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... Ever since I had my daughter I've bben (9 replies)
... Those bands indicate positive for Lyme. I am not a doctor but I also had those bands positive. Your symptoms seem to be a lot like mine. I have been treating Lyme and coinfections for 4 years, and your symptoms are identical to what I used to have. Mine are a lot better after treating with antibiotics for 4 years. Can you find an LLMD? (9 replies)
... no longer Reactive which is confusing. ... (9 replies)

... Ok my western blot 23KD (IGG) was reative Band 41 KD (Igg) Reactive Western Blot IGM 23 KD (IGM) reactive 41 (IGM) reactive So do I still have LYme or not? I was treated when rash first appeared for 21 days. and then 3 wks off and then another 30 days. Could this just be residual effects. I have knee and leg/hi[ joint soreness but not as bad as beginning. I will... (1 replies)
... HI everyone, #3 days ago my reports came B.Burgdorferi 23 KD (IGM) reactive B.Burgdorferi 39 KD (IGM) non reactive B.Burgdorferi 41 KD (IGM) reactive and all IGG 10 bands came non reactive. (0 replies)
... We are just getting what seems like more real help. It started Aug 2008 with a high fever and head pain. ER found meningitis, then we went back the next day when he was head to toe bullís-eyes. 6 weeks of oral meds and he was feeling a bit better. This is the test after this past week when I got him to go back to the doctor. Lyme western blot: Component ... (1 replies)
... positive IgM result rather disease. In rare instances, Lyme disease imm thuanno balcout tree aLcytmiveity smpairyo crehperteesse. ... (0 replies)
... I just do not get it. Funny I was feeling a little better for a while and was able to get on with my life some what....and all of a sudden the flutters are back with a vengeance, and heart burn is awful. I now have developed food sensitivities that I have never had. The other night my hubby drove me to the Er because, I was sure that my heart has given out on me...after... (9 replies)
Do i have lymes?
Nov 12, 2015
... Hello All- I have been battling what seems to be a losing war with Neurologists- and looking for advise. I am currently a first time mom of a 10 month old baby boy. However, for the past 6+ months I have been experiencing the following: Shaky hands numbness/tingling of the entire body in spells about 1x per hour (about 1-5 minutes each) about 8-9x a day (they are... (3 replies)
... My test results came back..I've already showed someone on here and want to know what everyone thinks. F.B.Burgdorferi Negative F 18 KD (IGG) Band Non-reactive F 23 KD Non-reactive F 28 KD Non-reactive F 30 KD Non-reactive F 39 KD Reactive F 41 KD Reactive F 45 KD Non reactive (3 replies)
Two different test
Jun 20, 2014
... Your IgM shows positive since you are "reactive on the 23 and the 41 band. ... (14 replies)
Two different test
Jun 19, 2014
... One was done with my neurologist and the other with my reg. Doctor's office (got this one today) My first one was .94 The second one is negative(so they say) Component: B. BURGDORFERI AB (IGM), WB Result: POSITIVE Component: 41 KD (IGM) BAND Result: REACTIVE (14 replies)
... Thanks to all who are reading: You remember how I said that they retested me (my other doctor's office). Well yesterday I couldn't understand what the nurse was saying. My phone is no good, i need a new one. So when I went to the doctors office. The nurse said that the test was NEGATIVE! So i got copies of all my labs. I didn't know I was missing a page until I got to my... (11 replies)
... Hey prairiemom, My wife became ill back in 2009 and we've been through the wringer with many different docs since then. She had a followup bloodwork done a few weeks ago and had requested a Lyme test to go along with it. Her doc basically poo-pooed it but let her add the test to her panel. We just got the results back yesterday and it was EXACTLY the same as you had in your... (18 replies)
... Recently had a + ELISA test for lyme, followed by a "negative" western blot, although both 23 KD (IGM) and 41 KD (IGG) were reactive. I understand that the ELISA are unreliable, but how unlikely is it that this initial ELISA was a false +? Just wanting some feedback from someone whose been there! I have been sick about 1 month, very bad fatigue/muscle aches, buzzing in my... (18 replies)
... Hello everyone, I have been ill since 1999 with various unknown medical conditions. I have degenerative disc disease in three areas, peripheral neuropathy on the left side. In January 2011, my general practitioner detected a neck tremor and weakness on the right side of my body. I was referred to a neurologist for follow up care. I have an EMG scheduled on March 16th.... (0 replies)
Need help please
Sep 30, 2010
... Hello all. This is my first post to this forum. I have read numerous threads and have enjoyed the informed feedback. I really need some help... Here is my scenario: I have been seeing a pain management doctor for several years to help me with pain associated with a partial knee replacement (PKR) in 2005. During my February 2010 visit, my pain doc prescribed... (4 replies)
... Reactive for 23kd and 41kd means that you have a positive reaction on those bands. They test for a variety of "bands" that are reactive to the Lyme spirochete or various surface proteins related to it. The CDC says you need 5 positive bands to be Lyme positive, but Igenex says 2 as I recall. ... (1 replies)
... Also reactive for B. ... (1 replies)
Western blot test
Jun 27, 2007
... basically was positive for igm band and negative for igg band. ... (3 replies)

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