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... write back before now! Anyhow, ANA is only a general test that can be positive in a wide variety of conditions, not just lupus. The ANA test involves doing successive dilutions, and inspecting the sample at each point to see if "fluoresced material" still shows up. ... (1 replies)
... That's interesting, I, too, have an ANA titer of 1:1280 and a nucleolar pattern. I also had a homogeneous pattern at 1:160. My doctor thinks I have early lupus, but not scleroderma because I don't have the skin changes. I do have acid reflux, which started a few months ago, and I know that is a sign of scleroderma. But it can be due to a wide variety of other conditions,... (5 replies)
... I got the skin biopsy results Friday and it shows no skin problems..hummmm, I would think with an ANA of 1:1280, nucleolar (pertaining to the skin) something would come up... I have a rheumy appt on April 14th...... (5 replies)

... Bonnie, I know that feeling, and it is sad. My final diagnostic venture took about 1 month, but it was well worth the wait, especially when compared to the decades of problems I'd had. ... (7 replies)
... I too run a high titer ANA with a speckled pattern, while the ANA test does not always mean a person has lupus, I have read the it is more likely when the pattern is speckled. ... (7 replies)
... Bonnie, I've read the opposite: that ANA does NOT elevate in Lyme, which isn't to say a person could not have both Lyme & some other reason for elevation of ANA. But I have roughly ZERO expertise! Anyway, good luck with the rheumie on Wednesday. Best wishes, Vee (7 replies)
... Thanks for your reply in many cases ana can be elevated do to lymes I just dont want that to get over looked, but there is a family history to autoimmunne diseases. ... (7 replies)
... ANA. Alone, ANA isn't diagnostic, alas, because it elevates in multiple diseases, or due to a passing virus, or sometimes due to a family tendency. ... (7 replies)
Please help
Aug 7, 2016
... Hi! I was hoping maybe someone could help me here. I'm scared and waiting to hear from the rheumatologist a office to schedule. Very new to all of this. I had some bloodwork done to rule out rheumatoid arthritis and now my dr is referring me to a rheumatologist. The "asap" on the notes is alarming to me. It's difficult to find any actual number values online to see where... (8 replies)
... Thanks, sometimes I wonder about the some of the doctors. If anyone has any recommendations for a Rheumatologist in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ it would be helpful. In addition to the stuff going on with my face I get a rash on my chest (basically to my neckline) that comes and goes. It is more bumpy and does not itch. My face looks more of a deep flushing or a sunburn (I... (8 replies)
... Could a cold virus make my ANA titer number shoot up that high? ... (2 replies)
... lovesunshine, I don't know why you can't see my posts...? The whole point of my original post was to tell you I had the same ANA titer and have NOT been diagnosed with Lupus -there are many other causes for an elevated ANA, and not all of them are as serious as Lupus or the other connective tissue diseases. (19 replies)
... Anyway, with an ANA that high, there's a very good possibility of connective tissue disease, but not necessarily Lupus. ... (19 replies)
Ana titer
Mar 2, 2012
... While ANA is almost always subtantially positive in systemic lupus, I know of two forms possible without a positive ANA. ... (9 replies)
... Got my bloodwork from back. ANA titer 1:1280 Positive SSB Positive SSA Positive IgE and that's all he told me so far. I'm starting to think my Yaz has given me these positive results. I have to go back in a month to talk to him some more. No diagnosis because I don't have symptoms other than some chronic hives and fatigue. I was freaked out about this at first,... (16 replies)
... sitive in a variety of conditions, not just lupus. And it can also be positive due to a passing virus, aging, etc. So your GP makes sense when he says elevated ANA doesn't prove lupus. ... (6 replies)
... next month, but in the meantime I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts about what this could be. GP say a negative dsDNA means I don't have Lupus, and that the ANA could be a false positive? ... (6 replies)
... I havent herd back from the rheumie she ran Blood tests and did 2 weeks ago and xrays I wish I would hear from her. I see an infectious doc next week, he feels I dont have lyme that its a false positive, I feel its a strong possiblity.I am at a loss I just wish the Doctors would have more understanding about peoples feelings that I am not just a number, I am a person a mom... (7 replies)
... Bonnie, In his lupus hardcover, Dr. Daniel Wallace lists 16 autoantibodies (& complement problems) seen in lupus. In addition to RF, which you mentioned, were ALL these things tested for? (This book is in most libraries & bookstores. Another excellent rheumie/author is Dr. Robert Lahita.) I *think* bloodwork timing can be important: some may rise & fall, while others may... (7 replies)
... I have been sick for over a year, went to the er and he sespected autoimmune, he pulled all kinds of blood my ra factor read <20, my lyme was positive only for p41 both on eia and westernblot, I did have a bulls eye rash 2 years ago that I was told was ringworm. the infectious disease doc thought it was a false positive. I see a rumatologist on wed. I live in nc and the have a... (7 replies)

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