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... Yeah, this whole thing is strange. The Rheum five years ago said: "This is why I don't like it when GP order tests." I suppose this time he/she will order a whole lot of tests. That's fine with me. I looked at the order form. It says: anti-dsdna Ab titer, serum - 255x It went to Quest Diagnostics in Baltimore, MD. Same day... *DNA (DS) AB 37 IU/ML (< or = 4) Have... (15 replies)
... Yeah, this whole thing is strange. The Rheum five years ago said: "This is why I don't like it when GP order tests." I suppose this time he/she will order a whole lot of tests. That's fine with me. I looked at the order form. It says: anti-dsdna Ab titer, serum - 255x It went to Quest Diagnostics in Baltimore, MD. Same day... *DNA (DS) AB 37 IU/ML (< or = 4) Have... (15 replies)
So confused =(
Oct 10, 2014
... Hi, welcome! I'm just a patient, but here's how I understand some of the *possible* meanings of these tests. But first, labs alone never diagnose lupus. Instead, 11 criteria are used, and you may find these with the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads. You generally (but not always) must meet 4 or more of the 11 to sustain a diagnosis of SLE.... (1 replies)

Good Complements?
Sep 28, 2014
... Good morning. I don't know what I'd make of the rheum's lack of concern about the positive anti-ds-DNA, because my understanding has always been that MCTD is diagnosed when anti-RNP is positive in the absence of other AB's. Unfortunately, I think the only opinion worth seeking would be that of another rheumatologist. Is this rheum the first your daughter has seen? Re:... (35 replies)
... Complement, a person with lupus doesn't ever "have to" meet additional criteria, meaning they aren't pre-ordained. I'm sure there are a few patients who meet all 11 during the course of illness, but I believe they're by far the exceptions---thus complements may NEVER go low, plus lupus meds act to disrupt such things. In the same vein, if you borrowed hardcovers, you'd find... (35 replies)
... Complement, SLE is dx'ed using 11 "classification criteria" pre-established by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). You may find them in the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts)*, located above the user threads. Generally (but not always) you must meet 4 or more of the 11 for a dx of systemic lupus. They need not present simultaneously, btw; instead, envision checking... (35 replies)
... Hi. I'm only a (dumb) patient, so please read with a big grain of salt. 1. Only a rheum can know if this is lupus... and even then, probably not during her first appt. I doubt the lab values listed are enough, without further qualification (some examples follow). Also, only specialized rheumatology labs are really equipped to run these tests well. Some things that stand out... (35 replies)
... Hi and welcome! I'm just a patient, so please read in that light. Re: ANA pattern. I think these are taken with a big grain of salt because they're assigned by a lab tech & thus are subjective. I think nucleolar also correlates with polymyositis (in addition to scleroderma and CREST). It is possible to have lupus with AB's other than anti-ds-DNA and anti-Smith. The... (5 replies)
... Yes , it was the results by crithidia ifa testing. The only other abnormal was the high RNP and Ana of 1:160 speckled pattern over the year. I did have a skin biopsy which showed maybe indication of lupus. Like I said the rheumy just said udct even with the high RNP, but now said probably lupus. So Vee, would a 1:320 dna ds ab like really high when the normal is below 1:10?... (5 replies)
... I did see my PCP today and he said yelp looks like lupus and that my dna ds was on the upper end of mild level and with all the other testing, lupus is finally showing itself. ... (5 replies)
... Hi. Sorry but I've only seen my own anti-ds-DNA results that look different: straight numbers, no ratios, no method specified. I think your best option is to ask your rheumatologist to explain. But I strongly doubt that "some" elevation "guarantees" future kidney problems, so hang in there on that worry, OK? Also, if your serum BUN and creatine ae normal, and urinalysis... (5 replies)
... Hi. I didn't quite follow your first sentence. Were those the findings for anti-ds-DNA (anti-double-stranded DNA) on a "Crithidia immunofluorescence test"? Crithidia may be an older test with substantial pitfalls; ELISA may be more common today....? (I'm not knowledgeable on the various generations of these tests, so I hope others who know more will comment.) Was anti-RNP... (5 replies)
... Can any tell me ofmy dna da as of 1:320 is very high? Reference range is negative, 1:10 positive. The doc says probably lupus. I have high RNP of 7.8' Ana 1:160 speckled. I have at least 6 of the 11 criteria for lupus, but doc is not saying that lupus is the official dx. I am taking Plaquenil and if this does not work, wants me to try Benlysta. Not sure if it is not diffinity... (5 replies)
... Wow. I've read that Plaquenil can worsen psoriasis & understand now why your doctor & you must think a step ahead re: skin and all that pain. Let us know how it goes. Wishing you good luck! (5 replies)
... Hey Vee, missed that post about the GI issues somehow. The weight loss was intentional. I had gained about 30 lbs when I first started having stomach issues. Somehow it would feel better after I ate, so I ate cookies, crackers all the time to get it feeling ok but it never lasted long. I was also then suffering from reflux so I then had colonoscopy and endoscopy and found... (27 replies)
... Just got back on the computer and printed my lab results. Rheumy did not do a ANA, but instead it was an anti-DNA (DS)Ab Qn and that was <1. He did anti RNP, Smith (ENA)Ab, Antiscleroderma-70 antibodies, Sjorgrens anti-SS-A and anti-SS-B, Antichromatin antibodies, Jo1 Ab, Centromere B Antibodies. Like I said in the previous post, all have a range of 0-9 and mine results... (14 replies)
Ana positive
Oct 25, 2010
... Hi guys, I have a positive ana test twice now and my doctor wants me to see a rheumathologist. My test goes like this: Ana direct positive anti-dna (ds) ab qn 1 in a range of 0-9 RNP antibodies flagged as high 2.1 in a range 0.0-0.9 smith antibodies 0.2 range 0.0-0.9 antiscleroderma-70 antibodies 0.2 range 0.0-0.9 sjodren's anti-ss-a 0.2 range 0.0-0.9 sjodren's... (8 replies)
... Hi All, I'm a 26 year old female who has been experiencing achy joints and a weak feeling in my legs for the past few weeks. I went to the doctor who ordered bloodwork, which came back normal except for the following: WBC 11.0 (Normal is 4-10.5) ANA Direct Positive - There was no number provided, it just said Positive Anti-Chromatin Antibodies - 1.8 I was negative... (2 replies)
... I can't say Quest wasn't appropriate with their testing. I don't know. But there can be false negatives that occur in ANA testing. I would just have it rechecked again to be sure of the results. My guess would be that your Lupus may be in remission. Lab Corp is the lab I go to, but I have to use a different lab online in ordering the test. I can get it done for around $60... (8 replies)
... :confused: I have had bad antibodies for 3 months it took 2 months to get into see thr Dr. I dont know what's going on now. The doctor said he has never seen antibodies so high and no physical signs before.My ANA is 1483, Anti-DNA (DS)ab qn--102 RNP antibodies---500 Smith antibodies---243 Antiscleoderm-70... (5 replies)

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