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Ana test
Jun 27, 2018
... I recently had an ANA test. ... (0 replies)
... The swelling could be a symptom related to an autoimmune disease called Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD) which includes lupus but is a little broader. The blue discoloration is probably Raynaudís which is caused by vascular spasm and occurs in several of the autoimmune diseases. I would take pictures of both the swelling and the Raynauds to show your Dr. and be sure to... (5 replies)
... Should I repeat some tests or make new ones? ... (5 replies)

... although there are many, plus a positive ANA. Your list of symptoms and positive ANA are meaningful but not sufficient to make a diagnosis. I do think seeing a rheumatologist is a good idea. ... (5 replies)
... After my immunologist did additional tests, he told me that when ANA is high, especially in men, they want to make additional test to make sure the kidney and other organs are ok. ... (5 replies)
... Hi everyone, I am new to the boards and just want to let you all know that I sincerely feel for all of you in pain. I was perfectly fine up until about 3 1/2 years ago. I weighed 115lbs., walked 3 miles every night and the worst thing that ever went wrong physically was a headache occasionally. Then....... I started having terrible periods and terrible pain in my left... (4 replies)
... Thank you once again VeeJ for your knowledge on all this difficult physical stuff going on in the body. My last ANA test in June was 1:180 when my Dr. did the lymes rash. I asked him to do it for me to see if had changed any.. and he doesn't do the CP test one on me. I guess the rheumy dr would do that, once I make myself go when I can't take it anymore. Now that my... (11 replies)
... The problem with ANA is that it's not specific to any one condition. ... (11 replies)
... when I went to my g.p. for a tick bite in the summer I got a huge itchy rash where the tick bit me and I asked him to do the ANA again and this time it was higher than last time he did it. all because of the rash I'm assuming. ... (11 replies)
... Looking at the tests she ordered, she did not order the ENA panel, but did order C3, C4 and anti dsdna. ... (15 replies)
... thank you veeJ, I appreciate your help. I see you understand how flustered I am about how to explain all that has occurred. I wish I had mentioned this sooner so I could have made the list you suggested. I'm going to have to back track some how. or just copy what I wrote above. I live in the suburbs, not nyc. I am afraid to go to the city to see a Dr. even though they may... (11 replies)
... blown labs", where a doctor ran as many tests as he could think to do, the more recent, the better. ... (11 replies)
... Other tests that make sense. ... (11 replies)
... you feel and function. You need to pursue a diagnosis and get on treatment. Please ask to have Vitamin B12 and folate levels measured along with the other blood tests you will need, as deficiencies are common and can cause peripheral neuropathy. ... (11 replies)
... I am very confused and don't know how to go about writing what I have to say since there's so much that's occurred through out the years on and off. strange things physically out of the blue, like my psoas muscle became inflamed and very painful for no reason. I had to get an injection in it which worked. It all began in the year 1998 right after my divorce. I went to work... (11 replies)
... titer 160 homogeneous the only specific antibody abnormality was low C4 and positive but not high RA and a low positivity in Microsomal AB. So I have significant ANA titer but no red flag ANA's really. ... (2 replies)
... I see a lot of mention of different types of ANA tests and all but I am not sure what all of that means. ... (8 replies)
... I have had ANA tests many times due to family history and they have always been negative. ... (3 replies)
... We are hoping that the B12 injections help with the tingling, but most days I can ignore that part. I had blood drawn yesterday for the rest of the ANA tests. But with the snow we got the past few days it may take a little longer to get them sent out. ... (4 replies)
... Hi. I'm glad you perservered and can look forward to better days ahead. I also had a terrible time getting a diagnosis. It is actually possible to have lupus with a negative ANA, RARE but possble, perhaps only 3-5% of all diagnosed cases. In these people, ANA tests as negative but anti-Ro is positive; some experts surmise that, in these people, ANA is being "masked" by the... (10 replies)

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