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... I know lupus usally makes one lose weight but not me... so what is this weight gain all about... ... (2 replies)
... I have had several incidences n the last few years where, with diet and exercise i have lost weight and am in great physical condition and suddenly I start gaining weight for no reason... then later will start losing with no changes in my life or lifestyle. ... (2 replies)
... To answer your questions, I am not on any type of meds, I have not even been dx. with lupus or anything else for that matter. I have been going to dr. for about 4 months now, am actually on my second dr. who I thought would be better than the first. ... (16 replies)

... hey guys... I'll take any you guys can pass on to me.. I've lost over 30lbs. in the 6 weeks I had that last nasty pneumonia. And now I'm stuck.. I can't gain anything.. Being a small person all my life, and having problems keeping weight on, this is like a major blow for me. I went for 5 years with being 126lbs. ... (16 replies)
... Yes, i have had problems with weight,since having lupus,i don't know if it is actually related to the lupus or just that i am getting older,close to menipause and i can't walk ,on a daily basis ,as i use to because of pain in my legs and feet. ... (16 replies)
... Does anyone have trouble losing weight with Lupus? ... (16 replies)
... I've ha the 20-25 lb. weight swings too - no reason. (2 replies)
... r many years. The last time it got this bad was more than 30 years ago. Complained to Dr.s and had many tests done over a 2 year period. The whole thing ended with me colapsing, ending up in an ER in some sort of shock they said was induced from the pain. All the Dr.s at the time were convinced it was diverticulitis. ... (16 replies)
... related inflammation. The writer ended by saying that this kind does NOT respond to diet or supplements. Treating the lupus is what helps. ... (16 replies)
... nstipation and the other. Especially the other around the time my period starts. As if that isn't bad enough. I will continue to stuff myself so hopefully I will gain weight. ... (16 replies)
... Hi, Patience. I didn't mean to scare YOU, either. I personally would bring it up with your doctor, though, if I were in your shoes, just to be on the safe side. ... (16 replies)
... for that I'm grateful.. I've never had a thyroid problem.. always came up neg. And I've never lost weight like this before either.. so fast and while I was eating good too.. ... (16 replies)
... My stomach is really sore just now too. More so than ususal. I have been awakened the past 2 nights with severe cramps, gas pain, and then I have to go right away. ... (16 replies)
... Hi, Patience. Do you mean, from your last post, that you actually pass blood during IBS-like episodes? I do NOT want to nag (especially someone I love talking with as much as I do you)---but is this something you've had properly checked out? FYI, my hubby finally broke down a few weeks ago and had the colonoscopy he was told to have, oh, about 8 years ago. In our local... (16 replies)
... minutes all day long. Working in a produce dept. that was easy. For a while everyone in the place was bringing me food too. Nothing like fresh stickey buns with walnuts fresh from the oven. Yum, Yum. The walnuts I think didn't agree with me but they were good anyway. ... (16 replies)
... I have to make myself eat balanced meals. I don't gain weight back quickly, but I try not to lose any additional. I eat most fresh fruits freely, most veggies, chicken, fish, blander desserts, etc. Plus, I keep hydrated. ... (16 replies)
... Hi everyone. What Pixii writes about weight loss intrigues me. I to have lost weight rapidly, I also have been small all of my life. I have gone from about 122lbs. to 108lbs. My thyroid was checked and I was told all is normal. I saw my dr. ... (16 replies)
... to my belief that when one autoimmune problem flares, others that a person may have will also flare. The statement that you are eating like a horse and can not gain weight to me shouts that your thyroid is overactive and your metabolism is running away with you. ... (16 replies)
... As someone slightly over 50 and with a metabolism at at dead standstill, I cannot seem to lose the pounds gained since lupus was disgnosed. Bummer! Fatigue and joints slow me and then there is staying out of the sun. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Feelin Puney, I too have been unable to lose weight. Gaining doesn't seem to be any problem though. I am unable to exercise much because of connective tissue damage in my hips and legs. I also have a slow thyroid, (I am on medication to correct it though). I think I am going to give up on losing actually. It has been years since I have even tasted some of the things... (16 replies)

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