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... OMG VeeJ! I actually think that you have hit the nail on the head! You ask "do your lesions appear on photo-exposed skin?" YES - without sun exposure my rash is like dots, scaly raised papules. They don't itch (mostly) . Though they can become sore if I sweat. It doesn't appear bad to anyone until I have exposure to sun. THEN it looks firey red. And basically the... (73 replies)
... the SCLE rashes are seen in people with lupus but can also be seen in those with Sjogren's. ... (73 replies)
... 1. No ulcers in my nose (yet!) 2. I have always thought that my skin reacted normally to sun (BURN) and sore for ages. My face always has a pinkish tinge across my nose and on both sides of my nose No where else to I have this. When I say always, it's more apparent when I'm warm. 3. I asked my rheum whether I tested my ANA was centromere antibody positive or just... (73 replies)

... except for the skin there was never dry. It stings like crazy and when my drippy dog nose runs, it hurts like crazy to dry it even with the softest tissue. It has just been one of my many weirdnesses added to the list. ... (73 replies)
... known lupus experts in the world. ... (3 replies)
... First off I should note that I am currently a patient off in limboland with a strong possibility of a Lupus diagnosis. Before recent testing, I was awaiting an MS diagnosis given my genetic predisposition to it, but alas that it not the case. ... (2 replies)
... Hippie, hi & welcome. I'm just a patient, so please read in that light! Do you have a copy of the 2010 tests the rheumie did? I wouldn't have been satisfied, either, being told "not lupus" & sent on my way. I'd want to know what tests he ran. And re: the more recent labs done by your family doctor, do you know WHICH autoantibodies are checked by the "ENA reflex AB... (1 replies)
... one local specialist suspected lupus but no one to whom he referred me agreed, as my ANA remained negative. I finally took myself to a teaching hospital rheumatologist. ... (9 replies)
... My hips were hurting me a couple of days ago and thought perhaps my Lupus was coming back, but today is overcast and raining, so that must be why. Typically, my joints hurt about two days before a storm. ... (121 replies)
... s team won, with my son making an amazing winning play at second base. Apparently his team members were so happy they picked him up and congratulated him with a dog pile. Even the umpire commented to my husband on the superb job. ... (121 replies)
... vacations, holidays, viruses, immunizations, medications, physical activity, weight loss, etc. and possibly the beginning symptoms of menopause. Its a wonder my Lupus didn't flare. ... (121 replies)
... Eros, hi & welcome. I was positive for anti-Ro, and apparently this subgroup is thought to be usually very photosensitive. So I didn't attempt midday sun until I'd been on Plaquenil for over a year. Then I tried. Results not good: big headache, body pain, GI misery, and the only rash I'd gotten since being Dx'ed. I took that as my answer. Since then, I avoid sun from... (3 replies)
... Duana, doctors said AWFUL things to me, too. Most foolish: "You MUST stop DOING this!", as though he could order my problems away. Most obnoxious: dermie I'd been referred to by my new GP. Dermie asked, dripping sarcasm, "What's going ON between you and your 'friend' Dr. _____ ?" He pounded his desk so hard the papers jumped, and shouted, "You go tell your 'friend' Dr.... (25 replies)
... Shirl, I was put on Plaquenil, an antimalarial, appropriate for people without active major organ involvement. (FYI, steroids are second-tier lupus drugs, and immunosuppressants are third-tier.) I take OTC NSAID's & avoid sun (am photosensitive). Much to my surprise, my varied problems abated fairly quickly. While I'm considered stable, fatigue & pain persist but are... (10 replies)
... I can't believe they told you to get rid of you dog! OMG You would think they would tell you that the dog might help. I've been house bound so long I've been thinking about getting a little dog, for company. ... (10 replies)
... a clotting disorder that's fairly common in lupus patients. ... (7 replies)
... I would definitely have the dog tested for Lyme, too. Dogs DO get Lyme. Ticks love dogs.. ... (5 replies)
... I was misdiagnosed with Lupus for over 8 years and when I was finally properly diag. ... (5 replies)
... but lupus and other autoimmune illnesses can't be transmitted to either humans or pets. ... (5 replies)
Lupus Rashes
Mar 28, 2007
... ympathetic it's just that he never seems to truly believe my pain so really what I want to say is " It can't be that bad, why can't you clean the house, take the dog out,do the laundry etc.? ... (17 replies)

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