7, 2013
... The nurse said that was borderline and they wanted to send me to a Rheumatologist. From what I have read that result is more of a positive or am I wrong? ... (4 replies)
... Welcome to the boards! Yes an ANA of 1:320 is significant. The lowest level positive is 1:40, then 1:80, then 1:160, then 1:320. In the clinical setting of pericardial effusion, which occurs generally as a result of pericarditis (inflammation), it is probably related. Pericarditis is one of the more serious manifestations of lupus. Your Dr's will likely diagnose that disease... (1 replies)
... Hi, I have been struggling with hypothyroidism for some time and recently my 21 yr old daughter had been showing similar symptoms....fatigue, muscle & joint pain, headaches, chronic illnesses, etc. Her first test indicated a TSH of 4.8 and the next one showed 2.3. However, her ANA was positive and showed nucleolar ratio of 1:80. Upon looking this up, it seems to be... (1 replies)
... Thanks for this info. I have my lab report in front of me and I'll copy what I see... The Test reads: ANA IFA Screen W/Refl to Titer and Pattern, IFA ANA Screen, IFA POSITIVE Antinuclear Antibodies ANA Pattern HOMOGENOUS ANA Titer 1:80 (High) The neurologist did suggest I followup with a rheumatologist. As for my foot drop .. I have spinal stenosis and... (6 replies)
... My Ana is 1:80 homogenous pattern in jan it was 1:40 I spoke w lupus foundation they told me this this low is negative for lupus I had all other test done in Jan from ds DNA ssa Ssb everything the whole sle panel all neg from my understanding the DNA don't change and lupus don't just attack you I thought it just attacks your brain onset but I learned a lot from the charge... (3 replies)
... Test Name LUPUS (SLE) PANEL ANA SCREEN, IFA ANA, IFA PATTERN ANA, IFA TITER <1:40 1:40-1:80 >1:80 In Range HOMOGENEOUS Negative Low Antibody Level Elevated Antibody Level Out Of Range POSITIVE 1:40 H (0 replies)
ANA 1:80
Apr 29, 2011
... I've had a few connective tissue/autoimmune symptoms for the past 6 months. My ANA has been positive at 1:80 for the past 3 tests (over 3 years). CRP and Rheumatoid Factor all normal. It's been suggested I might have undifferentiated connective tissue disease ( The diagnostic criteria states- "....In order to... (0 replies)
... OK - Here's my test results I got in the mail. SED rate 32 CRP 7.3 (although this was notated as in normal limits) Urinalysis: Epi's/lpf 258.68 (does this mean I simply didn't get a clean catch?) ANA: positive 1:80 speckled pattern HLA-B27 Antigen was negative RA factor was negative (14 replies)
... Also, I think people can have SOME TYPE of lupus without a positive ANA. ... (4 replies)
... H with Speckeled ANA Pattern. I have to go for more exams with the rheumatologist on Sept 3rd, 2010. I've had vitiligo for 7 years already and don't know where it came from. ... (5 replies)
... On 2/28 all bloodwork came back normal: ANA was postive, speckled, 1:80 titer. ESR was a 5 (negative), RF/nephelometry was a 9 (neg), CRP was a 5 (neg), ANCA was negative, CBC was within normal level, wbc auto, liver and urine all "WNL" cept, urine had a trace of proteinand RBC was 4-10. (standard value 0-3/hpf). Anyways on 3/13/09 the Rheumatologist diagnosed me with... (4 replies)
ANA weak positive
May 30, 2008
... I don't know if this is all leading anywhere else. It is curious to me that my ANA at first rheum went from weak positive 0.07. ... (6 replies)
... said no not the right kind of rash, my positive is to low, and my physical symptoms don't match the criteria. ... (6 replies)
... Hi Coco; My ANA numbers are the same as yours (as well as having the high Anti-ds-dna)... I find it curious that more is not being done. I need to get off my duff & get more bloodwork done. I have just been denied ODSP benefits. I expected that to happen though & am working on my appeal. I had not yet been dx'd with anything when I was first made to file. Since I... (21 replies)

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