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Feb 17, 2015
... Callie, welcome to the boards. I am so sorry your situation is so difficult. I have been where you are in the past, but not knowing is worse when others don't believe you have anything and are unsupportive. I think you will get help and support here, as there are many people in your same boat. First of all, it is common at the beginning of autoimmune disorders like lupus for... (9 replies)
... reflex is when they titer it out, or for more testing of other antibodies.. I always thought of reflex as "further testing". usually they dont retest ANA as it fluctuates a lot, and doesnt correlate with disease activity unless the first testing is low (1:40, 1:80). Once you have a positive its positive. Its good he's treating in the meantime, if it starts helping you... (11 replies)
... Actually just got an email new test results in still not all but Dr did retest ana it is 1:640 homogeneous and speckled also shows a positive ana with reflex that is positive not sure what that is (11 replies)

... Yeah it would definitely be easier if there was a definitive test but unfortunately there is not. My last ANA was 1:320 but my rheum said no reason to retest. I love him he is not diagnosing me with Lupus yet but is treating me with it. I started LDN about a month ago and I am also on Plaquenil, amitriptyline. I amawairing all of my other blood results I know he is... (11 replies)
... Hi. I'm just a patient so please read in that light. I believe that in the normal course of fighting off problems, C3 and C4 may fluctuate somewhat. But that said, in lupus they often fall below normal levels. It looks to me that your latest C3 is on the cusp of being too low, so I imagine a doctor would follow up on this value. Elevated sed rate can suggest inflammation.... (11 replies)
... Smith tests are very important as well. So you have some crucial results pending. The RNP if very high points more to MCTD, but low levels can be seen in lupus too. You can have significantly high ds DNA antibodies even with a low ANA, so you may get your Christmas wish yet. Let us know! ... (29 replies)
... Hi again. So, I saw the rheuma today, and, as you all said, he wasn't too impressed with my low ANA. ... (29 replies)
... I have recently been seen by a rheumatologist for a full work-up. Some preliminary blood work has come back and it notes a positive ANA 1:80 homogenous pattern and a positive SED Rate. As a result of these tests my doctor has ordered even further testing and I waiting on those results. With my SED Rate being positive as well ANA at 1:80 (low positive) does this look like it... (5 replies)
... I just got some blood test results and am confused. I have a negative ANA but a positive DS DNA test. I read that the DS DNA is highly specific for Lupus, but that you should have a positive ANA test, also. ... (6 replies)
... and the ACA. As far as my ANA goes, one lab's results state that it shows both "homogenous and speckled patterns". ... (62 replies)
... Joints, strong positive ana, positive ds dna, fatigue and low iron were the main reasons for me being referred and then ultimately diagnosed with sle by the rheumatologist. ... (7 replies)
... It can induce anti dsdna antibodies in patients when on anti tnf's, it can also induce ANA positivity as well. When the drug is discontinued the anti dsdna bodies can fall back into normal range. ... (7 replies)
... My ana came back strong positive 1,280 homogenous. ... (7 replies)
... I've had so many of the same things! Several years ago, I started off with urinary irritability, yet spot urine test & urinalysis (which took several days) showed very high WBC's but a meaningless level of bacteria, so I was taken off the antibiotic that had been prescribed. Then urologist found multiple kidney stones (had an US and did 24-hour urine collection) but deemed... (29 replies)
... Thanks for your note. See my comments below... :) Thanks! Appreciate it much! (29 replies)
... is very possible. The specific symptoms that could be suggestive of it are the chronic low grade fever, pleural thickening and pulmonary nodules, muscle weakness and pain, joint pain, headaches, fatigue and repeated infections. ... (29 replies)
... Hi, I've been posting on Cancer forums but am moving now to the Lupus forum. I just saw a Rheuma this past week and have my follow-up sched for next Monday. My history is a bit long... -Got sick mid-July 2014 w/abdominal symptoms (diagnosed/hospitalized w/ UC/Gastritis 2012). Started low-grade fever Aug 2014. -saw Gastro: she says UTI, puts me on Cipro. Cipro gave... (29 replies)
... tests even though ANA was negative. When ANA is done using the "reflex" testing approach, if it's negative, all the various AB tests aren't necessarily run. ... (18 replies)
... is a pretty low ANA. ... (2 replies)
... I know that is a disease that comes back with a positive ANA and ASM. BUT my liver enzymes are normal now. ... (0 replies)

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