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... en she took the blood test she had a sinus infection, most likely from the kids who have all been sick the past couple of weeks. I have heard infection can cause elevated ANA. ... (5 replies)
... include elevated ANA? ... (12 replies)
... If it's been over 3 months, I personally think it is quite reasonable to request another ANA test and this time if it comes out "normal" then you can rest a bit more assured as you said you don't have any other symptoms right now. ... (3 replies)

... B. Was your ANA really high, did your drs. say? ... (9 replies)
... Also, some people have a somewhat elevated ANA due only to aging, to a family tendency, or to a passing bacterial or viral infection. ... (8 replies)
... Hi, Min5f. I've also read that ANA can turn positive in advance of symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... welcome. I think that ANA is elevated but not hugely, but , ANA level doesn't necesssarily track with disease severity. And at lower levels, false positives are more likely. ... (3 replies)
Jan 25, 2005
... I haven't been diagnosed with Lupus and hope I never will be, but I have a question about the ANA test. ... (0 replies)
... spmom, in and of itself, ANA doesn't diagnose anything, because it's positive in quite a few conditions. ... (1 replies)
... I had this same issue and was diagnosed with Sjorgren's Syndrome. It is an autoimmune disorder. However the moment my ANA was elevated I was sent to a Rheumatologist. I have taken Plaquenil which is supposed to reduce the ANA and help the body not fight itself. ... (12 replies)
... blood tests typically done when ANA is elevated. ... (12 replies)
... FYI, ANA is a very tricky concept. It's only a threshhold test. ... (3 replies)
... I had to reply to this because I am the mother of 3 children under 5, I'm breastfeeding, and I just had a positive ANA test! ... (5 replies)
... Halielz, hi & welcome. You can't feel good that your dr. chose to look no further! His saying you're "probaby fine"---with the problems you describe---makes no sense whatsoever to me. And I mean NONE! ANA stands for "antinuclear antibodies". This is a threshold test that is, as your dr. suggested, positive in a variety of diseases & conditions (lupus, rheumatoid... (12 replies)
... could have profound clinical problems. So ANA is meaningful, but only in the context of symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... ANA is positive in a variety of conditions, not just lupus. And it can also be positive due to a passing virus, aging, etc. So your GP makes sense when he says elevated ANA doesn't prove lupus. ... (6 replies)
... So, the "Double Stranded DNA" test came back negative, or "less than 3" Also, her Thyroid was elevated in the last round of blood tests and that came back within normal ranges this time. We are still waiting on the ANA. ... (5 replies)
... that ANA can be elevated in otherwise healthy people due to something like a passing virus. I hope that's how this pans out for you. from Vee P.S. ... (3 replies)
... Obviously the elevated ANA means something right. ... (3 replies)
... A blood test was administered during this initial visit. The result of the blood test came back with everything within normal range except elevated ANA titer. ... (5 replies)

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