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... Hello. I've had health issues for years and became I'll again early in June. I have most of the symptoms and at this point am dealing with debilitating joint and muscle pain along with headaches, fatigue, and chronic IBS type symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... style, on which I fell over immediately because my ANA was negative. ... (7 replies)
... I had the ANA with reflex cascade, so after the first series of 5 antibodies found a positive, the test stopped. ... (7 replies)

... Hi! Thank you so much for your answer!! Yes, your case indeed sound a lot like mine. :O I live in Brazil and I havent find any dermatopathologist here in my city >.< and nothing called lupus band test, but i think i find a laboratory that does what they call "direct immunofluoressence" and in the description they say it can diagnosis lupus. Do you think is the same thing? ... (9 replies)
... My ANA was never positive. ... (9 replies)
... still only joint swelling and pain, and anemia. He told me to start taking iron and come back in 3 months. Did a few more blood and urine test. ... (3 replies)
... symptoms started with joint pains, I was 10 yo so theyd say it was growing pains. But it didnt stop, and at 13 an orthopedist diagnosis it as fibromyalgia. ... (9 replies)
... I'm new to this board and have never posted before but hoping I can get some answers and support from this to make myself not feel crazy. I've been experiencing pain in my hands for a year or so now. ... (7 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with pelvic prolapse. Last year I had a positive ANA test after experiencing joint pain in my hand and knee. I see a Rheumatologist, but so far we call it inflammatory arthritis. I worry, and of course, now this prolapse. ... (0 replies)
... because ANA isn't specific to any single condition, it alone can't ever diagnose anything. But all that said, do you know how high yours is? ... (4 replies)
... I've had a ton of blood work done, and found that my CH50 is high, as well as my ANA. All of my rheumatologists are telling me that my ANA could be elevated because of my mother having lupus. ... (4 replies)
... but that isn't to say that those labs have been run "recently enough". You said April 2015 was the last time you saw negative ANA and RF? ... (1 replies)
... I believe I posted in another thread of yours, so I won't repeat all I said before but I did want to mention asking for a CK muscle enzyme test when you feel you are having a flare of muscle weakness. There are different types of myositis and that is the best screening blood test for it. Just another piece of puzzle to fill in. (14 replies)
... led lichen planus. Dry eyes by an ophthalmologist, skin rash on cheeks I thought was allergy to sunburn cream. But I was managing all of these things and put the joint stuff down to ageing. As did the doctors pretty much. ... (8 replies)
... Sjogren's, e.g., elevated ANA, joint pain, fatigue, swallowing problems, etc. Can't hurt to ask, and maybe have tests run to rule thyroid in or out, if you haven't already? ... (27 replies)
... Lintek, is the rheum whose appt. you missed (car battery) part of a larger practice? In the metro practice I finally contacted, the lead doctor was booked solid for 4+ months, so I booked instead with another doctor in the practice, my theory being that a strong lead doctor would affiliate with "good" doctors. More suggestions on finding a rheum. Contact local or national... (8 replies)
... radiographs to look for joint erosion, etc. ... (8 replies)
... went to a dr. who said it was raynauds syndrome. gave me a beta blocker and explained how the tiny vessels go into spasm and cause the pain and discoloring. ... (8 replies)
... Homogeneous ANA Titer. ... (4 replies)
... Now I am starting to get really bad pain in my joints. And I just got tested for the ANA on the day I started having a flare. Is it a good thing I got tested on the same day as a flare? ... (2 replies)

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