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... Well, yesterday I couldn't take it anymore. I was so achy and tired and my abdomen hurt so bad that I went to the emergency room. They gave me a little pill for nausea and vomitting (even though I never vomit just feel naucious). My bladder was hurting and burning sooo bad, but somehow, I can't explain it, it doesn't feel like a UTI because the burning sensation isn't there... (19 replies)
... I have my blood results back since today and under the Lupus (SLE) Panel it says: ANA IFA Screen Reflex with Titer Anti-Nuclear AB Positive (Out of range) What does that mean? Is it Lupus, could it be Lupus, could it be something else? I am trying to find out what is wrong with me since 2 and a half years...down below is the original post I posted on this website. I know it is... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat, about your URINARY issues (frequency, blood in urine, and bladder never feeling empty). You should mention to the gastro, in that he'll need to know ALL symptoms. He may step in (he's a doctor, too), OR he may recommend a urologist. (OK, I just paused & reread entire thead.) Stones & infection were ruled out, right? That would make me wonder about something... (19 replies)

... Hi, again. The lupus criteria are confusing! For example, anti-Sm is only one of a dozen or more antibodies seen in lupus; it "makes" the list because it's considered pretty much "diagnostic", but a person can easily have lupus without anti-Sm. Another example is anti-RNP, seen in lupus *and* in MCTD (mixed connective tissue disease), AND maybe other things, too (not sure).... (19 replies)
... Valleycat, in the presence of symptoms, a positive ANA indicates that further tests are warranted. The reason is that ANA is positive in many conditions, not just lupus. In your shoes, I'd try to see a rheumatologist. I'm only a patient, but some of your symptoms are eye-catching. For example, tongue sticking to roof of mouth, with dry eyes: makes me think of Sjogren's... (19 replies)
... Hello, I need to know what this is, I just came from my doctor and she is testing me for it. I have chronic back pain and it is so bad that the pain shoots from my butt down my leg and my leg also stays num. My joyins her, if I sit to long it is hard for me to get up and walk, in the morning it's hard to get out the bed, so I thought I my have atharitis, I may have spelled it... (3 replies)
... Geez, already Wednesday. The last two days I was so tired I couldn't function. Monday the GI appointment went fine. Never got to see the Dr., just the NP who was very nice. We are doing stool samples for the next 3 days and a Colonoscopy on Tuesday. My only worry is that my body will rebell against the magnesium citrate lemon liquid I have to drink 4 bottles of :( I have that... (19 replies)
... I found some interesting links and resoources to Interstitial Cystitis that may be of some help. It fall in line with what you are saying Vee. It couldn't hurt to try some dietary restrictions just in case it is IC. Some people with IC/BPS suffer from other conditions that may have the same etiology as IC/BPS. These include: irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat, my chronic GI problems (20+ years!) & bladder problems (over 5 years) receded so quickly once I started Plaquenil & avoiding sun that my head spun! I could hardly believe one little pill 2x daily did so much so fast. Yes, it is a process of elimination for your drs. to get to the root cause(s). Not fun, but at least you're being taken seriously & being... (19 replies)
... @ Beckster, Vee. Thanks for your responses. Yes I have thought of Candida before. I took away sugar and changed my eating habits for a while to see, if I cut all the things out which "feed" candida, if the condition improves. It didn't change anything. :( I am taking Probiotics once a day 2 hours after I eat my first meal of the day. It seems to help a little, but it... (19 replies)
... I've been following your thread, and feel for you. I know how frustrated you are. I can't believe how long it is taking to get into a Rheumatologist! Have you ever considered that you may have a chronic yeast/candida issue? Your antibiotic use along with the yeast infection warrants taking a pro-biotic, found in a health food store. Candida can cause all kinds of... (19 replies)
... I've been following your thread, and feel for you. I know how frustrated you are. I can't believe how long it is taking to get into a Rheumatologist! Have you ever considered that you may have a chronic yeast/candida issue? Your antibiotic use along with the yeast infection warrants taking a pro-biotic, found in a health food store. Candida can cause all kinds of... (19 replies)
... Thank you Vee. You know, in a way it is good to know not to be alone with all the struggeling. As bad as it is, there are people like you, who understand what one is going through :). I had the Neurologist appointment today and he diagnosed me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome...and he was the first doctor who mentioned the L word :( (Lupus). He told me that Carpal is very... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat, many of my tests were unrevealing, too, because they weren't tests that can identify systemic inflammatory conditions. My symptoms were similar ---GI, urinary, migraines, rashes, anemia, pain, frequent infections, etc.---but no blood in urine and a different rash. My most useful consults were dermatology (8th one) and rheumatology (2nd one). My other... (19 replies)
... Alrighty, here is the update...after I picked up the written results from my abdominal cat scan there was absolutely nothing except a 6mm low-attenuation lesionin the midpole of the right kidney. I asked my doctor about it and she said that it is most likely an incidental renal cyst. I also had a second pelvic exam done and they told me everything is fine, everything in place.... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat, maybe you should discuss with your GP booking with a urologist? My urologist considered testing for Interstitial Cystitis, an autoimmune inflammatory bladder condition. (BTW, IC can cause ANA to elevate. It's seen "standalone" but also can co-exit with lupus.) I think it's worth looking into, along with other bladder conditions that present with such... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat, when do you get pelvic x-ray results? If no problem is detected but urine stream continues to seem blocked, in your shoes I'd ask for the other diagnostic tests done, when stones are suspected, like CAT scan or ultrasound, and to include bladder, too. If there are stones there, I think they have to go, by one means or another! i.e., your body passes them, they're... (19 replies)
... Well I just got back from the doctor and my Hiv and Lyme test came back negative too. That wasn't a surprise to me...back to sqare one, again. Now dealing with bad urination problems (very slow stream and blood in my urin) pain on the right side between my ribs and hips. She said I might have Kidney stones. Have a bad yeast infection and headaches. It almost seems like one... (19 replies)
... ValleyCat (a/k/a HUN or CUTIE :jester:), doctors can amaze, yes? How much did you want to slap that doctor? Logging symptoms, setting up rheumatology appt., and healthy diet all make sense to me. About your "skin spots", I couldn't guess what these are, but I'd hate to think sun is permanently damaging your skin. Since you already have brown spots to show the... (19 replies)
... Vee, your message was perfectly readable :D The bloodtests were performed by my GP. She also referred me to a Neurologist, who gave me a pet on the back and told me (pretty much exact words): "I am supposed to do a whole bunch of testing with you, but not today, CUTIE. We will do another brain MRI first and we will call you. Don't worry, we'll figure out what is wrong with... (19 replies)

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