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Aug 26, 2018
... This was ordered by my neuro, along with Anti DS DNA, sed rate, anticardiolipin antibodies, TSH, SSA, SSB and Lyme. The only thing abnormal was the anticardiolipin IGM at 14. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you both for your replays ! Two years ago my b12 level was 259 ( 211-946 ) and the rheumy didn't even mention it that it's maybe low, but the neurologist now said it's kind a low even if it's in the normal range. the anti -dsdna cut off is 10 with this lab, and my being 22 I thought it's high, I don't know though how high this number can go ? I use to have these... (28 replies)
... I have postive anti chromatin and anti ribosmal p antibodies. I have many symptoms. ... (8 replies)

... symptoms started with joint pains, I was 10 yo so theyd say it was growing pains. But it didnt stop, and at 13 an orthopedist diagnosis it as fibromyalgia. At 15 yo I began to have gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea alternating with constipation, abdominal pain and bleeding in the stool). Only when i was 21 someone thought of ask for a lactose intolerance test. It... (19 replies)
Please help
Aug 31, 2016
... Oh, my my my. The appointment as you describe it is not what I'd have expected either. His manner strikes me as awful. Can you see another rheumatologist on your own, or do you need a formal referral? If you can, I'd aim for a rheum affiliated with a teaching hospital, as they see these conditions in all their variety and presentations. But first, I'd want those additional... (8 replies)
Please help
Aug 8, 2016
... Hello & welcome. I am so NOT a doctor, so please read in that light. Although the results that ARE available (more on that in a bit) make one think of lupus, what I don't know---just as you said too---is how high your anti-dsDNA really is and what its "Crithidia titer" of 1:40 means. When I first suspected I had lupus, I thought ANY positive anti-ds-DNA was very meaningful... (8 replies)
... Second time posting.. Family doctor won't refer me to a rheumotologist.. Went to a walk in clinic for a second opinion and confirmed I should see a specialist.. Any help would be appreciated. I don't have many physical symptoms yet besides fatigue, cold fingers/toes, irregular periods, major hair loss.. But my lab work shows: Nuclear AB - POSITIVE - Titre: 640 Pattern:... (1 replies)
Nov 18, 2015
... Allie, I see some things here that are pertinent and should provide some "clues" to follow up. First, it appears your anti-Smith, anti-histone, anti-SSA and B may be positive. Could you repost those with the reference ranges on your lab sheet (if there are some). It is quite interesting all these were done without an ANA? Or perhaps you had an ANA done before? That is a very... (25 replies)
... Jerseygirl, your symptoms and labs could be consistent with seronegative lupus (ANA negative) or possibly a related issue such as mixed connective tissue disease. I think some more specific antibodies would be helpful, namely anti-dsDNA, anti-Smith (both specific for lupus), anti-RNP (high in MCTD), anti-SSA and SSB (lupus and Sjogren's). The exhaustion, joint pains,... (2 replies)
... With an SSA of 3. ... (2 replies)
... Nope, not at all. They arent a sign of impending doom. Its sort of like ANA, most people have an ANA titer, which is why the positive cutoff is between 1:40 and 1:160 (childrens titer cutoff is lower 1:20 I think), but most dont and never will have an autoimmune. Now it is possible, since you have SSB and symptoms that over time other antibodies may become positive. Thats... (6 replies)
... And my ssa is 0.2 and ssb is 1.7 out of a range of 0. ... (6 replies)
... This is my first post! Hoping you all can help me with your experience & knowledge! So I won't get into the many details, but I've had extreme joint pain & fatigue and had my first visit with a rheumatologist last week. My ANA is a high positive, and it looks like my results are in- Anti-Dna (ds) is just 1 out of 0-9. And my Smith antibodies are 0.3 out of 0.0-0.9. My anti-ssa... (3 replies)
... igG ANTIBODY 27, anti smooth muscle antibody 12.2, anti ssa 29, anti ssb 20, free t4 1.10, HIBE IGG 1. ... (9 replies)
... Hi, HeIsBigger, Thank you so much for getting in touch and sharing your story with me. I am very sorry for your miscarriages. This is one thing that I haven't had, though I never fell pregnant easily. I suppose I could have "miscarried" very early on as my periods were never regular, but I never suffered a known loss like you. <3 I haven't been tested for... (73 replies)
... (10 replies)
... Smith antibody and anti SSA and SSB at some point may be helpful. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Veej. I am going to my 3rd rhuemy in December because I was not crazy about the first 2 I saw. One told me lupus, then not lupus, then lupus again and the 2nd one could have been my older son diagnosing me. I need to find a really good one instead of being referred to someone. My ANA was positive 1st time 1:80 2nd time 1:160 and RNP's 7.2 then 8.0> So it looks like the... (17 replies)
... Hi & welcome. I'm in the SSA subgroup, too, and was told that SSA (anti-Ro) can be positive in either lupus or Sjogren's syndrome. BTW, these two conditions can co-exist. How Sjogren's is Dx'ed: per my lupus hardcover, Sjogren's tends to bring a VERY high ANA, as high as 1:2580 or more. Also, tests for Sjogren's include Dry Schirmer's (measures amount of tears), Rose... (1 replies)
... Angie, of course only a dr. can determine what your summer arm rashes really are, but those two SCLE rashes intrigue me because of the anti-Ro connection. I saw 7+ dermies... and one vet. :D When dermie #5 told me my targetlike lesions were flea bites, I drove straight to vet, who assured me that flea bites look nothing like what I had. More accurate info from him, and no... (9 replies)

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