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Low Sed rate
Mar 20, 2008
... I have read the requirments needed for Lupus. I have high ANA levels arm and leg weakness hard time lifting and walking up stairs short of breath tired all the time. ... (5 replies)
... Elevated sed rate can suggest inflammation. ... (11 replies)
Low Sed rate
Mar 20, 2008
... Angie, Glad you wrote back. I left out a question: what was the ANA pattern? e.g., speckled, rimed, homegeneous, ETC. Patterns can narrow the focus to a smaller # of things to consider first. Your rheumie "doesn't believe in high ANA levels"?!? I know I've read that ANA isn't the most meaningful marker of disease activity---but to believe one this high means NOTHING... (5 replies)

Low Sed rate
Mar 20, 2008
... Even though my Rheumie does not believe in ANA levels she keeps going back to lupus, even though i had the panel done and it was all neg. ... (5 replies)
... (17 replies)
... speckled, low sed rate........ ... (6 replies)
Test Results
May 12, 2004
... My symptoms still persist and new ones come daily and I thought either I had lupus or MS and now I don't know what else to be tested for. I had normal sed rate levels, normal cbc, red blood cells and general blood work, no vitamin deficiancies and even a normal brain MRI and nerve condunction test in Feb. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! Thank you so much for your answer!! Yes, your case indeed sound a lot like mine. :O I live in Brazil and I havent find any dermatopathologist here in my city >.< and nothing called lupus band test, but i think i find a laboratory that does what they call "direct immunofluoressence" and in the description they say it can diagnosis lupus. Do you think is the same thing? ... (19 replies)
... Hi and welcome. I'm so sorry to read about your ongoing issues, which sound pretty similar to what mine used to be. I had problems from early childhood, sharply increasing at 13 when hormone levels increased (elevated sed rate, low-grade fever, joint pain & miserable pain along long bones, like shins, also depressed white blood cell count), more in mid-20's (miserable GI... (19 replies)
... Hi! I haven't posted here before. I'm looking for some help understanding these "semi-quantitative" test results. I went into my GP with weight loss after the birth of my son in November (way more than you would expect postpartum from a healthy-weighted person). She checked my thyroid, and it was fine. I went in again just a few weeks ago with continued (though... (2 replies)
Jun 5, 2015
... ith the ANA and all antibodies and complements. Everything normal. And this is after having symptoms for 14 years. The first bloodwork showed a slightly elevated sed rate and crp but I was also a little sick with a cold. ... (20 replies)
... your ongoing joint pain, do recent basic labs show elevated sed rate or WBC's? ... (3 replies)
Mar 17, 2014
... When one goes up, the other goes down. That can also be due to Prednisone though. Yes, the Prednisone can reduce blood and protein in the urine, and suppress the sed rate, CRP and normalize the complement levels. ... (76 replies)
... ht of sarcoid, where higher levels are bad for you, but that I will start taking, again, If I do not take a supplement of that, it is chronically low, my crp and sed rate have been elevated for over three years. My RHEUM knows this, and put it all down to fibromyalgia. ... (14 replies)
... Your sed rate being high for so long sure stands out! ... (14 replies)
... Hi, Arctic Wolf, and welcome. Have you seen those "sticky posts" (permanent info posts) at the top of the thread list? They contain basic info on lupus, also on antiphospholipid syndrome, a clotting disorder often seen in lupus patients. They're an excellent place to start because the info is basic, and then you can build on it as you read more. Those diagnostic... (2 replies)
... Complements are proteins that inflammation depletes, thus those complement levels can go low in people with chronic inflammatory conditions like lupus. ... (6 replies)
... chronic infections, elevated sed rate, depressed WBC, etc. Tired beyond words, I even fell over several times on the way to work. ... (2 replies)
What Should I Do?
Apr 26, 2011
... made me sick. During this time I was getting worse. Hands, feet, ankles, knees, hips, elbows, shoulders, pretty much everything was stiff, hurting. I also had low grade fevers the whole time 99. ... (5 replies)
... Always been spreckled. Had Sed rate be out of range over the years too. This was not checked this last time. But the DNA was and it was negative. ... (20 replies)

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