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... needle aspiration and ultrasound to be sure. At this point that lump was my only symptom. Get the FNA done and lo and behold i am told it "looks" like a swollen lymph node and it "looks" benign. I question why the pathologist keeps saying looks and not that it is, but whatever I let it go. ... (0 replies)
... I have had tender swollen lymph nodes this past 2 weeks. They are mainly located right side of my neck and a few in the back of my neck. Some are size of pea, others are size of kidney bean or more. ... (3 replies)
... terrible head ache that would not go away. She automatically scheduled me for a CT scan of my head and neck. The radiologist report came back and said i had 3 lymph nodes on the side of my neck and by my ear that were slightly enlarged. She then ordered an MRI. ... (9 replies)

... contrast. Today I was told the Ct showed several swollen Lymph Nodes in my neck. But he did not see any reason for further neck surgery as for as my spine was concerned. ... (24 replies)
... This past July I got an ear infection after having my teeth cleaned. As a result, I believe, I got several swollen lymph nodes going down my neck and behind my ear. All but one of them went back down following antibiodics. The one that remaines seems to be about 1. ... (0 replies)
... and my lymph nodes are just going crazy. ... (12 replies)
... I have about 7 on my neck and 1 on my groin, There could be more, i can't as i can't tell if they are lymph nodes or muscle. ... (0 replies)
... I went to the hospital about a week into the neck symptoms, and they did a CT scan of my neck and head and found " Some swollen lymph nodes ". The hospital sent these CT scans to my primary care doctor who i saw the very next day. ... (2 replies)
... what do i do to get swollen lymph nodes down to normal. I under went an operation on a Melanoma mole on the back of my kneck and ear region and they cut one of my limp nodes to find out if it has turn out negative. ... (0 replies)
... e lump on my chest near my sternum..they are hard and unmoving. The one has grown larger and i have 5 more now. At the same time i also found 2 enlarged painless lymph nodes on my neck on each side near the middle of my neck near the back.. ... (3 replies)
... do lymph nodes get hard? ... (1 replies)
... could fluid behind the ears cause the lymph nodes to swell? ... (21 replies)
... one second I was fine and the next I was hovering over a toilet. Well, about an hour later a lymph node popped up on my neck right below my ear. It was pretty big and noticeable. ... (21 replies)
... Hi all. I have been around periodically for a couple of years now. Started with a lymph nodes biopsy which was negative. Then the search has been on for a dx. I have had a bone marrow biopsy which was negative as well. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone:) Here I am again with a few more questions. I am still concerned and wondering if anyone has any advice on this issue. If an individual's hematologist runs a series of blood test that come back completely normal, does this really mean there is no sign of lymphoma. I still have these aggrevating lymph nodes on both sides of my neck, and also in the back of my neck... (6 replies)
Lymph Nodes
Mar 17, 2008
... and given allergy pills and have had some relief but still feel bad. Thought I would be over this infection by now, but you know the strange thing is that my lymph nodes don't hurt even with this infection. The area around the node on the left side up under my ear has really been giving me a time. ... (11 replies)
... What she didn't have were enlarged nodes up along the side of her neck, kind of behind the ear, from just above her shoulder area to her hair line area. These are new. ... (15 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 16, 2008
... I had a lymph node behind my right ear and went to two doctors and they told me not to worry about it. ... (11 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 15, 2008
... About 6 weeks ago I found an enlarged lymph node about an inch under my ear after my jaw bone at the top of my neck. after looking online and seeing many references to cancer, I basically panicked and went to see a doctor. ... (11 replies)
... Sorry I can't help..but wow, im in exactly the same situation. lymph nodes swollen in same places, 19 years old, went to see doctor today and was told the same..with the option of having a biopsy.. ... (15 replies)

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