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... however i had no antibodies or high ANA and no internal organ involvement. So they put me on plaquenil and i responded well. ... (1 replies)
What would you do?
Mar 31, 2014
... screen, if you know what I mean. But a positive ANA coupled with joint pain, fatigue, etc. ... (3 replies)
CNS Lupus?
Mar 20, 2014
... Your app't sounds good in that 1. you have more test results pending which may very well show something 2. the rheum believes you and didn't dismiss your symptoms 3. she asked for follow up on MRI to check lesions seen before and look for changes 4. she theorized about why you have symptoms but no definitive diagnosis yet (this happens a lot) In reviewing your "criteria" it... (10 replies)

ANA test
Mar 13, 2014
... Welcome, and I'm sorry you have been left dangling for so long with these symptoms and abnormally high ANA. IMO, an ANA of this level shouldn't just be ignored. Combined with your symptoms of joint and muscle pain, it is probably meaningful and should be checked out further. ... (4 replies)
... ANA Screen IFA POSITIVE ANA Pattern 1 HOMOGENEOUS ANA Titer 1 1:40 Reference Range <1:40 Negative 1:40-1:80 Low Antibody Level >1:80 Elevated Antibody Level My PCP ran blood work on me b/c of my symptoms. This is what we got back. I am going to my first rheumatologist appointment tomorrow. Just wondering what all this means. Any insight would be greatly... (4 replies)
... Hi, again. I'm wondering if your rash itched. I just saw something in an article about psoriasis after weight loss surgery. Also, there's a rash common in Celiac that tends to be horribly itchy. i.e., I'd bet there are multiple possibilities for your rash, in addition it possibly being a lupus rash. Unfortunately there are over 16,000 known skin conditions... Re: vitamin... (3 replies)
... uten intolerance, and parasites in GI tract, so a gastroenterologist may be appropriate. Celiac disease and bariatric surgeries, as well as AI disease, can cause low ferritin, which causes iron deficiency anemia. That certainly contributes to the fatigue. ... (3 replies)
... Hi. Is ASO a test for strep? That could be interesting because both strep and post-strep syndrome can cause joint pain, fatigue, etc., I *think*. You could ask your rheum about the ASO---but maybe wait for your new labs, to allow her to have a fuller context in which to view your ASO. I wouldn't be "happy" either if a rheum just zeroed in on Fibromyalgia, then stopped...... (8 replies)
... I think malabsorption is one cause of low iron? ... (3 replies)
Mar 16, 2014
... Lilshort, I'm not equipped to totally understand your recent 3/11/14 labs (understatement :D), but to the limited degree that I can, they don't seem to show that very interesting pattern you cited in your post #1, of often having blood and protein show up in urinalysis. So, my first reaction was to wonder, did your current doctor ever get copies of those OLDER labs? (That he... (76 replies)
... I have had ANA tests many times due to family history and they have always been negative. ... (3 replies)
... Newhouse, hi & welcome. There is a dx called UCTD = Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease, and it sounds as though your rheum is using it without quite saying so, but it's totally understandable that you want something more specific. One of my hardcovers describes a study in which UCTD patients were followed for 5 years, at which point 36% were still classified as UCTD,... (5 replies)
... I'm new here and really need some advice. About 4 years ago I started getting sick. Rashes, sensitivity to the sun, low fevers, swollen painful joints in hands and feet, hair loss, fingers and toes turning blue, mouth sores and fatigue. ... (5 replies)
?? Lupus ??
Mar 9, 2014
... Welcome to the boards! First off, having a + ANA does not render a diagnosis of lupus, unless you have several other symptoms of lupus that meet certain criteria. These are posted at the top of lupus board, called sticky posts (they stay there for reference). Generally, Drs require 4 out of 11 criteria determined by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR). A + ANA fulfills... (1 replies)
... Be sure you know ANA status, both titer and pattern. ... (16 replies)
... Also, definitely find out if you have a UTI, and deal with it if you do. Then, later on, if your ANA still tests positive, you'd have at least ruled out UTI as the cause of positive ANA. ... (8 replies)
... Welcome to the boards, and I sure am sorry you have gotten such a runaround with no diagnosis and now bad treatment advice (the light therapy). Here's my take on your situation-I am not a Dr. but do have lupus and RA, and know a fair amount about these things. You have what seems to me to be classic lupus symptoms, with a hint of possible Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroid issues.... (2 replies)
... it has dropped low again a few times since then. ... (2 replies)
... An ANA of 1:640 is moderately high. I don't know who is downplaying that, but it is not accurate or fair to you. 1:40 or 1:80 may be considered low +, 1:160- 1:320 mod. +, and I consider 1:640 and above high +. Someone just doesn't understand or doesn't want to deal with referrals, explaining things, etc. That is sad, and I am glad you got results for yourself. Now you have... (11 replies)
... Infections are one of the reasons ANA elevates, btw. ... (8 replies)

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