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... Kooze, since you are just getting diagnosed and have not started any treatment, it's normal to feel frightened and just want to escape the reality of having a chronic illness. Unfortunately it will not just go away, but you can feel better in time with appropriate treatment. The meds used to treat SLE take some time to work, and a combination may be needed depending on how you... (1 replies)
... Hi everyone, I'm new, 42 years old from Australia. The last few months have been a roller coaster. Resulting in a diagnosis of SLE and lymphocytic vasculitis. ANA speckled 1:320 first test 1:80 speckled second test Positive biopsy for facial rash as lymphocytic vasculitis Anti dsDNA positive C3 high reading C4 low Urinalysis trace blood and low specific gravity... (1 replies)
... I'm New here and hoping someone can help me out. I had my blood results come back with a Positive ANA and Positive dsDNA. I don't see a number for the ANA but the dsDNA shows 19. ... (3 replies)

... A diagnosis of lupus is based on certain symptoms and signs plus a positive ANA. Your ANA is positive at a significant level, ie., not borderline. Your symptoms are suggestive of SLE as well. I would work with the first Dr. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone. I am new. Can anybody please help me with my blood results. My ANA was positive 1 : 640, homogeneous pattern but everything else was negative. Including a RA screening and lupus anticoagulant test. I am suffering from joint and muscle pain, severe fatigue, dizzy spells. The most terrible headaches and my hands and feet are extremely cold all the time. I... (7 replies)
ANA weak positive
May 21, 2008
... lts. I am apprehensive. Also saw the derm last week and she said the flushing and rash is rosacea. So, I hope she is right. I will update when I get the next lab results . . I know I should not just let this stuff go and need to follow up on it. ... (6 replies)
... I went for a physical a couple weeks ago and had lab work done. The nurse called me back and told me that I had tested positive for Lupus, which I now know she should not have done. ... (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... Hello! My name is Karen and I am 44 years old. Over the last several years I have had an increase in the intensity of body aches that I experience. Also at least 1-2 times month over the last several years I will experience symptoms associated with the flu - low grade fever, headache, sore throat and intense body aches. I had an ANA test completed about 3 years ago it was... (2 replies)
... confirmed lupus nephritis, and patients whose ANA has turned negative due to meds. ... (5 replies)
... I had the ANA with reflex cascade, so after the first series of 5 antibodies found a positive, the test stopped. ... (7 replies)
... scarring lesions on back and upper arms, that I finally correlated to sun exposure. Because ANA stayed negative, local doctors didn't consider lupus, but large metro teaching hospital rheum did immediately. ... (6 replies)
... And I read that only a small percentage of patients with this illness have a positive ANA. ... (1 replies)
... now why its in my jaw, wrist, elbows, and other places. also they dont know why i have the spasms and the other issues i have like my wbc count being high and my ana being positive. so im still waiting. im taking the sulfa drug now for spondylitis but its not used in lupus. ... (5 replies)
... up on the new test results before giving you any opinion. ... (3 replies)
... I am 53- my sister passed away from lupus. My son was diagnosed when he was 3...but has shown no symptoms. I was tested and got my results...Could someone help me? it is labcorp so it is measures in IU/ml...but it says ANA w/reflex ANA Direct Positive abnormal then it lists: RNP antibodies 0.3 AI Sjogrens Anti SS-A <0.2 Sjogrens Anti SS-B <0.2 ... (1 replies)
... will likely be viewed as only very slightly positive, is my guess. But is it possible to have systemic lupus without a positive ANA? ... (14 replies)
... Cari, I'm really sorry you're struggling with so much & glad you're seeing a rheum this week. Is this your first rheum? I'd expect him to run all new tests; they often do, using labs that they know are skilled at the AI tests. Have you seen the sticky posts (permanent info posts) located above the user threads? They contain basic info on lupus: diagnostic criteria, common... (14 replies)
... Hi. I'm sorry you haven't yet got answers that make sense. Have you asked the rheumatologist or your internist how many of the lupus diagnostic criteria you've met? You can read these in the "sticky posts" (the permanent info posts) that are located right above the suer threads. Genrally---but not always---you must meet 4 or more to sustain a diagnosis of systemic lupus. AND,... (6 replies)
... The other reason for having the results on paper, is that if you see new Drs. ... (8 replies)

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