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... dont worry just yet... It possible its positive and will develop its possible it wont... Even if it does it could be mild. I know that probably doesnt help ease your mind. ... (9 replies)
... B negative, normal. They are well below the positive level, so of no consequence, IMO. ... (6 replies)
... Nope, not at all. They arent a sign of impending doom. Its sort of like ANA, most people have an ANA titer, which is why the positive cutoff is between 1:40 and 1:160 (childrens titer cutoff is lower 1:20 I think), but most dont and never will have an autoimmune. Now it is possible, since you have SSB and symptoms that over time other antibodies may become positive. Thats... (6 replies)

... Thanks for your reply! Yes- my Anti-dsDNA is only a 1, out of a range 0-9. The anti-smith are 0.3 out of a range of 0.0-0.9. And my ssa is 0.2 and ssb is 1.7 out of a range of 0.0-0.9. So really, the ssb is the only high one. I was just trying to understand if the others, although not positive, are a bad sign. (6 replies)
... I tried to tell my doctor but she wouldn't listen. So I found a new doctor. He sent me for labs on Friday April 10th and here's all the labs he wants. Ana , dsdna, anti smi , anti ro, anti lag, anti phospholipid ab, complete level on all ( labs will only say negative here and not show the number if there is one that's low) Also sed rate, thyroxine tsh 3rd gen and C-reactive... (3 replies)
Apr 7, 2015
... Thank you for your response. Yes, since she was giving me information on plaquenil, I am assuming she will put me on it when I see her on Thursday. I do have a bunch of the symptoms. Extreme fatigue, malar rash, at the time positive ANA and Anti-dsdna, headaches, low grade fevers, swelling in my finger tips, pain in joints and muscles and two days after I went to the rheumy... (6 replies)
Apr 7, 2015
... ave it definitely but told me about planquenil and told me to stay out of the sun because people with lupus should stay out of the sun. My first question is the positive test to the negative test. Should I be worried? ... (6 replies)
... The rheum will probably test your dsdna by other methods to see if it was a false positive. ... (9 replies)
... On a more positive note, I had seen my rheum last week and he gave me shots in my foot of cortisone since I was having a hell of a time walking. ... (5 replies)
... Well that annoying. I guess I confused 2 of my derms from years ago. I knew I had seen him before but couldnt remember which one I didnt like... Showed up in his waiting room and thought "crud, it was this one" Fastest dr appointment ever. he did a quick lookover... Rash wasnt flaring, so he said it all looks like folliculitis (Acne?) and the red spots are scars, since he... (5 replies)
Equivocal ds dna
Mar 31, 2015
... Lupus, like sjrogrens and the others are based primarily on symptoms. there are sero negative people, its unlikely but it DOES happen(and by sero negative I mean ALL tests negative) Your equivicol dsdna is neither positive or negative, and if thats equivocal then your ANA is probably positive and they shouldve tested & titered it out with an ANA IFA test. If you're suffering... (6 replies)
... Folate deficiencies are common along with B12 deficiencies and can contribute to peripheral neuropathy, so it would be reasonable to get folate measured in serum and where it stands. A B complex vitamin supplementation would cover the rest as well. (28 replies)
... Hopefully just a coincidence, but I've read that maybe i need other B vitamins also, because of the bcp ? they deplate the body of folate and other b vitamins too ? (28 replies)
... I have never heard of that happening from your vitamins and cannot think of any logical connection between the two. May just be coincidence or perhaps related to your hormone cycle? (28 replies)
... Is it normal that a specialist ( my neurologist ) doesn't call back even after I called her office for a test result ( autonomic test ) ? I have these other problems since I saw her and I was ready to discuss them with her when she calls, but I'm looking for a new neurologist right now (she missed my anti ds-Dna being 22 anyway on my blood work, and if I hadn't ask for a copy... (28 replies)
... dsDNA is not often seen in healthy people, but it depends on the actual dsDNA assay used, most are very specific but lower dsDNA is seen in other conditions. ... (6 replies)
... HLA's are human leukocyte antigens.. HLA b27 is more specifically checked for ankylosing spondylitis but can be positive in other auto immunes. There are other HLA markers for others but b27 is the one I hear most spoken of. ... (28 replies)
... It depends on the test Ladybud, some tests go up to the thousands, some max out at 300 or 800 (ie the Multiplex by Bioplex 2200 maxes at 300) (28 replies)
... As far as thyroid, I would ask for TSH, free T3, freeT4 and thyroid antibodies (anti-TPO and anti-TG). The first 3 are hormone levels to pick up hi or low production, and the last 2 are antibodies that destroy the thyroid gland over time (Years). It is autoimmune also, called Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and can coexist with lupus or mimic it. It causes noticeable fatigue in the... (28 replies)
... IMO the anti dsdna depends on the rheum from what Ive experienced. ... (28 replies)

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