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... I had bizarre sweat attacks, without overheating, just sweating from everywhere, a couple years before being diagnosed with lupus. ... (13 replies)
... I had the sweating with my blood clots that were in my lung. Also, prednisone makes me sweat like that as well. ... (13 replies)
... Hi All - Does anyone or has anyone ever had a problem with SEVERE SWEATING, like a MAJOR OVERHEATING, to the point that you are soaking wet from doing simple things such as walking, standing, drying your hair, or JUST SITTING??? We have our temperature at 60 degrees in this house -the rest of my family is cold -but I'm HOT wearing a t-shirt?? My Lupus was dianosed in... (13 replies)

Sep 3, 2004
... Hi Vee, I can't help but wonder if that's what's happening to me too. What you mention about everything "clustering" in the summer sounds so much like how my summer has been this year, sometimes I feel like what summer this year, was it summer, I hadn't noticed, I was busy lying on the couch. Last summer was bad too but not this bad and the two summers before that I was... (10 replies)
... Hello guys, I want to apologize in advance for the long post but I would really appreciate some insight and help, I am struggling really badly. I am a 26 year old European woman and have been very sick for a year now. It all started last November after my gynecologist gave me a shot of progesterone ( due to high prolactin levels and my period disappearing). The very next... (16 replies)
... I have not felt right for the past few days, but I can't figure out what exactly is wrong. I don't have nausea or anything specific. ... (2 replies)
... the aftertaste that is so unpleasant, and I rinsed my mouth with water after each sip and it went down fine. At hour three I had a heart pounding, shaking, and sweating episode, but it went away to a slight tremble by hours 4 and 5. ... (121 replies)
... menopause symptoms or whatever this is. Initially, I had just a brief sweating episode directly related to the episodes. Later, they were different and quite dramatic. I would wake shivering and chilling. ... (121 replies)
... I hadn't been checking my thread because I hadn't any replies for a while. I was happily surprised to see several replies. I discussed the idea of the mitral valve prolapse syndrome as the cause of my autonomic nervous system disorder with my doctor, but he was reluctant to even accept MVP syndrome as a true disorder. I happily handed him the information I had printed out... (121 replies)
... I have had Lupus for about 2 2/1 yrs. I don't sweat like that all the time, but when I try to do anything in the sun for even a short period of time - I look like someone poured a bucket of water on my head. I have been sensitive to the sun for some time now. It is disqusting to look like a drowned rat when I go to Grandsons ball games or a festival or do anything outside. ... (13 replies)
... Hello To All of You! I have also had the sweats and the over heated body, I couldn't handle being in a heated room or anything. I was sent to a endocrynologist, She told me that I had Polycystic Overy Syndrome (PCOS). It has put me into early Menopause. I'm not saying that any of you have this but it's something to check into. I was just diagnosed with Lupus about 4 weeks... (13 replies)
... Hi Katie, BOY do I know exactly what you are talking about. I started having the overheated body with sweats when I was about 40 years old. Every test was done on me and nothing showed up....I felt like a total hypochondriac and eventually I got so i didn't want to see another doctor. Gradually many different things started going on and without going into detail, my... (13 replies)
... Hey Gals .... You are all so sweet -and have mentioned EVERYTHING that I had my INTERNIST doctor run from the bloodwork. All was fine, including thyroid -except the Triglycerides. Now, he said that the NORM for Triglyceride levels is like 300mg .... Mine was 1,000mg .... REALLY HIGH!! But the thyroid was ok, he even CHECKED FOR CORTISOL levels thinking it could be THAT ...... (13 replies)
... Dear Kater, Good morning. Some buried memory has been struggling to rise to the surface since I saw your first post! My mother, sister & first cousin all had high triglycerides; all 3 eventually had gallbladder attacks with---I think, because it's been so many years---common bile duct obstruction. I found a proper term this morning: HYPERTRIGLYCERIDEMIA. Also something... (13 replies)
... Hi, again, Kater. My earlier post didn't come out at all right! I was trying to remember what my sister had told me about her earliest, "bare-bones" thyroid tests & why her previous drs. didn't react to the findings. For her TSH & T3 & T4, some results were normal & some weren't, so they decided NO PROBLEM. She didn't want any new problems (our Dad was really going... (13 replies)
... Hi - Jumping in to say me, too! In the last 7 years since my lupus DX, I've gained a lot of weight, too. At just 5'2", I got to 162lbs and that's when I noticed I got hot as a fire cracker for no reason at all. I've managed to slowly lose about 20lbs by drinking water instead of soft drinks - but still overheat easily. It's less often, but my dear MIL told me it might... (13 replies)
... Hi, Kater. I'm really glad that the menopause idea was off-base! I don't think high triglycerides are associated with such symptoms. Did you have any "extra" tests that aren't part of the standard panels? Like thyroid function tests, for hypothyroidism? Those tests come to mind since you were on steroids (which can promote it) & given the problems you describe. ... (13 replies)
... Hey Guys ... Thanks for all the replies ... First off, I should have put this in the last post .... yes, everyone has told me that, that all of this sounds like menopause, so because my HUSBAND AND I are trying to get PREGNANT (I'm 32 years old) -I RAN to the OB's office and they ran the FSH and all these other tests -and he told me NO WAY are you going through menopause... (13 replies)
... Hi, Kater. Others thoughts, in addition to menopause... Have you noticed any patterns, like time of day? Drinking/eating (like hot beverages)? After taking your meds? I heat up dramatically about an hr. after taking Plaquenil; this lasts only a minute or so. As for menopause---I was so stunned to go thru this early that I didn't correlate my hot sweats to hormonal... (13 replies)
... You just described menopause. Not sure of your age, but ????? It's horrible to be soaking wet from standing still, trust me, I know, lol. (13 replies)

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