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... t give up, just press on and ask for something stronger to go with the placquenil. You have plenty of evidence of a connective tissue disorder that you deserve head on treatment with the usual drugs. Have you ever been on prednisone as a trial? ... (17 replies)
... 1. No ulcers in my nose (yet!) 2. I have always thought that my skin reacted normally to sun (BURN) and sore for ages. My face always has a pinkish tinge across my nose and on both sides of my nose No where else to I have this. When I say always, it's more apparent when I'm warm. 3. I asked my rheum whether I tested my ANA was centromere antibody positive or just... (73 replies)
... I keep having to re-read way back because I haven't mentioned some of the issues you've had that rang a bell with me. I keep wondering about how one of the docs worded your lab results when she mentioned "centromere pattern". Did she just mean that your anti-centromere antibody was positive? I know mine was positive and, the way I read it, states that my ANA pattern is... (73 replies)

Possible Lupus?
Sep 27, 2014
... re but im always getting hangnails and splitting and they never heal. My feet is the same. Feet hurt from time to time too and hand joints. I have gotten cancker sores since I was a teen and I get them more now just inside my cheeks tho. ... (9 replies)
... Hello All- I had been having some flares of pain and swelling in my feet and hands that sends me to the ER for steriod shots. Pain and in joints labeled as arthritis. I have had chronic pancreatitis with no known cause after complete workup. After being pregnant 9 times and having 3 children. Alopecia almost every 1-2 years. This last time was the worse, took out the... (3 replies)
Jul 1, 2013
... to sleep with nearly nothing on to keep from being soaking wet when I wake up. Im sorry this is so long but Im completely terrified, I have a best friend who has Lupus and I see the struggles she goes through and I dont want that to be me. But at the same time I want an answer for why I feel this way. ... (76 replies)
... No, Most GP drs will not test for Lupus because they wont think about it. I went many years with symptoms before a dr decided to check. ... (11 replies)
Potential Lupus?
Feb 29, 2012
... About SORES ON HEAD. Any chance these are "discoid" lesions? ... (1 replies)
Potential Lupus?
Feb 28, 2012
... d get these sores on my head. ... (1 replies)
... Hi all ~ I'm really hoping someone can help me figure out what the heck is going on, if anything, and what steps I should take next, if any. I've been experiencing very strange symptoms over the last couple years and I'm going crazy trying to figure out what it is or if I'm just nuts! I'll just list some of the things that have been going on and let me know if any of this... (3 replies)
Could it be lupus?
Aug 27, 2011
... Can anyone help me, I have had a diagnosis of arthritis (seronegative sponyarthropathy) but my docs are keeping an open mind and are not 100% certain yet but the more I read the more I am wondering, could it be lupus? I will try and keep it brief and just list symptoms and lab results but I would really appreciate any advice :) Joint pain and stiffness for 2 years,... (11 replies)
Lupus ???
Jun 30, 2011
... What makes me think Lupus is I have had swollen glands in my neck for almost 3 months , the other day I developed another very painful gland in my armpit, very close to my left breast. ... (1 replies)
... eeping and I'm going to present all of this to the doctor. The only pictures of her scalp that I will show is how at one point, she would start bleeding from her head in a random spot. The other spots where her hair is gone has never gone away since she was 3 years old. ... (4 replies)
... her hair was missing. These spots have gotten bigger and now many other tiny spots are starting to appear. She has the rash that goes across her nose and cheeks, sores in her mouth every few months, complains of sore knees, ankles, and back. She's extremely tired beyond belief most of the times. ... (4 replies)
... Alexandra, Please be careful. My sister had these symptoms and found out that she had a large brain tumor, then later found out that she had primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver from autoimmune disorders that run in our family. It also cound be lupus, which runs in our family. I would have doctor to check the liver levels as the gallbladder goes hand in hand with the... (5 replies)
... Hello- My name is Alexandra and I am 34years old living in Arizona. I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US in 2001. I have been having health problems since last summer (July). After my gallbladder was removed in November 2008 I thought all would get better, but it turned to the worse in February of this year. Here is a list of symptoms I have been... (5 replies)
... Another thing that I feel could be related to lupus is fatigue! Now I nkow alot of things can cause fatigue, but I am extremely tired and have low energy ad I am not obese, I am not small... about 180 lbs... ... (4 replies)
... Believe it or not, when I saw her it was a relief when she said Lupus related arthritis and that it wasn't my Fibromyalgia. ... (6 replies)
... a 102 fever and sores all over my upper body. By 21, after losing hair, developing sunsores, and battling terrifying fatigue, I heard that it was lupus. ... (4 replies)
... My Lupus rash is a malar rash on my face. ... (16 replies)

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