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... I recently went on a trip to my hometown in Puerto Rico and got the worst sunburn EVER! OMG! The blisters on my back and breasts were huge! A couple of days after returning to the states I began experiencing the itch from hell!!!!! ... (1 replies)
... every 2 hours...I also have white spots in the middle of the burn that itches the worst....I have sunburned a lot worse than this before and this is the worst itch I have ever had !! Help I have tried Benadryl,hydrocortisone sunburn i cant stand it! ... (5 replies)
... matter what protection or sunscreen I use, this still happens so I have to keep covered up. I won't get any reaction until the sun goes down. Then I start to itch severely and as I scratch, my legs turn bright red and look as if they have been scallded. They itch, burn and feel hot. ... (5 replies)

... If you was positive for anti-nuclear antibodies, could mean you have an autoimmune disease present like Lupus. I think rhematologists base it on how high it is, with Lupus, they look for 1:640 titers. Do you know what yours was? I had 1:360 for years before it got higher and showed I had high RNP, make your doctor keep up with that testing, I went about 8 years without the... (5 replies)
... le when this happens.My hips will feel like i cant even walk and my whole body aches so bad I feel like I have a flu bug multiplied by like 3 0r 4.Th rash doesnt itch ,it is not raised.It actually looks like a measels or rubella rash. ... (5 replies)
... Soon after I get to work, my coworker comes into my office and is telling me how she was digging fence posts all weekend and got this strip of sunburn across the small of her back...all the squatting was leaving that bare between her shorts and her shirt and she said it was itching horribly. I said, hey! ... (1 replies)
... Lori.. next time that happens.. use Noxzema (lotion or cream. don't matter) on it.. has always helped me with the nasty itch.. course I don't get in the sun very much anymore.. me learned me lesson on that one.. :) (5 replies)
... Veej, Thanks for the reply - I remember you replied to an earlier post when I was still trying to get to a rhuemy. I know the ESR is very general, but that's all they could find in all by bloodwork - and they many tests over the last 6 months - some tests twice. My rash seems to go thru different stages. The first occurance was in the summer - on vacation - so out in the... (3 replies)
... term antibiotic, one that came with a sunburn warning he hadn't noticed. ... (10 replies)
... Hi. Your comment about sun on your NECK causing your FACE to redden is also very interesting! Sun would hit large areas of me, and from that widespread exposure, I'd develop random targetlike circles on my arms & torso(and only that one time, those weirdo crescents), instead of getting huge areas of normal sunburn. To me, that kind of selectiveness sounds possibly lupus-y.... (10 replies)
... Thanks, sometimes I wonder about the some of the doctors. If anyone has any recommendations for a Rheumatologist in Metropolitan Phoenix, AZ it would be helpful. In addition to the stuff going on with my face I get a rash on my chest (basically to my neckline) that comes and goes. It is more bumpy and does not itch. My face looks more of a deep flushing or a sunburn (I... (8 replies)
... I get rash that sort of like this. Papules/pustles, scab when aggravated. I dont help, I do scratch at them(they hurt & itch), making the scabbing worse. Get them on my legs, back, chest, neck, ears, & jaw mostly,sometimes scalp.. I also get pustules sometimes after they put an IV in or take blood, not always. Over the summer they got AWFUL and turned black & my skin felt... (15 replies)
Could it be lupus?
Aug 31, 2011
... I get red rash on my cheeks that I thought could be the classic malar rash, in fact I am looking at it now, it feels like a mild sunburn but i havent been in the sun. It comes and goes, and sometimes it's only there for a few hours. ... (11 replies)
... in just a day or two started to itch uncontrollably. I started to notice little red bumps that seemed to spread to all the areas that had been exposed to the sun. ... (8 replies)
... The rash does not spare the folds. The rash never goes away. It's been there since I've been sick. It doesn't itch or burn and doesn't scar. ... (7 replies)
... I'll warn you now. This is a long post. I'm new to this all and just don't know what to do or think. Over many years, I have seen my primary doctor for a variety of "little" things; depression, fluttering in feeling in my chest, confussion and memory issues (like not being able to remember common words or names of people I've known for years). Eventually, after having a... (11 replies)
Jun 20, 2008
... I am not sure of the number of my ANA but doc says slightly elevated. The rash that I get, I have gotten it twice, looks like red tiny water blisters. It dosent itch and because it is so red it looks to be a sunburn but if you feel it it is obviously very bumpy. ... (13 replies)
... ome and go, and is often the earliest sign of the disorder. Persistent facial redness is the most common individual sign of rosacea, and may resemble a blush or sunburn that does not go away. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, I am new here. I have not been diagnosed yet, but my primary care doc thinks I may have lupus or "something lupus like" as he puts it. He is referring me to a rheumatologist, but they cannot see me until August 20th, so I am stressing. I have been reading everything I can about lupus, fibromaylgia, and anything else that seems similar. However, I still have some... (2 replies)
... Anyone with SCLE care to share how they were dx'ed? I was recently dx'ed with hypothyroid and my pcp is sending me to a new dermie this month in fear of scle. I thought it would be interesting to see others symtoms and their roads to diagnosis. For the past six months, I've suffered with fatigue, hair loss and dry hair, low grade temp., weight gain, muscle aches and joint... (4 replies)

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