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Apr 30, 2011
... started the doxy this week and we are finally seeing some improvement after a week of being extremely ill. Does anyone know of any mouth problems associated with erlichiosis ? ... (1 replies)
... Apparently he had a fever, which I have heard is most often indicative of either Babesia or Erlichiosis and not so much from JUST Lyme. ... (8 replies)
... Yes, her death was completely uneccessary. If they would have figured out she had Erlichiosis, they could have treated her and she'd be alive today. I can't imagine the torture her parents are going through right now. (8 replies)

... I read a sad story today that a local girl died from Erlichiosis. They didn't know what killed her until they did the autopsy. She was ony 15. Talk about tragic. My pharmacist said that he's seeing a ton of Lyme Disease people at his pharmacy this year. Things are getting out of control. (8 replies)
... hi denisse, they are doing the panel 5050 which i believe includes bartonella,the last 2 doctors i saw here las week, also mention bartonella.. i cant wait to have my co infection results and tomorrow will have the brucella ,i am just concern the pannel didnt have erlichiosis, here i have seen they do like for test for erlichia, just dnt know how acurate is here and wich one... (9 replies)
... hi everybody.. hope having a good day.. i was tested for co infections, pannel 5050, still aiting for my results.. i have notice erlichiosis is not in that pannel..can i have that tested done in other lab? ... (9 replies)
... Hi Frango :wave: , I have erlichiosis, babesia and bartonella so its hard to break apart the symptoms. I do know that my white count is are 2.3 and gets as high as 4 when I had the flu. Now I haven't had my count checked in a while. I do know that my red count is really low too. They actually thought I had lymphomia. Sure glad that wasn't the case. Good luck! ~P ;) (9 replies)
... en tested twice for the monocytic form of erlichia, which one of the I.D. guys brought to my attention that we do not have in Minnesota. We have the granulocytic erlichiosis here, so techically I have not been tested for erlichia. ... (9 replies)
... weeks and was tested for Erlichiosis which came back positive. I felt fine on the antibiotics. When I went off the antibiotics I was back to square one. ... (0 replies)
... Yea unfortunately less than half of the time people even know they were bitten or get a rash. But like I said you need to find a doctor who follows the ILADS guidelines not the CDC guidelines b/c they are misinformed and don't know what tests to order let alone how to interpret the results or treat you. Please get checked for the coinfections too not just Lyme as I think your... (4 replies)
Aug 22, 2012
... My mother was in her late 70's when she became very ill. She had other health problems, so no one suspected it could be something like erlichiosis. She ended up at Emory hospital in Atlanta and I thought we were going to lose her it was so bad. I don't recall the details but something in her blood was unbelievably low. (Platelets?) The doctors were stumped until my father... (7 replies)
May 1, 2011
... Thank you. Since this just happened this week we haven't made an appt with a lyme doctor but we will. He tested positive for Lyme and Erlichosis, he had lyme back in the Fall so not surprised he is still testing positive for it. Thanks for the response, hopefully we can get this under control soon, its very upsetting . (1 replies)
... Steve, I tested with IgeneX last year and they found low levels of Lyme and high levels of Erlichiosis. I did a lot of treatments and vitamins and nothing made a big difference. My main symptom is FATIGUE. Unrelenting fatigue. Anyway, I started using Mesosilver and it made a huge difference. I don't take much - only 1 tsp with my 3 meals during the day. I did it for 5... (5 replies)
... an't get a straight answer whether it's a herx or what but i'm completely terrified. I'm not sure whether to ride it out or not. I know the doxy addresses RMSF erlichiosis and typhus but for some reason i sit here and quesiton "am i sliding back down? ... (11 replies)
... hi, i'm new here. i thought i might have lymes when i was describing my symptoms to my friend who took her daughter to a LLMD. her daughter tested negative but after reading the symptoms herself she tested postive for lymes and erlichiosis. scary. anyway both my dogs have lymes so i thought i should get tested. i have all but three of the most severe symptoms. i've been... (16 replies)
... Its possible Ive had lyme for a few years but ever test always showed negative. Four weeks ago when I had the high fever I was diagnosed with erlichiosis. A week later when I had another blood test it came back possitive for lyme as well. The contageous disease doc who I saw is now washing his hands of me. (3 replies)
... A month ago I had a 104 fever for several days and ended up at the ER. The doc said I had erlichiosis and later blood work showed possible lyme as well. They put me on doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for 3 weeks. ... (3 replies)
... I'm sorry you are feeling down, danny. Hold out, things will sort themselves out with time, and only time. Don't give up. I know that it is overwhelming sometimes, wanting to feel normal again but hardly remembering what normal even feels like. It's depressing, I know, and it isn't fair, but it isn't over, either. Take things a day at a time, and don't beat yourself up. You... (8 replies)
Capn MicB...
Oct 15, 2007
... Joyjoy, that's total absolute awesome news on your jeeping to the top of that mountain with your sweetie. :) I can imagine how beautiful you must have looked, standing on the top, the fresh air in your face, the sun on your face, the breeze in your hair and buddy with you, staring out over hundreds of miles of rocks and land and trees. Next time you go, please take... (4 replies)
... Hi, Sorry you are so ill. Here are a couple of suggestions in case you may have co-infections. Keep in mind that you still need to be tested and treated for any co-infections, but these may help in the meantime. There is an herb available in extract form called Cumanda, it is helpful for coinfections such as Bartonella. Artemisinin is a very helpful herb... (16 replies)

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