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... cause I had a bump on my neck. She said it is a swollen posterior lymph node about 1 to 1.5 cm but moves when you push on the side. She checked for other lymph nodes and said I have several in my groin too. She did a blood test checking for lyme disease, std's, hiv, mono, etc and all came back normal. ... (0 replies)
... About 2 years ago I had 2 lymph nodes on either side of my groin inflame quite large and they were very painful. Thankfully the pain and swelling subsided. ... (1 replies)
... swollen nodes in groin area. They are large, hard and very painfull. Simple walking, sitting and driving irrate them more and it becomes very painfull. I went to my family DR. ... (0 replies)

... oglobin was around 7 or 8 and my rbc where around 2. But like I said I was fine until my bloodwork started getting bad quick. No night sweats , no itching just 2 big nodes on my neck and around 5 nodes around the base of my skull, armpits and groin. ... (6 replies)
... For the past 1 and a half years, I have had swollen nodes in the fold between my groin and my leg. First the top one on the right, followed by the top one on the left, then the 2 lower nodes. ... (5 replies)
... so my primary doctor sent me for a Doppler this past week to rule out a blood clot. Well, no clot, but it did come back with bilateral lymph node swelling in my groin Left side measuring at 2.4 x0.6cm and Right side at 2.7 x5. ... (0 replies)
... My doctor checked my groin and neck and armpit thoroughly, however I was shocked when she told me she thinks it isn't a lymph node but "muscle fascia"? ... (0 replies)
Jan 1, 2016
... Thank you so much for the reply, means a lot. The blood count came back clear so he has to go back to the doctor in 2 weeks, in the mean time they've put him on anti inflammatory medication. A few more have developed which is why I'm a bit worried, but they're extremely mobile. ... (4 replies)
Dec 31, 2015
... dd to that, once a node becomes enlarged, it is very common for them to remain palpable to some extent for the rest of your life. I had an infection that caused 2 of my groin nodes to swell around 20ish years ago and they have never went back to their pre infection size. ... (4 replies)
... years. I'm not to worried about those cause been so long, but have one in armpit that in 2 cms I'm concerned about kinda opposite. Can you feel yours in armpit or neck at all. ... (3 replies)
... years I've been able to feel pea size or smaller lumps in groin and neck and armpit all mobile and all of them haven't change size since I found them. I have probably 10 I feel in total. ... (0 replies)
... I noticed a lump near my groin about a month ago. ... (1 replies)
... I will PM you info for the other site I frequent for lymphoma information. Only one node in his leg was palpable. It was hard and I couldn't tell if it was movable. I'd need to be more proficient in lymph node palpating to discern that. It was in his upper thigh near the groin. My husband is a thin man, so you could also see a slight raise in the skin where the node was.... (6 replies)
... I also used to have night sweats around 2 years ago but they only lasted a few months and I haven't had one in basically two years. ... (0 replies)
... The only lymph nodes I can confirm have grown are the ones in the center of my neck. I haven't been monitoring the others as closely. ... (5 replies)
... I had a fine needle biopsy done on one of the lymph nodes in my neck last May and the results came back negative. Doctor said to come back if they get worse or something along those lines. ... (5 replies)
... is time, and definitely not as bad as the ones I experienced in December. I wake up and feel as if my legs had been sprayed on by some cheap water spray for just 2 seconds. ... (0 replies)
... been reactive for about 40 years. It's size goes up and down, but it never goes away completely. Doc not concerned about it. Also about 20 years ago I had 3 or 4 groin nodes swollen so I saw a surgeon. He told me to watch them and if they grew to come back. He said many people have nodes that are "followed" and are not cancer. ... (5 replies)
... primarily all on left side,soreness under left arm but no evidence of swollen node,found HUGE clusters of swollen nodes in left groin. ... (0 replies)
... years now. I recently learned about lymph nodes and how if they get swollen, there maybe a chance of cancer. ... (0 replies)

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