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... My next round of lab work in June showed my protein at around 2,400, tripled from May. I finally gave in on the prednisone, she put me on 20mg for one week, and then down to 15mg daily. ... (4 replies)
... The protein content in my urine - 24 hours urine -is very very high - 4845 ..maximum being145...nearly 34 times higher..I am baffled by this. I am on medication for two types of B.P tablets one in themorning and one in the night, along with diabetic b.p is also very high ranging from 170/90 to 200/204/100, and doesnt seem coming down. Please advise me... (0 replies)
... ft leg below the knee off and died 8 days later.I had been a diabetic for a year at this time. type 2. They told me at christmas time that I have huge amounts of protein in my urine that I will need to see a rheumtologist. which I will be finally seeing her june 4th. took 6 months to see this doctor. ... (2 replies)

... csaved38, Just wanted to say I am sorry for the loss of your mother and how she suffered so much with diabetes:( . I lost someone very dear to me in the same way. As for the protien in your urine, deffinitely not normal. Veej gave you some great advice to check out. I tried to remember all of the different things my Dr. had me tested for that may apply to your... (2 replies)
... I was put on a high dose of prednisone along with plaquenil. They would check it every month and it stayed pretty much the same. ... (4 replies)
Good Complements?
Aug 31, 2014
... high ESR,69, high CRP,1. ... (42 replies)
Urine Test Results
Feb 21, 2008
... If the number is high and stays high and the 24 hr. urine etc. ... (7 replies)
... You ANA is VERY high positive, in fact I can't believe that the Rheumy is dismissing you!!!! Your ANA suggests that you have inflammation going on and an autoimmune disease. ... (8 replies)
... I think protein can be found in urine for many reasons other than lupus nephritis...for example, due to kidney infection, high BP, exercise, being out in the cold, etc. ... (6 replies)
... Calamity, I've never taken Methotrexate. But I think any blood in urine needs follow-thru, minimally another urinalysis. Re UTI. Like you, I feel symptoms when I have a UTI (mainly pain on urination); but it wouldn't hurt to actually see your urinalysis results, to double-check WBC and bacteria levels. Re kidney infection & stones. I've been surprised a few times by... (6 replies)
... creatinine ratio in a urine test about 7 weeks ago. It was 470, normal range is 0 to 200. ... (6 replies)
... Anyone explain lymphocytes these were really high a few months ago too? ... (2 replies)
... After you get results on your blood tests, urine culture and ultrasound, if nothing shows up to explain blood in urine, I would ask for a nephrology referral. ... (6 replies)
... was that the output was kind of down. We do see a kidney Dr. tomorrow, Sept. 14, by the way. They also told us in the hospital that my wife was also spilling protein into her urine. She received a blood transfusion, and nutrients for over a week, via a pick line. ... (21 replies)
... holic and I have a high threshhold for pain. I seem to work regardless of whether I am about on my death bed or not. That's why this kills me so much. ... (10 replies)
... and mine was at 19. So I am now taking 50,000 of Vit. D once a week. Protein she said was a bit high in urine, but she said not high enough to worry about kidneys at this point. Sorry about the generic not working for you. That is what I am on. I have not had any issues. ... (19 replies)
... Thank you Vee, I finally have an appointment with a nephrologist next Tuesday. My 24 hour urine came back rather high. ... (3 replies)
Protein in urine
Dec 8, 2009
... Sorry to ask this its just i dont get alot of answers from my dr. she also found protine in my urin but didnt say anything about it. I found some of my test results on there web site. any way does anyone know if that could be caused by lupus? it wasnt very high it was like 2+. sorry to ask so many questions im just at wits end.... hope everyone is taking care carrie (2 replies)
... Hi, csaved. I'm very sorry to read about your mother & about your own health problems. I'll try to say a few things about lupus in plain language, then, hopefully, others here will add more soon. Lupus is an immune system disorder in which the immune system is overactive but aberrant: it mistakenly produces antibodies that damage your own body. It ranges from mild to... (2 replies)
... P.S. The high protein in your urine could be from the Lupus causing inflammation in your kidneys. Do you have your medical chart to take with you? ... (10 replies)

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