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... My question is....I also have Fibromyalgia...I'm in constant pain, I mean horrible pain. I figured it was from the FM, but I want to know does lupus hurt? ... (7 replies)
... i'm sorry to hear you might have lupus ontop of FM but i have lupus and think i might have FM, odd.... ... (7 replies)
... I thought I had FMS for the longest time because my tests kept coming back negitive for anything autoimmune. I hurt everywhere ,all the time. Finally I got an elevated ana ,and was diagnosed with lupus. I was put on plaquenil and i am feeling so much better. ... (7 replies)

... Hi. Yes, lupus arthritis can definitely bring a LOT of inflammatory pain. I've certainly had what you cited. My weirdest one? ... (7 replies)
... I live in KY and have lupus and fibromyalgia. I wish I knew someone personally that knew what I go through so I would have someone to talk to. Where do you live in KY? ... (7 replies)
... to me, Lupus hurts a whole heck of a lot. The migrains and myositis and bowel trouble being the worst, second place would be pluerisy, costochondritis, and liver pain. ... (7 replies)
... Everyone. In the last two months I have been experiencing blurred hazy vision in my right eye. The eye itself is a bit swollen and sometimes itchy or sore, but does not hurt when moving it. I suspected optic neuritis and MS because I have tingling in the hands and feet. ... (15 replies)
... nning a few months ago, I've gotten many strange symptoms that, upon doing some research, I've realized sound a lot like lupus. I've done a lot of research into Lupus and read most of the posts on this site, and I'd like to make my own post and get some opinions. ... (8 replies)
... Or lupus that's slowly on the rise? ... (15 replies)
... Hi K, I feel like I have the flu, body aches, headaches, sometimes only certain parts of my body hurt, like my left leg hurts alot sometimes, my arms, my neck. This started around April this year, but when I think about it i think it could of started before, I would just think that i was tired of doing too much. But when I started seeing the rheumy I started remembering that... (13 replies)
... Hi there. I have posted here before about my son and fortunately his lupus test came back negative. ... (0 replies)
... but when on it, it bothers me. But so does my daily calcium, which I think is common. You could check your bottle for side effects. Also, do you take with food? ... (8 replies)
... My daughter was diagnosed with lupus about a year ago and the other day we were discussing her symptoms. She described a sympton that I have too and we were totally shocked. ... (8 replies)
... when I feel it, its slightly higher than the rest of my skin. It does not hurt nor itch. ... (0 replies)
... u can enjoy some of the foods you did before as long as they are less frequent and not extremely high in acid. spaghetti should become possible again and it cant hurt to take an otc an hour or so before eating, something like prevacid which tends to not irritate people suffering from lupus. ... (8 replies)
... s they burn! I went and saw a dermatologist......who thought it was Roscea......But I was not convienced because I have friends who have Roscea and it most times does not hurt, it starts in the cheek bone area and the nose! Mine was nothing like that! ... (16 replies)
... down my neck! I was horrified! I went to a Dermatologist and he swore up and down it was Roscea, i was not Convienced! I am a nurse and I know for a fact Roscea does not hurt, mine hurt and itch! One day there the next gone! Then I started to have Tingeling in my right side of my face and a jabbing pain in my right eye! ... (10 replies)
... but it does not hurt when I breathe in or out. Only once.... ... (3 replies)
... how were the test results? i don't think i saw a follow up for you... either way, I'm sorry to hear you are suffering... as for my pain, it sucks so hard... I have never been diagnosed fibro but have 4 pressure points where the sensitivity feels like a punch if someone just barely puts any pressure at all... my joint pain really varies... some days, none at all...... (7 replies)
... I was diagnosed with SLE and FM in 1993, but have tracked back to 1984 when I was in my early twenties. My first suggestion to anyone who has SLE or FM is to get a good Rheumatologist. I have been on Plaquenil since '93. I have taken many stronger and riskier drugs but have never been able to be off the Plaquenil. I have been on a drug called Cellcept since 2004. It is mainly... (7 replies)

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