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Nov 18, 2015
... Or perhaps you had an ANA done before? ... (21 replies)
Possible Lupus?
Nov 8, 2015
... (6 replies)
... Hi & welcome, Sarah. Some patients with signs of a yet-to-be-determined AI are diagnosed as UCTD, Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, which answers the "Why are you taking this med" question. Do you have copies of the labs the rheum ran? Do you have any OTHER values, other than ESR and ANA, that were out-of-range? (I ask because many people with AI's have vitamin... (2 replies)

... Good morning. Re your positive anti-Ro, it is actually possible, but rare, to have lupus with a negative (or very low) ANA coupled with a positive anti-Ro (in the absence of other autoantibodies). This "subset" is sometimes called "Ro-lupus" and is thought to comprise only a very small percent of all systemic lupus. This is the very subgroup I fell in, and my local doctors... (14 replies)
Possible Lupus?
Oct 22, 2015
... Re fading rash: you could take pics of whatever is left to show the rheum. (May not help but can't hurt to try.) Re ANA, I'm not sure what you meant by your 98% comment. I only meant that it MAY be positive SOMETIMES in other conditions---and of course isn't a diagnostic criteria where prevalence is low, unlike in lupus where it's so high. I think what confirms Crohn's... (6 replies)
Possible Lupus!!
Oct 22, 2015
... Been ill 14yrs. Positive ANA, high rheumatoid factor,weakly positive ccp antibody, mildly raised IgM, brain lesions but negative lumbar puncture, low vit D, High LFT but then went back to normal. Seen 2 rheumatologists who say not Lupus or rheumatoid factor. ... (1 replies)
... I think RA, for one, can cause lung nodules. I don't think I've ever seen that statement for lupus, but I'm no doctor (ha, understatement), plus some people do present with overlapping symptoms. I hope your CT clears up this new worry, and soon! Did the rheum start you on any med, maybe Plaquenil? BTW, there are several excellent lupus hardcovers in most libraries, written... (5 replies)
... CCP was 32, low positive. She then referred me to my first rheumatologist. ... (5 replies)
Aching Joints
Oct 15, 2015
... Hi & welcome! There are more than 100 forms of arthritis, I've read. In that anything is possible, I suppose it *could* be the start of an inflammatory form of arthritis (lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), but it doesn't have to be, and I hope it isn't. Did both large toes hurt? Gout (which is a form of arthritis) can do that. There's a simple blood test for it. Thyroid... (1 replies)
... Hi! I haven't posted here before. I'm looking for some help understanding these "semi-quantitative" test results. I went into my GP with weight loss after the birth of my son in November (way more than you would expect postpartum from a healthy-weighted person). She checked my thyroid, and it was fine. I went in again just a few weeks ago with continued (though... (2 replies)
Very confused
Oct 14, 2015
... e other symptoms a couple years ago. I've been to lyme specialists and now multiple rheumatologists, still waiting for a confirmed dx. My first rheum put me on a low dose of plaquenil back in June, but he thought I should get a second opinion and so sent me to a major university hospital in my state. I made the 2. ... (31 replies)
... after the birth of her kids, the doctor DID rerun her labs.The only thing they told her was that her ANA is very high and her Vitamin is extremely low. ... (10 replies)
... my daughter started this crazy autoimmune journey about 4 years ago at the age of 16. (atleast thats when we realized her years of "weirdness" were actually SOMETHING)After some strange knots and rashes and being hospitalized and put on rocephin and bactrum only to spike a temp of 105 and develop a bright red rash from head to toe she was referred to a rheumatologist. She had... (10 replies)
... tests even though ANA was negative. When ANA is done using the "reflex" testing approach, if it's negative, all the various AB tests aren't necessarily run. ... (18 replies)
... is a pretty low ANA. ... (2 replies)
... I know that is a disease that comes back with a positive ANA and ASM. BUT my liver enzymes are normal now. ... (0 replies)
... I too have a somewhat low ANA, but I am in excruciating amounts of pain and am very very inflamed... ... (7 replies)
... so although it's positive, it's so low they don't think it means much. ... (7 replies)
... The ANA is not that high. Have you been tested for all the autoimmune antibodies, RF factor, TPO etc? ... (12 replies)
... this would be wonderful if it was low levels of either of those two because this would help me be able to be more comfortable and be able to possibly sleep through a night solid though. ... (8 replies)

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