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Apr 2, 2007
... re worried about things or stressed out this can cause lymph nodes, I asked him what are the causes unfortunately I am still waiting to find out whats causing my enlarged spleen and nodes. ... (8 replies)
... Can I ask what you have read that indicates that the lymph nodes in the collar bone would raise a red flag please? ... (12 replies)
... Are the lymph nodes just enlarged then in your neck? ... (7 replies)

... I have had an enlarged spleen for over a year now, and it really hurts, as my stomach is distended and I just look even more fatter than normal!! So don't worry on that account. ... (17 replies)
... chest ct scan report. She said that the reason why they put that "lymphadenopathy could not be entirely excluded" was because the ct scan I had did not show the collar bone region. But the neck ct scan did show my collar bone region to be normal. ... (17 replies)
... It seems odd how all the nodes are up just on the one side of my body, neck nodes, collar bone, etc. ... (1 replies)
... I have just returned home from the hospital, I'd had enough, anyway, I have two lymph nodes in the collar bone, my scan showed that my spleen is still enlarged, and I had a scope put down my throat which showed inflammation! ... (38 replies)
... Lintek45 I agree!!! Your reply was extremely helpful. Susie, I hope you are doing ok. I understand about waiting for results, but you seem very positive about it!! I have posted here before with my story, but I will give a brief recap. About 6 months ago, I got pretty sick (joint pain, fevers, etc.) I went to my GP who then referred me to a rhuematologist. She... (12 replies)
... break because of my itching I scratched a couple so much at night it caused an infection, so I was put on antibiotics. I have found another lymph node in my collar bone om the left side also. Who knows? ... (22 replies)
... sometimes a bad tooth can casue the nodes to swell under the jaw, or it can be the salivarly gland, but I'd be VERY concerned about the node that's enlarged on her collar bone. the nodes under our arms are easiest to detect and if a person is very thin, you will feel them. ... (1 replies)
Upcoming biopsy
Aug 3, 2006
... I have a biopsy scheduled for this upcoming wed on a node on the left side of my neck maybe an inch above my collar bone. I guess being 18 my main concern is the scar. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all. I need some advice. I have a swollen area just above my left collar bone that's been there for four months. I started off by seeing my GP, who said it's probably an infection, so she put me on a round of antibiotics. ... (0 replies)
... i also have a small node on my collar bone. They did CT scan and told me that i didn't have anything significant. i hope it goes well for you. Good luck. ... (10 replies)
... I know is different than an ultrasound. I appreciate your help, but I am still so darn confused here... I am especially concerned about this lymph node above my collar bone, because I've heard that enlarged nodes in that area are generally suspicious. ... (10 replies)
Tomography Update
Nov 26, 2005
... Having found a slightly enlarged node on my collar bone along with those around my neck, i requested my doctor do more investigation and finally i had a Tomography for the upper side of my body. ... (0 replies)
... It depends on the location of the node i think. Nodes on the collar bone are considered suspicious even if they are not bigger than 0.5 centimeter. ... (3 replies)
Second Opinion
Aug 25, 2005
... Hi. I just thought i'd reply back to your post. I could not agree more to the advice you have given. Its definetly paramount that its checked out. I don't no whether its because i'm 19 years of age but the specialist who I see keeps passing it all of about Lymphoma, and I am showing some worrying symptoms. How are you? Take care. (36 replies)
Second Opinion
Aug 24, 2005
... another doctor. Sometimes doctors have a tendency to blow things off too quickly. The thing in your post that caught my attention was that you said you have an enlarged node above your collar bone. ... (36 replies)
... I came on here before from an enlarged lymph node back of my neck and after antibiotics it did go down. It is still there and the dr. ... (4 replies)
... Lymphoma is characterized by painless lymph nodes unless they are pressing on an adjacent nerve. The nodes themselves do not produce pain. Lymphomas cause night sweats, that come and go. Indolent lymphoma can cause symptoms for a while(fevers, sweats, flu-like symptoms and swellings in the lymph nodes) and then stop and not have symptoms for up to six months, then the... (6 replies)

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