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Any advice?
Apr 13, 2013
... s and 2 biopsies I have been told that I had Hodgkin's Lymphoma. It's not the best news in the world, but at least I know I'm not crazy. One of my doctors felt a enlarged lymph node on the right side of my collar bone, I have never noticed it before, but he urged me to get it checked. ... (1 replies)
... Unfortunately, I have some suspicious lymph nodes along my right collar bone that have been there for a few months. The one has grown even larger over the last few weeks. ... (3 replies)
... some terrible cancer waiting to eat me up. Lately I have been worried more than normal because my side started hurting and through my own research I diagnosed an enlarged spleen. Maybe I am wrong, maybe not. Anyway, that is actually getting better with rest. ... (5 replies)

... e into consideration also. However, most of them are also associated with Celiacs. I have not felt any swollen lymph nodes. My neck from right below my ear to my collar bone, more so on the right, is a bit sore and puffy. I thought that lymph node swelling due to cancer was painless though. ... (4 replies)
... have had enlarged lymph nodes in the back of my neck for 5 months. ... (0 replies)
... ive had 4 enlarged nodes and the largest was biopsyd using the fna aspiration and core needle and flow cytometry. everything was benign. ... (3 replies)
Lymph node benign
Aug 21, 2008
... thank you for responding. The reason I am so afraid is because I can feel my supraclavicular lymph nodes a few in each collar bone. I read this is serious and should not be felt however the ct scan showed only 1 enlarged 1.1cm and some doctors wouldnt even consider this enlarged. ... (3 replies)
... re are other reasons that they enlarge, due to infection being fought somewhere in your body. even if something is going on with your reproductive system, say an enlarged ovarian cyst, that alone can cause the nodes to enlarge in the groin area. ... (3 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 16, 2008
... I had a lymph node behind my right ear and went to two doctors and they told me not to worry about it. Once I got new insurance I went to another doctor who did a needle biopsy and it was inconclusive. I decided to have it taken out and it was stage 1 lymphoma. I once had a surgeon tell me if you have a lump have it removed. I'm glad I did but still don't know what the... (11 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 15, 2008
... About 6 weeks ago I found an enlarged lymph node about an inch under my ear after my jaw bone at the top of my neck. after looking online and seeing many references to cancer, I basically panicked and went to see a doctor. ... (11 replies)
... Ack that sounds horrible! I remember having a enlarged lymph ndoes just above my collar bone then on my neck...turns out I had a large mass in my chest. ... (2 replies)
... if a tonsil shows nothing does that mean the other lypmh nodes are ok or could the enlarged tonsil thrown them off the nodes? ... (1 replies)
... :wave: Hi Singer 78 We are all here for you, and it is only normal to be so worried, I think you are doing so well, and are such a positive person, keep it up!! Hi Debs, Thank you for your kindness, I love you to, I'm feeling really ill today, i have a really sore throat, and I am hot and cold and achy all over, I am so fed up, in two months I have had shingles that... (62 replies)
Oh no... Scared.
May 24, 2007
... Does that mean collar bone region? ... (23 replies)
Please Help
May 20, 2007
... One of my enlarged lymph nodes started directly under my left collar bone, and now I can feel it above as well, as it has grown. ... (8 replies)
I'm back!!
Apr 27, 2007
... en morphine for the continuous pain that I am in though. The left side of my abdomen underneath my ribs is so painful, and always rock hard. I thought that the enlarged lymph nodes in my collar bone might be connected, but again no one says anything about it. ... (20 replies)
Apr 23, 2007
... :) Hi Alison, Thank you for your message, it's not as bad as what you have to go through. Alison, I am really fed up with my consultant and I don't know what to do, he is a professional right, and should have diagnosed me by now if there was something really bad right?... The problem is I have: *Enlarged Spleen *Enlarged Lymph nodes, collar bone, neck, etc (3 replies)
I'm back!!
Apr 5, 2007
... I have found out that you guys who said the collar bone nodes usually raise a red flag, are right. They are calledSupraclavicular nodes and are the most worrisome for malignancy. ... (20 replies)
... I am concerned that they seem to be taking ages, my left hand, arm and foot are really swollen, and I am worried about the lymph nodes in my collar bone, no one else seems to be worried about them, my doctor has already told me he does not know a lot about lymph nodes.. ... (12 replies)
... le of weeks back, after reading various stuff online, i fell across information on lymphoma. as i was reading it, i felt my neck and lo and behold, there was an enlarged node just above my collar bone. i felt around further and found another one higher up. ... (12 replies)

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