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... Yeah, I'll jump in with Vee on this... as far as everything else coming out normal. My tests were all normal too (CBC, including bun/creatine, all the "normal" tests PCPs run...) It was the more specific tests like ana/dsdna that came out abnormal after my pcp thought Rheumatoid arthritis based on my complaints. Not even a couple months later rheum tests for liver enzymes,... (12 replies)
... What makes your wifes situation confusing, is her ANA by IFA was negative... Its possible, but unlikely to be dsdna positive but IFA ANA negative. This usually means ssdna spoiled the test somehow.. but you said her ssdna was negative. ... (12 replies)
... For the record, fibromyalgia doesn't elevate ANA or specific autoantibodies. Muscle and joint pain, fatigue, inflammation, and frequent infections are all quite common in lupus. ... (12 replies)

... You have not misunderstood. I think both GPs have totally misinterpreted how the test is done and therefore what high/low positive is. Sounds like they're thinking backwards in dilutions. anything under 1:40 is negative... over 1:160 is considered significant. Your result is high. Rheumatologists always understand these tests a lot better (ie, some GPs refer out for... (21 replies)
... doubling each time. Each doubling represents a dilution of the blood, the actual end titer is the last visible stage of the ANA by the lab tech. ... (21 replies)
... Star Stacey, The rheum not being concerned about your ANA titer is concerning to me. This is NOT a low titer, it is high, and undoubtedly means something. ... (21 replies)
So confused =(
Oct 10, 2014
... Hi, welcome! I'm just a patient, but here's how I understand some of the *possible* meanings of these tests. But first, labs alone never diagnose lupus. Instead, 11 criteria are used, and you may find these with the "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) located above the user threads. You generally (but not always) must meet 4 or more of the 11 to sustain a diagnosis of SLE.... (1 replies)
... while a high ANA is significant because an extremely low amount of the healthy population has a very high ANA, it does not correlate to disease activity. ... (21 replies)
... shows list of most likely diseases based upon blood results only. I dont know if alise is ONLY based on blood, or symptoms too. In your case, with a low dsdna and blood results only yes, SLE is "unlikely" by a computer... in clinical context, totally different matter. ... (1 replies)
... Urinalysis shows repeated mixed bacterial cultures, leucocytes and low levels of protein and often invisible blood, but all kidney function tests are normal. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, Sally, and welcome! From what I've read, the DRVTT is only one of multiple test results that can suggest the need for your doctor to evaluate a patient for APS, by using a separate set of APS criteria. First, that list of suggestive tests includes: aCL antibodies (IgG, IgM) Anti-beta-2 glycoprotein I antibodies (IgG, IgM) Activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT)... (8 replies)
Aug 3, 2014
... My family dr told me she was sending me to a rheumatologist after doing an ANA and some yearly labs. My hair has been falling out a lot more than normal for the last year and I have had a lot of stiffness and aching in back and hips. ... (1 replies)
... And is that a low positive or high positive? ... (1 replies)
... Would a low does of Prednisone be helpful? ... (35 replies)
... IS ANA high enough to be counted? ... (35 replies)
... Vee, thank you for answering my questions in detail, and also thank you Alicat for adding your helpful information about anti-ds-dna tests and complements. 1. I agree that only a rheumy can give a lupus diagnosis but I thought with a strong positive anti-ANA and anti-ds-DNA (plus multiple joint pain along with mild anemia) then diagnosis of lupus is kind of certain. In... (35 replies)
... RNP, but lower levels can be seen in lupus. Low levels of ANA can occur in MCTD, where they may be higher in pure lupus. Some people with MCTD get RA as well. So it is often hard to distinguish, especially early on. ... (3 replies)
Good Complements?
Aug 31, 2014
... Before starting with my questions and concerns about my daughterís condition, I would like to thank all the wonderful people on this board who helped me learn by posting their questions and concerns about lupus. My deep appreciation goes to VeeJ and Ladybud who have been tirelessly helping everybody for so long with their wealth of information and with such kindness. One... (35 replies)
... It can be positive in autoimmune hashimotos: If there was a connective tissue disease present as well, most people are going to have something more to prove so. Your WBC or RBC could be low. Platelets might be messed up. Inflammatory markers (ESR, CPK) may be elevated. There are a bunch of different blood tests that can be done... (2 replies)
... joint aches and hair loss. I had a physical where my thyroid antibodies were very high, my t4 was low., and my ana was 1.5. I went to a rheumotologist to rule out any other possible issues. The rheumotologist told me I had hashimotos. .. ... (2 replies)

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