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... Well, had another rheumatologist appointment this week. Tests run included: Anti-dsDNA -- normal Anti-Sm -- normal Anti-RNP -- normal SS-B (LA) -- normal SS-A (RO) -- high (4.1 with a reference range of 0-0.9) C3 and C4 complements -- normal ANA -- high at 1:40 (speckled) ESR and CR-P -- normal (14 replies)
... Thanks both again†:) VeeJ - My eyes were tested at the beginning of commencement with Plaquenil (December) and the Rhuemy who saw me in March said they would refer me for another test on my next appointment (stretched to end Sept). Iím not too worried about the affect on my vision, as long as I keep up regular retinal scans Iím fine. The SLICC criteria looks like it may... (21 replies)
... Thanks ladybud, I will see what the results say, I really think that the doctors are too busy most of the time to even look at items that arenít ďurgentĒ. My RF was 11 which is still normal range (albeit borderline for <11 range) so the rheumy probably didnít even see it as it wasnít bold or highlighted on the results. They just saw DS-DNA positive and ran with that from... (21 replies)

... I was only diagnosed with suspected SLE at the end of last year when the pain got much more intense and migrated around my joints, I had a high positive ANA and a positive DSDNA. ... (21 replies)
... stem. He mentioned response to Prednisone, which I would have to assume helped you feel better while on it. I cannot comment on the DNA level without a reference range to go with it, as each lab uses different testing methods with different normal ranges. ... (5 replies)
Possible SLE case?
Aug 11, 2015
... medical help when I started having pain in my joints and exhibiting signs of Raynaud's, which I was later diagnosed with in January. My pediatrician ordered an ANA test, which was positive, and referred me to a rheumatologist, whom I saw in January. ... (5 replies)
... I'm a 24 year old guy. At the beginning of July, before lupus was even on my radar and when I thought the pain I was experiencing was because of a weightlifting injury, a doctor prescribed me a 7-day course of Prednisone (50 mg each day). After the first day of it, I thought I was getting better, but I think that may have been psychosomatic -- I was so glad to finally get... (14 replies)
... Hi & welcome. I'm sorry for your problems. I'm wondering if you could be in somewhat of a gray area. Have you read the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads? I'm about to cite them... Here goes: While you may have met several of the ACR criteria, you may not have met enough to be a clear-cut case of "classic" systemic lupus. Generally, but not... (6 replies)
... and negative for all other tests. Then a while later my ANA was actually negative. ... (6 replies)
... Dx with Hashimotos, positive ANA 1:80 homogenous pattern which prompted the need for further labs. I had a dsDNA antibody screen done. My result was 99.98 but the normal range per my lab was 0-149.99 and less than 150 is considered negative, 150-180 is equivocal and greater than 180 is positive. So my rheumatologist is saying my labs are normal...but yet everything I'm reading... (1 replies)
... Hi & welcome. Is "PFO" a hole between the upper chambers of your heart (not sure I know this term)? Do you have a name for your chronic kidney problem, and what lab results you've seen because of it (just curious)? I have lupus. I've had low Vitamin D, which probably started before my dx, then fell precipitously after I began avoiding sun. I take a daily supplement and... (1 replies)
... 2 years ago the rheumy checked the TSH and the TPO ( they were ok ) but the neurologist this time checked the TSH only ( the order said: TSH with reflex to free T4 if abnormal ) but the TSH was ok. What is a HLA - B27 ? ( reference range : negative ) and my was negativ, 2 years ago. Also back then Immunoglobulin G serum was a little high , 1671 ( 700-1600 ), but the rheumy... (28 replies)
... That's good to know. I am not familiar with all the different testing methods available, so I'll keep that in mind. I was blown away when I saw >400 results on a friend when mine runs in the 20-30 range! Thanks for the additional info. (28 replies)
... Many people with lupus have low B12 counts. Your lab uses an unusually low cut off for low end of range, as it is normally 400-1000. There are lots of reasons why B12 can be low, but it usually has to do with absorption (lack of), seen in pernicious anemia, celiac disease and other malabsorption states. If you take B12 orally and your count doesn't come up, it indicates you... (28 replies)
... What about the vit b12 level ? 2 years ago( actually 2 and a half ) was 259 and now it's 244 ( out of 211-911 range ). The rheumy didn't even mention it as low, now the neurologist say it's kind a low. So is it a "good" sign that actually it didn't go really lower since then ? ( I know that people have problems even with higher numbers ) So how can I know the b12 is a problem ? (28 replies)
... I have no recent titer on ANA, my labs just flag ana positive if any of the other antibodies are positive. ... (28 replies)
... logist for the dizziness, I didn't even think it could be lupus releated, because two years ago I didn't get diagnosed with it, but I told the dr. to recheck the ANA , so she did that with the b12 and vit. d. ... (28 replies)
... DNA, labs vary, so you'd need the range your lab uses. ... (28 replies)
... I understand your disgust. So I hate saying this, but rheum's approach seems by-the-book and "correct" to me, especially since your last RF was still in the negative range... and I can't even guess about your previous ANA & anti-DNA (you didn't state those). For lupus, rheums do need to see a certain number of findings, per the established ACR criteria. (You may find those in... (7 replies)
... Based on that, I still suspect that it's possible that a reading of 13 could be a tiny bit elevated yet nowhere near the range that worries most rheums. For example, the author of one book only really worries at a certain level. ... (4 replies)

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