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... I get a forehead rash after hot showers...does anyone else? (0 replies)
Malar rash
May 19, 2006
... Hi everyone. I don't have a diagnosis of Lupus, but I do have Hypothyroidism, Raynaud's, Sjogren's, and MS. I was just wondering if it's possible for the malar rash to be on your chin and forehead. I was diagnosed with the malar rash at first at the same time I was diagnosed with Raynaud's. ... (13 replies)

... I just started getting the rash you described as Tumid Lups Rash even though I've had lupus for over a decade. I thought it was the Cymbalta I just started over a month ago. ... (6 replies)
... Want to make a correction on the post I made about Itchy Lupus Rash. I finally seen the Malar Rash or Butteryfly Rash that is associated with the Lupus on myslef. Cheeks nose turn really red and when I looked closely I could see it was small dots like a rsah typically is. ... (6 replies)
... I have a buddy at work that was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus. Sometimes his butterfly rash if fullblown and it goes from cheek to cheek and across the bridge of his nose. ... (14 replies)
... ago my primary dr put me on prednisone but only for 6 days and some other pain killers. I felt great while on the meds. I realized something too. I have this rash that I get every spring that last until the fall. ... (3 replies)
Rash? Arthritis?
Jan 30, 2005
... Hi, I have had the hypopigmented (lightened) circles since I was a child. My Mom took me to the dermatologist and he always said that he didn't know what it was and gave us a steroid cream (Kenolog). The sun actually lightens it in these circles. I have them on my lower cheeks and upper arms. My malar rash looks like a sunburn that worsens with hot/cold/fatigue. It... (3 replies)
... Windycity & all, Here's a tip on buying hats, given to me by a saleslady in a women's clothing store, to make a hat fit. Look for hats with an inside band of ribbon or cloth, then put tucks in with a needle & thread. I put the tucks along the sides & back, so that if I take the hat off, I don't have crease marks in my forehead. Best wishes to all, Vee (9 replies)
Malar rash
May 23, 2006
... My butterfly is across my nose and cheeks, but there is a patch on my forehead and on my chin too. ... (13 replies)
Rash question
Nov 3, 2004
... Well, I have a couple of different rashes on my body. My face has raised red patches. . . they don't itch. They are on my cheeks, nose, and forehead. But they do get a stinging sensation at times. . and seem to be exacerbated by heat. I have raised red scaley patches on the top of my foot and anke. and YES, they itch. Then I have raised red scaley patches on the tops of my... (4 replies)
... Now this rash started on my forehead and then spread down to my eyes and then nose. This doctor gave me a prednisone shot and dose pack. Neither worked. ... (4 replies)
... years ago i developed a rash on my face on the bridge of my nose, forehead, my chest and hands over the joints. It then spread to my knees and elbows. The rash is photosensitive. ... (2 replies)
... In summer last year my skin would itch and symptoms would be worse in the sun little rash on my chest and forehead but that was it. ... (0 replies)
Tests For Lupus ?
Jul 15, 2004
... And now she has a rough slightly raised rash on her cheeks, nose and forehead. It is slightly pink on the cheeks, not too noticable to anyone who doesn't know her. ... (2 replies)
... t side of my forhead,more started on the other side and a rough prickly patch developed under both eyes along the cheek bones, which joined up to the patch on my forehead at the temple. Now I am getting small dry patches along my jawline in a few places and small patches on one of my ear lobes. Ok thats my face. ... (2 replies)
... I have a skin rash that won't go away. It gets better but never goes away. ... (4 replies)
New to the board
Jan 31, 2003
... so many symptoms of autoimmune disease overlap each other so it would be hard to just go by symptoms. oh i also have a malar rash and hand rash, my malar rash started out for the first few months as just redness on my checks, nose, forehead, and chin. its taken me a yr. ... (4 replies)
Possible Lupus?
Oct 20, 2015
... think I'm probably answering my own question here. However, I have had numerous symptoms over the years, and I'm now just connecting the dots because I've had a rash the last week on the back of my neck, upper back, behind my ears, on my cheeks, a little on my forehead and chest, and a little on my wrists. ... (9 replies)
... sts and Doctors give up. Since you have exhausted the rheumatology rout for the time being, I would suggest you see a dermatologist and either go when the facial rash is present or take good pictures of the rash with you if it comes and goes. Sometimes a biopsy of a rash can yield a diagnosis, but here is the catch. ... (12 replies)

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