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... Is there any way that it still could be, or is it definitely ruled out. I read that lupus can be hard to diagnose. ... (1 replies)
... cess issues, and difficulties swallowing. I recieved a CT scan which dod not show signs of a stroke. Since June the symptoms have gotten progressively worse. The numbness and twitching and shaking has spread to my other limbs. ... (2 replies)
... from age 15 and a slew of other things I forget about including Reynauds. Last April 2015 my health really took a turn for the worse I had facial sensations and numbness that resulted in a diagnosis of a TIA and haven't functioned well since they also found possible MS. ... (1 replies)

... Numbness and tingling in extremities in lupus can be from low Vit B12 levels or low Folate. I would ask to get these levels checked and supplement either or both if low. ... (2 replies)
... Hi there. I wonder if anyone else has had numbness and tingling in extremities? ... (2 replies)
... Over 2months ago in jan 8th, when i took generic benadryl with dextromorphan, acetomeniphen, phenyleprine,(pill. after about an hour, noticed i loss about 99 of smell which in turn made me unable to taste certain flavors. Throughout the whole day i started feeling unusually shivering and cold. and notice i started to get tingling on the left side of my body. the next day my... (8 replies)
... my adrenal issues and told me to continue with it. I felt very reassured by what he'd told me. He drew a little pic and told me that what might be going on is Lupus combined with some overlap, which he felt might be APS, since I had antiphospholipid antibodies with each miscarriage. However, he was stumped as he examined me. ... (73 replies)
... Usually those symptoms in lupus indicate a peripheral neuropathy problem, common in several disorders. ... (2 replies)
... Hi name is Lisa. I am 39 and I have been having some symptoms for quite some time now that I have yet to get a diagnosis for....I have a DR appt with my GP on Friday (2/21) so I am hoping to get something going to MAYBE get some answers...... My symptoms are: hair falling out VERY bad, this has been going on for a couple years now....I am very fatigued, I... (8 replies)
... I think, Ladybug, it is because I don't meet the diagnostic criteria of lupus. I don't think RA is the immediate issue because I do not have erosion of joints at this time. More like the soft tissues around the joints are swelling, synovial fluid inflammation... that type of thing. I am seeing the new rheumy next week and will quiz him some more on what actual AI he thinks... (13 replies)
... immune condition is going on. I now have doctors considering MS and seriously I still think Lupus is more likely. I would be interested to hear from those who actually suffer from Lupus if my symptoms sound likely of Lupus. ... (13 replies)
... Recently I've started to experience numbness in my hands. ... (11 replies)
... No, Most GP drs will not test for Lupus because they wont think about it. I went many years with symptoms before a dr decided to check. ... (11 replies)
... Wow txplowgirl, thank you for all the detail! I really appreciate it. I did the lupus symptom checker and have 6 out of 11. ... (11 replies)
... Not necessarily. The thing is, if u have an autoimmune (AI) condition, chances r u'll have 1 or 2 (or in my case a fair few lol!) more, or at LEAST some of the traits from another AI condition. The numbness etc could very well b attributed 2 a couple of other AI's such as Raynauds, MCT, even lupus itself 2 name just a few (I have numbness a lot, even b4 I had cns involvement)... (9 replies)
... I have lupus too. In the past four months are so I have started having numbness in my right hand and arm BAD all the time about and it also gets into my left arm and hand and legs and feet...I'm really scared about these symptoms. ... (9 replies)
... and must wait 10 or so days before I can be seen by a doctor. I was hoping if I shared my story and symptoms that some members of this forum who know more about Lupus may be able to help. ... (1 replies)
... In your shoes, I'd first want the lupus diagnosis explained better. On what factors was it based? ... (4 replies)
... But that proves nothing, as people with lupus surely differ a lot in where they have pain. ... (4 replies)
... It started last night, both arms starting in the backs of my arms behind the elbows are alternating between numbness and tingling but my right arm is the worst. The numbness is going all the way down into the heel of my hand. ... (4 replies)

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