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[QUOTE=topsy123;3175076]Does anyone know how long it takes for a Lyme disease test result to come back?...I went to my Gp and had the test done on Friday. I had a letter the following weds (3 working days later) asking me to phone my GP as he wants to discuss my results. I went away for a few days and just got the letter, so I cant ring up until after the bank holiday. I have no idea as to whether I have it or not. I was just suprised that the results are in so quick and every other blood test Iv had, my GP never calls me, I have to chase them up......Thanks..[/QUOTE]

I have problems with my blood results being sent to the wrong
Dr. (the doctor that didn't order them).

I hope you get input soon on your blood work
and can understand having to chase things down.
hi topsy123.

i saw an LLMD who treat me based on my symptoms alone. She did send my blood to Igenex labs.

It took about 3 weeks to get the results back. I am positive for Lyme, even by CDC standards.

Not knowing what was wrong with me was the worst part. i desperately needed a label or diagnosis for what was happening to me.

If you do not feel a rapport or you are not comfortable with you doctor, then switch.

Bear in mind that no test for lyme is accurate. You may get these blood results back and it could be negative.

I was tested twice using the Lyne titer which is aka ELISA. It is the least reliable test at detecting Lyme.

If you can, try find a doctor who will send your blood to Igenex and sign off on it.

Good lucj and let us know what happened.

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