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Dsdna testing
Apr 29, 2016
... Awaiting my first rheumatologist appt in two months and want feedback on test results. I've read some labs use <10 as reference point for dsdna, and some use <30. Why the discrepancy, and Is the presence of anti-dsdna antibodies significant at low levels (15.4) with 1:1280 homogeneous ANA? (0 replies)
... The ANA levels typically fluctuate over time, not rise in a linear fashion. ... (9 replies)
... Anti chromatin antibody is associated specifically with lupus and may be an early marker when other tests are negative. As with other tests, you can't make a diagnosis based on labs alone, but with meaningful symptoms as well, these labs are significant. I would review the symptoms of lupus, see how many you satisfy, and take a list with you as well as your labs to your rheum,... (9 replies)

... I have not been feeling well for almost 2 years and this test along with a low positive Ana is the only thing that ever has been positive. Yet I can't get a diagnosis. Thank you for your insight. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, I'm familiar with all you've just spoke about and believe you yourself have come to a reasonable possible diagnosis. I personally think because of rash on toes and other places with all your other symptoms that although rare Polymyositis or Detmatomyositis should be concidered. You've already shown to have some of the positive test results for this disease. There's a... (34 replies)
... when weather fronts are approaching, due to low barometric pressure. ... (5 replies)
Lab help
Apr 12, 2016
... in lupus, and in other conditions too, so ANA alone doesn't diagnose anything. ... (1 replies)
... but considered negative, or somewhat higher and be considered a LOW positive, meaning low enough that it's not redolent of an autoimmune disease. ... (10 replies)
... Re HYPOparathyroidism, I think "primary" is defined as low serum PTH along with low serum calcium, whereas "secondary" is defined as low serum PTH along with elevated serum calcium. Do either of these scenarios seem to fit? ... (4 replies)
... I have SLE and have been taking Plaquenil for almost 2 years with ok results for the most part. When I first started on it, I was initially diagnosed with UCTD (I am ANA negative but C3 & C4 Complements were borderline low/normal), however last September the Dr. formally diagnosed as SLE. The Plaquenil was successful in bringing my C3 & C4 levels up into the normal range after... (2 replies)
Lab help
Apr 7, 2016
... I also had low lymphocytes and high neutrophil. Not sure if that is relevant or not. ... (1 replies)
Apr 5, 2016
... Hi & welcome! Above the user threads there's a section of "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) in which you could review diagnostic criteria, symptoms, labs, rashes, reading resources, etc. Certainly lupus can cause "pins and needles" but I bet many other things can as well... Pain in lupus is most typically bilateral (both wrists, both knees, etc.) So I don't know how... (1 replies)
... rrible skin rashes including butterfly and bad digestive problems. I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism in 2012 went untreated no Inc. I saw a rheumie in Feb Ana neg, anti DNA 5, vitamin d 9. ... (4 replies)
Lupus question
Mar 29, 2016
... serum complement, hemolytic anemia, low platelets, low WBC's, protein or sediment in urine, etc. ... (1 replies)
Never know
Mar 4, 2016
... My blood work really didn't show anything out of the norm for me. Still have low iron levels even with the fact I take iron supplements. Both C3 and C4 levels were low. MPV was high. ... (6 replies)
Other diseases
Mar 2, 2016
... Hi VeeJ, I did get copies of my labs. I always make sure I do!(I found my first high ANA by reviewing my own labs)... As far as other labs taken, they did a urine dip and it came back with +blood. So they called and said I needed another one in two week and a follow-up appointment in 6 months(this seems like a long time). All the WBC and SED came back fine. Vit D was... (3 replies)
Other diseases
Mar 2, 2016
... Hi & welcome. I'm only a patient, but I too believe your ANA's aren't normal & are unlikely to be false-positive at those levels. (This is true for women, as well, btw.) Did the rheum suggest follow-up monitoring or any additional tests? Did you get copies of all your labs? In my (tiny) mind, even though you may not have met the diagnostic criteria yet for any particular... (3 replies)
Other diseases
Feb 26, 2016
... came back negative except the complement C4 was on the low line at 15... Symptoms include fatigue, joint pain, dry eyes, and brain fog... ... (3 replies)
Plaquenil needed?
Feb 19, 2016
... my ANA was never trapped positive. ... (3 replies)
... positive CRP, High WBC, Low Lymphs, high neuts and ab neuts, positive ANA along with symptoms of bee sting pain in joints, swelling, sores in nose, mouth, and fatigue. Is it possible to have a little bit of Lupus? ... (3 replies)

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