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... can become bigger. Patients complain about the rash being very itchy. The rash usually appears on the face, chest, or arms and commonly comes on after sun exposure, and can usually worsens after more sun exposure. ... (4 replies)
Itchy facial rash
Aug 27, 2010
... It sems i suffer the same thing. Well, lets see. For years i get red itchy rashes over my face. Mostly my nose and cheeks. Somtimes, but rarely, on my chin too. ... (4 replies)
... malar rash. He said there are hundreds of different types of lupus rashes and that mine still looked like one because the rash did not cover my nose or nostrils and was the reddest on the cheeks and bridge of the nose. ... (4 replies)

Itchy facial rash
Apr 25, 2009
... Has anyone experienced a severely itchy, majorly red rash that presents like a bad sunburn then eventually swells and develops tiny blisters that ooze clear fluid? ... (4 replies)
... Good point. I put the same sunblock on the rest of my body but only got the itchy rash on my forearms and face. ... (3 replies)
... When I am out in the sun I get an itchy rash on my forearms the next day I get a slightly raised hive like rash on my face. I always use sunblock but the current rash was after sunblock and minimal sun exposure. ... (3 replies)
... i have never had this or heard of this. have you called your doctor..i think you need to do that.. i hope you feel better soon. ...marie (4 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 14, 2009
... Hi, The rash you described sounds like what happens with me. I have SLE and all the worrisome symptoms that come along with it, for example the Malar or Butterfly rash. ... (4 replies)
Red facial rash?
Mar 13, 2009
... has been getting a weird red rash on her face. It comes at odd times. ... (4 replies)
... I've had the rash for over 2 months now and no sign of fading away yet. ... (8 replies)
Rash question
Nov 3, 2004
... I will say that in my case, what really killed the rash for me was the prednisone. Yes, it was getting better on just the plaquenil, but that works so slowly. ... (4 replies)
... Hello, everyone! It's been awhile but I wanted to check in. Last time I was here my Fiance and I were trying for a baby and I now have a beautiful 4 month baby girl. I'm also in the process of lining up my appointments so I can go in for a follow up and start seeing the specialists again (like my neurologist for my ocular migraines). After I had my baby I noticed my... (22 replies)
... When I showed the ER Doctor my rash he hadn't even looked at my blood results yet. He assumed it was from viral meningitis. ... (22 replies)
... like rash on your arms is the immature form of SCLE annular, or possibly small discoid lesions? ... (12 replies)
... Your facial rash looks rather suspicious to me, but I'm just a patient... ... (22 replies)
... ybe my 'reactions' are not actually reactions to b12 at all, but I was developing lupus anyway and the b12 set off a flare. However a doctor has told me my malar rash does not look like a typical lupus rash. I've made an appointment with the rheumatologist for a weeks time. Will keep this post updated. ... (4 replies)
... And when I got insurance, when I had some rash, by the time I got in to see my rheum, the rash would be gone! ... (11 replies)
... Good morning. For years I had SCLE nonscarring, nondepigmenting annular (targetlike) rashes, mainly on upper arms & some on upper torso. This rash correlates strongly with anti-Ro, the autoantibody I finally tested positive for. Post-Dx, I got what was probably a single "discoid" (scarring) lesion, on my face (naturally :D). At age 9 or so, I had a widespread... (11 replies)
New to board
Mar 6, 2008
... was very itchy and red. No bumbs, hives, blisters, etc, just maddeningly itchy. It still gets itchy now and again, often after hot showers. I just whack on some cortisone cream and try to cope. Could this be a lupus rash? ... (8 replies)
... I have a malar rash which i have had since first being diagnosed with SLE. It doesn't 'feel' like anything to me, ie. ... (5 replies)

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