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About 9 months ago when I was studying for my MCATS I noticed a large gland under my jawline....I should probably mention at this point that Im not sure how validated my concerns are, or if im just hypersensitive and had "pre-med syndrome". Shortly thereafter I came down with a viral infection. However, it did not go down immediately, and i noticed one in the back of my neck. At this point, I had my yearly physical, and i pointed the lump under my jawline out to my doctor, who felt it, and throught it was no concern. She ordered some bloodwork because she thought it was more likely I might have mono. Tests came back negative for mono, but I had a slight iron deficiency, which is probably attributable to my diet, I dont eat red meat, and most of the time dont eat meat at all.

I'm pretty sure the gland was down in size for a while, but never quite even to the other side of my neck. I started to notice it again, I had my mother look at it (shes a chiropractor)-she thought they werent overly enlarged. Shortly thereafter (about a week)I came down with the flu, my glands were HUGE, but only on one side of my neck again. Again, i did see the doctor, and he said flu. It's been about a month since my flu, and the glands on my right side, are have gone down a bit but are still large compared to the left side; one is a little over a centimetre (under my jaw) and one is slightly smaller than a pea, the node at the back of my neck is still there, and i found one about the size of a pea in my groin area.

As for the groin one, I'm not sure because I am thin (which might make it more palpable), but it feels larger on the right than left side. I am only 21, and this is stressing me out beyond belief. No one seems to be overly concerned, or think my glands are *that* large. I'm not sure If im just an overly perceptive premed or if my concerns are valid.

Please help me,


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