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Severe Joint Pain
Jul 19, 2010
... Hello everyone. I just have a question about having two titer patterns. ANA-Positive 1:320 Homogeneous pattern 1:320 Speckled Pattern Everything else came back normel. (2 replies)
... Is anyone experiencing more joint pain than ususal due to cold or damp weather? ... (2 replies)
... I have to agree with Goldenwings. I too have less joint pain and swelling in the winter. Most others around me have more discomfort with the cold and all but the pain and inflamation actually subside noticeably in all my joints. ... (25 replies)

... Hi everyone, haven't had a question in a long time but was wondering for those of you with joint pain....Is your joint pain worse in the summer sunshine months or is it worse for you in the cold winter months? ... (25 replies)
... Saturday and Sunday I noticed an increase in joint pain (especially feet, hands, back and hips). I woke up this morning with a sore throat, fever, and congestion. Wondering if the body was telling me something - the inflammation of the joints connected to the fever and inflamed throat/tonsils, etc. Anyone experienced this themselves? (5 replies)
... like. It can also be sharp shooting pain in chest with a deep breath if one has pleurisy. Joint pains can also be sharp, and accompanied by stiffness and worsened with weight bearing or movement of joints. ... (5 replies)
... hours a day if given the opportunity and even then I'm not fully rested! But I have been getting a malar rash with a slight fever with unexplained muscle and joint pain. The rash might last a few hours and seems to occur mostly at night. My hands and feet are usually cold and sometimes my feet take on a purple tinge. ... (5 replies)
... t sores in my mouth, that disapear a couple hours later. I have mentioned it to my doctor at my last appointment, and she seemed more concerned at the time on my joint pain and getting me to the specialist! ... (2 replies)
... Sorry your feeling achey from the cold. I live in Southeastern Ohio, so it is cold here too. Plaquenil does do wonders, doesn't it!! ... (2 replies)
Cold weather
Dec 8, 2007
... It seems they really dont care! My PCP wont refer me to a rheumy yet, he doesnt see enough eveidence. He just gives me pain pills and nsaids. ... (5 replies)
... Just got home from shopping about 9.45 pm. It is so, so cold here, between 1 and 3, so we are still not quite warm, doesn't it just go through to the old bones? ... (25 replies)
... Hello There Glojer, Personally I feel worse in the Summer time. Even though I don't get out much at this time, when I do I feel that the heat not just the sun makes me very achey and so on. I do tend to have a lot of swelling in my legs, ankles and fingers, not just my joints. I find that in Winter because of perhaps wrapping up well and keeping our hands and legs... (25 replies)
... Dear mygrils, I've wondered about this sort of thing myself. Only after I was Dx'ed in 2000 did I realize that I had not had conventional flu or even very many colds in almost 20 years. And I rode crowded trains & subways and worked in offices for many of those years. Hmmmm.... what did that MEAN??! I've since wondered if some of us get exposed to a "bug", fight the... (2 replies)
... on top of that I've had skin sores , cold sensation on my back , kidney pain and fatigue , headaches , joint pain and memory problems. My Dr doesn't seem to bothered. ... (0 replies)
... kittyhawkchild, thanks for the insight. I had been to several endocrinologists and they all say that my symptoms don't sound like an endo illness, had blood work done for thyroid several times,all is good there and also had an ultrasound f thyroid. As for Sjogren's I don't have the typical dryness symptoms, I do have dry eyes and mouth every now and then but it's very mild.... (16 replies)
... Zoe, I am in Colorado, so middle of the western half of US. I have been to a number of rheums over the years, some were good, some awful, but I am with one now that I really like. I have both lupus and RA, and struggle with the high altitude (5280 ft) and extreme barometric pressure changes in my area with cold fronts and storms (sets my joint pain off miserably). I have... (21 replies)
... Hi everyone. I have had iron deficiency anemia for years now with no explanation. I don't respond to ANY treatments and I have seen a total of 8 doctors now and no one knows what's wrong with me. My mother has Celiac disease but after many tests, I am negative for it. My symptoms include: Fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, shortness of breath, dull chest pain, muscle... (10 replies)
... abnormal sensations of my right hands. i do not have numbness, loss of pain or itching, but i am certain thats coming next. Any ideas its lupus. ... (8 replies)
... shade around the house and have to pace myself with work and rest alternating and curb my spring fever! Travelling sometimes brings on a flare going from warm to cold or dry to humid climates. Barometric pressure changes like winter storm coming in do me in. If I get sick, that triggers the lupus too. ... (13 replies)
... e had an "accident." Someone giving her a massage walked on her back. She started to have bad lower back pain. She became very stressed about this and the muscle pain seemed to spread all over her body. There's been a real downward spiral the past few months. She has stopped going to the gym. ... (15 replies)

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