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... What in the world is wrong with me? Obviously there's an underlying rheumatoid/autoimmune issue going on, but what is it? I meet 4/11 of the dx criteria, but they are all atypical: "Molar" rash: I get a mild, flat rash on my cheeks, but it looks more like rosacia than the standard "butterfly" rash. It comes/goes within hours. Discoid rash: I get rashes on my neck and... (3 replies)
Nov 18, 2015
... Or perhaps you had an ANA done before? ... (25 replies)
... tests even though ANA was negative. When ANA is done using the "reflex" testing approach, if it's negative, all the various AB tests aren't necessarily run. ... (18 replies)

... is a pretty low ANA. ... (2 replies)
... I know that is a disease that comes back with a positive ANA and ASM. BUT my liver enzymes are normal now. ... (0 replies)
... I too have a somewhat low ANA, but I am in excruciating amounts of pain and am very very inflamed... ... (7 replies)
... so although it's positive, it's so low they don't think it means much. ... (7 replies)
... The ANA is not that high. Have you been tested for all the autoimmune antibodies, RF factor, TPO etc? ... (12 replies)
... Good morning. Re your positive anti-Ro, it is actually possible, but rare, to have lupus with a negative (or very low) ANA coupled with a positive anti-Ro (in the absence of other autoantibodies). This "subset" is sometimes called "Ro-lupus" and is thought to comprise only a very small percent of all systemic lupus. This is the very subgroup I fell in, and my local doctors... (14 replies)
... this would be wonderful if it was low levels of either of those two because this would help me be able to be more comfortable and be able to possibly sleep through a night solid though. ... (8 replies)
... hair thinning, low Vit D, Raynaud's, etc. ... (8 replies)
... Wow you have had a tough time for a long time. Many of your symptoms could fit with lupus or something close in the autoimmune or connective tissue disease family. Here are some suggestions: See if you can get into the rheum on a cancellation. Call the office and ask them to call you if one comes up, or call them frequently and ask if they have anything sooner than 3 months... (8 replies)
... I am very confused and don't know how to go about writing what I have to say since there's so much that's occurred through out the years on and off. strange things physically out of the blue, like my psoas muscle became inflamed and very painful for no reason. I had to get an injection in it which worked. It all began in the year 1998 right after my divorce. I went to work... (8 replies)
... In addition to what Vee has said, you might ask your rheum for xrays of your worst joints. If erosions are seen, it would confirm RA. Some people have a combination of lupus and RA, unofficially called rhupus. I agree celiac testing should be done, and a hepatologist (liver specialist) will probably be needed as well, if your ALT stays elevated. Be sure to avoid alcohol and... (2 replies)
... tests. I can't tell how thoroughly you've been screened for lupus and its close cousins. In the "further tests" that revealed positive ANA and RF, were you also tested for the large array of AB's seen in lupus and its close cousins? ... (2 replies)
... ANA titer 160 homogeneous the only specific antibody abnormality was low C4 and positive but not high RA and a low positivity in Microsomal AB. So I have significant ANA titer but no red flag ANA's really. ... (2 replies)
... I have lupus. I've had low Vitamin D, which probably started before my dx, then fell precipitously after I began avoiding sun. I take a daily supplement and am back in normal range. ... (1 replies)
... Need direction! I'm a 34 yr old female with history of Kidney disease and PFO. Endo drew labs after thyroid symptoms for years and no progress with FP. Low vitamin d, low Cortisol, positive ANA. ... (1 replies)
... I do think I have it, or a close cousin of it. I have extreme fatigue, joint pain, dry eyes/eye pain, dry mouth on & off, weird skin reactions, raynauds phenomenon, mouth sores. I always had raynauds since puberty but it got worse right before the joint pain and fatigue hit me hard. The rest of the symptoms came on one by one. My dsDNA has been 18 and lowest 14 recently... (9 replies)
... also common in lupus. The BP drops too low during upright posture changes and the heart speeds up to compensate. ... (28 replies)

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