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Good Complements?
Sep 24, 2014
... Akicake, thanks for your very helpful input about MCTD as an overlap disease that could present itself with a positive dsdna. ... (35 replies)
Good Complements?
Sep 27, 2014
... Rheumy said itís MCTD and not lupus!! Her rationale being a positive RNP (4.8) and normal/good complement levels (even though dsdna is positive and the symptom were limited to joint pain, minor finger swelling, and faigue). She was not concerned about increasing level of dsdna in 5 weeks (from 20 to 34, normal <4) because of normal kidney function test, no protein and no... (35 replies)
Very confused
Sep 24, 2014
... I also have a current diagnosis of fibromyalgia after seeing a new rheumatologist. He's also re running my dsdna for a 3rd time, as its been positive twice before. ... (7 replies)

Good Complements?
Sep 23, 2014
... whatever... A mixture of symptoms from each one combines to make MCTD. DSDNA is positive in mctds sometimes, as it can also positive in auto immune hepatitis, sjrogens, RA, and others. ... (35 replies)
... A good doctor would want to follow up in a person with vague symptoms and a low to moderate positive dsdna and investigate the possibilities. ... (35 replies)
Good Complements?
Sep 15, 2014
... ts. He was VERY dismissive regarding the results of my first test. My second set of test results came in in April. I don't have the numbers or method, but the dsDNA result was elevated. ... (35 replies)
... The good news is FARR is a really good test for pathogenic dsdna. Its less sensitive, but way more specific as it only tests high avidity DSDNA. I believe its even more sensitive than IFA... I get the feeling many doctors dont trust the multiplex bead assays. I'm not sure if this is because there is little information on them still... Experience... Or inside information. I... (35 replies)
... malar rash, but since dsdna is close to complements level and not "off the chart" I have no diagnosis and no treatment still. ... (35 replies)
... Im not sure if the complements were by bioplex, just the dsdna test I know for sure was for me in at least one instance, maybe two. ... (35 replies)
... although outside of the standard deviations is probably a positive, but its not insanely high. Anything with a positive value will read high on labwork. ... (35 replies)
... What I can say is with positive lyme tests is its good they treat that first, and see what happens from there. I know lyme can cause positive ANA, I dont know about dsdna though. ... (7 replies)
... Hi and welcome. This certainly sounds like an acute onset of something. With your current lab results, without exact numbers, it is premature to speculate. But your RA is negative. Your ANA and anti-dsDNA being + would raise suspicion of lupus, but how highly + would be very helpful to know. It can come on very acuteful and make on feel miserable, like you describe. Fatigue is... (7 replies)
... Mari, my anti-ds-DNA is likewise measured in IU/ml, but what gives it additional meaning: my labs include a footnote that parses the range. Here's my lab's footnote for anti-ds-DNA: < 25 = negative 25 - 34.9 = equivocal 35 - 99.9 = weak positive 100 - 200 = positive > 200 = strong positive Based on that, I still suspect that it's possible that a reading of 13 could be... (4 replies)
... y little "tiff" with the Rheum here in PA I called up my previous one and let him know what she had said. He had said that with SLE it is normal for the ANA and dsDNA to go back and forth and she should have relied more on my history. I also had asked this to other doctors and they said the same. ... (4 replies)
... negative lupus, meaning their ANA never turns positive in spite of obvious and long term symptoms. ... (12 replies)
... I have lupus with possible ra. It's been a tough year. I lost my job and all my great doctors. I had to start the "doctor search" all over. It's been awful!!! I've been to a terrible rheumy that made me cry every time I saw him(3) times I just switched and found a new one. Fingers crossed this one will make me feel better. In order to see him I had to switch my PCP ... (0 replies)
... I'm New here and hoping someone can help me out. I had my blood results come back with a Positive ANA and Positive dsDNA. I don't see a number for the ANA but the dsDNA shows 19. ... (3 replies)
... Docs cannot figure out what is going on. Positive dsdna and negative ANA. I have pain in my arms that feels like my arms are on fire!! ... (18 replies)
... My Rheumatologist says that he wants to monitor me every 6 months to a year because my dsDNA is positive. ... (7 replies)
... I have none of the 11 symptoms you listed, maybe I have one since my dsDNA is positive. That's why I'm so puzzled. ... (7 replies)

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