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... Hello, I recently had some lab work completed by my rheumatologist. My anti-dsDNA was positive 30 iu/ml and I have a high CRP 7.8. Does these results plus my symptoms indicate Lupus? Iím so confused. I greatly appreciate any advice you can provide. Thank you. Symptoms: Bilateral Joint Pain (feet) Headaches - (Burning, tingling, Sharp) Fatigue Mouth sores Constant... (1 replies)
Mar 28, 2012
... I often used a decongestant for similar problems with my ears ( I have lupus) (8 replies)
Mar 24, 2012
... clinic, it's taking forever to get into the EMT and rheumatologist, but I'm also experiencing extreme fatigue and joint pain, my original lupus symptoms. ... (8 replies)

Feb 24, 2012
... The doctor said he thought it was the autoimmune disease attacking my ear. Saw him 2 days ago. (8 replies)
Feb 19, 2012
... Hi, Nancy, the little I've seen about lupus and ear problems is that ear problems are rare in lupus. ... (8 replies)
Feb 19, 2012
... and felt and sounded like a bug was in the ears. Doctor looked at ears and they were fine. ... (8 replies)
Feb 18, 2012
... Hi, Nancy. I've met people with lupus with inflamed pinnas (the bony cartilege). Also a woman who had terrible seborrhea on her outer ears (brown, crusty, weepy, itchy) & needed heavy IV antibiotics to get it to clear up. Is that the sort of thing you meant, or did you mean impaired hearing? Best wishes, Vee (8 replies)
Feb 17, 2012
... Has anyone had Lupus attack their ears? ... (8 replies)
Lupus & Ears
Aug 3, 2005
... Thank you both for replying to my post. I have been reading for years on about Lupus, and just hadn't found hardly information on my ears. Maybe they will put me back on prednisone. I was having such a rough time financially just affording my HBP meds, and now these, its enough to drive someone bonkers, not even counting the itching.I do appreciate the info. (3 replies)
Lupus & Ears
Aug 1, 2005
... and increases healing time, but when you can't hear and your ears are itching and feel like they are plugged up with something, who can just let that alone? ... (3 replies)
Lupus & Ears
Jul 31, 2005
... Dear jusbreatheOM, OOOOOW! I'm wincing... I haven't had anything as nasty as what your describe for your ears or eyes (only lesser stuff). But I know a woman, Dx'ed with SCLE (subacute cutaneous LE) and antiphospholipid syndrome, who had chronic nasty ear problems. The surface skin around her pinna, etc. was crusty, oozing, itchy, painful, etc. I don't think she ever... (3 replies)
Lupus & Ears
Jul 31, 2005
... or methods that worked for you are appreciatedI have had Lupus for more than 13 years. ... (3 replies)
... lains the illness and the many symptoms that can accompany it. We all tend to get some of the symptoms, not all of them, so read the book with that in mind. Many lupus people have allergies, and that can affect the Eustachian tubes of the ears causing symptoms like you describe. ... (1 replies)
... I'm completely lost with the new diagnosis of lupusas I have really No clue what to expect and have no idea if the of symptoms I'm experiencing is lupus or not. ... (1 replies)
... on my very weird skin lesions. The LBT is a test that's seldom done, only when suspicion of lupus is high yet blood labs aren't definitive, and it requires high skill to perform. ... (1 replies)
... e ever seen it that bad. Because it has been sunny ever since that day the rash has gone down but not completely away. I get these circular patches of skin on my ears and around my hairline, sometimes one appears right between my eyes and at the start of my eyebrows. ... (1 replies)
Possible Lupus?
Oct 20, 2015
... I think I'm probably answering my own question here. However, I have had numerous symptoms over the years, and I'm now just connecting the dots because I've had a rash the last week on the back of my neck, upper back, behind my ears, on my cheeks, a little on my forehead and chest, and a little on my wrists. It was very bumpy, not at all dry or scaly, and non-itchy. It is... (9 replies)
Possible Lupus?
Sep 27, 2014
... nd anxiety too. I had a strep test and mono and they came back negative. My pcp referred me to my ENT specialist who took out my tonsils and fixed my sinuses. My ears and nose feel fine. I can breathe and he looked at them and they were fine. All over my right side he touched my throat and killed all day long. ... (9 replies)
... my doctors are now at the point where they wont order any further testing and they have completely ruled out lupus as a diagnosis. ... (12 replies)
... Do you take any lupus meds? ... (3 replies)

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