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... I don't have as much as the accompanying joint pain this time, but the nodular rash is quite bothersome. Living in Texas doesn't help much either. But what can you do. ... (4 replies)
... Donte, Thanks for responding. My "rash" starts out as nodules. This is indicative of Tumid Lupus, which is what I have been diagnosed with. Anybody else have any input? (4 replies)
... feeling, headaches, joint pain and muscle aches. I am curious to know now though if the color of clothes do make a difference. Any one else have any thoughts? ... (4 replies)

... or joint pain? ... (4 replies)
... the last example I gave her of photosensitive joint pain occurred 30 hours after sun exposure even though I had no doubt that it had been the cause. ... (21 replies)
... Absolutely, yes. Systemic symptoms are often triggered by sun exposure even without rash or sunburn. ... (2 replies)
... me it is instant, but if I think back.. all those times I've been wracking my brain to figure out what food it was that made me rash up so oddly, it maybe is the sun because it all matches up.. up to a week time frame but usually only a couple days. ... (12 replies)
... depending on the degree of sensitivity. Also, extreme tiredness after just minimal sun exposure. ... (12 replies)
Sun sensitivity?
Jun 4, 2015
... days after exposure. I also get malar redness, rash on cheeks then. One to two days after 10 minutes or more of sun exposure I can get increased joint pain, chills and sweats, increased fatigue and pleurisy. Basically feeling like a flare after 1 day or less. ... (4 replies)
Suspected SLE
Dec 31, 2014
... I can't go outside, particularly in the warm months. I get sick. Headache, fatigue, general not feeling well type things. I also get the butterfly rash after sun exposure. I always just thought it was sunburn but it never hurt. I also seem to have a problem while at school. I can feel sick and tired during class... ... (3 replies)
... Hello and welcome to the boards. You do have symptoms suggestive of possible lupus, with facial rash, rash after sun exposure joint pain, fatigue, and many with lupus are also B12 deficient. ... (2 replies)
... ber stuff, so without it I would just go blank on the day! It's been so very exhausting recently. Especially with a new baby too. But since I discovered that the sun was triggering things, I have been better. ... (6 replies)
... any medication for my thyroid since and have had my levels monitored every year by my endocrinologist. At the beginning of this year I began experiencing chronic pain in the joint of my right knee and very dry eyes. I attributed the joint pain to the running I was doing. ... (22 replies)
... By now I hope you have gotten some of your answers and this is for not, but my diagnosis did not come fast either. I started in my late 20's with pain similar to RA but tested negative for it. ... (10 replies)
... or if I'm too active, doing too much and the week before my period. I feel joint pain and my flare symptoms more when the redness is present. Sometimes flushing under my chin and on my chest are present along with the butterfly. ... (3 replies)
... I was just dx'd with lupus on Oct. 30, 2012 after ten years of going to many specialist , doctors and a major gastro surgery last February. ... (10 replies)
... feel after sun exposure? ... (9 replies)
... Yes had issues for years! My GP ordered the bloodwork so I was hit with both results at the same time. I was seeing a bad Rheumy who kept saying I had fibro, even though i kept telling him I dont have lots of muscle pain, I had NONE of the tender spots so I got very frustrated and have my 2nd appt. with a new doc today. Had to wait months to get in. At my first meeting with... (5 replies)
... sides of my ears would get raw and inflammed and clogged with scabs that affected my hearing at times. And every so often, a few times a year, I get this jolt of pain that runs up the back of my neck and feels like an electrical shock. The jolt only lasts two or three seconds, but it leaves me so stunned and just drained. ... (9 replies)
... I have been pretty well controlled, only with the ocassional flare up of joint pain and swelling from time to time. But I feel awful! ... (2 replies)

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