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... I was misdiagnosed with Lupus for over 8 years and when I was finally properly diag. ... (5 replies)
... I would definitely have the dog tested for Lyme, too. Dogs DO get Lyme. Ticks love dogs.. ... (5 replies)
... First off I should note that I am currently a patient off in limboland with a strong possibility of a Lupus diagnosis. Before recent testing, I was awaiting an MS diagnosis given my genetic predisposition to it, but alas that it not the case. ... (2 replies)

... a clotting disorder that's fairly common in lupus patients. ... (7 replies)
... alongs", rashes that aren't lupus rashes, per se, but commpnly affect lupus patients. ... (3 replies)
... known lupus experts in the world. ... (3 replies)
... as far as I know Lupus is not a foregone conclusion. ... (3 replies)
... OMG VeeJ! I actually think that you have hit the nail on the head! You ask "do your lesions appear on photo-exposed skin?" YES - without sun exposure my rash is like dots, scaly raised papules. They don't itch (mostly) . Though they can become sore if I sweat. It doesn't appear bad to anyone until I have exposure to sun. THEN it looks firey red. And basically the... (73 replies)
... the SCLE rashes are seen in people with lupus but can also be seen in those with Sjogren's. ... (73 replies)
... one local specialist suspected lupus but no one to whom he referred me agreed, as my ANA remained negative. I finally took myself to a teaching hospital rheumatologist. ... (9 replies)
... Shirl, I was put on Plaquenil, an antimalarial, appropriate for people without active major organ involvement. (FYI, steroids are second-tier lupus drugs, and immunosuppressants are third-tier.) I take OTC NSAID's & avoid sun (am photosensitive). Much to my surprise, my varied problems abated fairly quickly. While I'm considered stable, fatigue & pain persist but are... (10 replies)
... Hi, Blessed. Boy...! This really confirmed some of my long-held suspicions, esp. the one that some drs. test ANA, then stop cold if result is negative. My own experience was to have rashes & a whole host of symptoms, but I was told again & again, "NOT LUPUS". I was ANA-negative to the bitter end, but was finally found to be positive for anti-Ro. Although skin tests... (4 replies)
... I can't believe they told you to get rid of you dog! OMG You would think they would tell you that the dog might help. I've been house bound so long I've been thinking about getting a little dog, for company. ... (10 replies)
... 1. No ulcers in my nose (yet!) 2. I have always thought that my skin reacted normally to sun (BURN) and sore for ages. My face always has a pinkish tinge across my nose and on both sides of my nose No where else to I have this. When I say always, it's more apparent when I'm warm. 3. I asked my rheum whether I tested my ANA was centromere antibody positive or just... (73 replies)
... except for the skin there was never dry. It stings like crazy and when my drippy dog nose runs, it hurts like crazy to dry it even with the softest tissue. It has just been one of my many weirdnesses added to the list. ... (73 replies)
... but lupus and other autoimmune illnesses can't be transmitted to either humans or pets. ... (5 replies)
... s. I had "systemic" symptoms but not the worst ones that would scream "It's LUPUS!" The joke was, all I needed was Plaquenil, which is in the lightest class of lupus drugs. ... (7 replies)
... n, I've seen articles by medical writers discussing LUPUS VARIANTS. ... (19 replies)
Lupus or not?
Oct 20, 2004
... a good massage".... That certainly belongs in the pantheon of "horribly misinformed and utterly laughable advice given to lupus patients". ... (28 replies)
... In my experience, when dogs shake and they are not unduly cold, it usually means they are in pain.Your dog could have pluerisy, which causes painful breathing, have your vet take a listen to her lungs.Did the vet tell you to give her asprin or any other meds? ... (5 replies)

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