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... Sometimes stress reactions will cause our bodies to do quirky things. Lymphoma generally is caused by exposure to chemicals, or radiation like when you have another cancer that has been treated. Also having had mono sometimes leaves you open to Lymphoma. Look at other stresses in your life that might have you diverting your anxiety to health problems. Concern is a good thing... (5 replies)
... Hi everybody. About 2 months ago I noticed a few enlarged lymph nodes only on the right side of my neck. ... (5 replies)
... Well, the truth is I get things in my head a lot and I'm really not sure if there's any cause for concern. Automatically, "cancerous" floats through the back of my head but that's just normal fear right? ... (9 replies)

... among several things in the report, I have enlarged prominent lymph nodes present in the groin bilaterally. ... (0 replies)
... I have an enlarged lymph node in my neck that sticks out when I lean my head and neck to the opposite side of where it is. I've seen a doctor and asked about this in the past and have been told that the only way to know if something is wrong is to do a biopsy. ... (4 replies)
...'s me again. I have been to Mayo Clinic in Rochester twice now. The first diagnosis was Query Fever because my EgGQfever Toxin blood work came back positive. ... (9 replies)
... I have a huge node that's back again that was once removed back in 1997. it's not cancer but something that wasn't normal either. It's called Atypical follicular lypmhoid hyperplasia. ... (3 replies)
... I sort of forgot about it until a few weeks ago when I came down with a bad cold and my neck starting hurting. I noticed it was there again. I still have a head cold and wonder if it's allergies as I am quite stuffy. ... (5 replies)
... I first went to see my primary doctor in July for a terrible head ache that would not go away. She automatically scheduled me for a CT scan of my head and neck. The radiologist report came back and said i had 3 lymph nodes on the side of my neck and by my ear that were slightly enlarged. ... (9 replies)
... It started on Tuesday 12th March of this year when I found a lump on the left side of my neck. ... (19 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 16, 2008
... I had a lymph node behind my right ear and went to two doctors and they told me not to worry about it. ... (11 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 15, 2008
... About 6 weeks ago I found an enlarged lymph node about an inch under my ear after my jaw bone at the top of my neck. after looking online and seeing many references to cancer, I basically panicked and went to see a doctor. ... (11 replies)
... id that the reason why they put that "lymphadenopathy could not be entirely excluded" was because the ct scan I had did not show the collar bone region. But the neck ct scan did show my collar bone region to be normal. ... (17 replies)
... I am a healthy 23 year old girl. I have been able to feel my lymph nodes for many years. I had a few internists look at them and they were not worried at all. ... (2 replies)
... (9 replies)
... I'm 34, female. In Spring 06, I started having soreness on mainly the right side of my neck, then both, then sore throat. ... (9 replies)
... I'm making my appt a week from now when I can get off of work. I posted this in another board belonging to healthboards, but sadly no one wrote back. ... (4 replies)
... ago I found a large lump on my chest near my sternum..they are hard and unmoving. The one has grown larger and i have 5 more now. At the same time i also found 2 enlarged painless lymph nodes on my neck on each side near the middle of my neck near the back.. ... (3 replies)
... Hi Lucy, i am 18 and new to this site and i too am concerned about my enlarged lymph nodes. I am not sure if stress and constant nitpicking at them swells them even more, or i am just scaring myself to thinking they are worse than should be. ... (19 replies)
... Last week an ultrasound found several enlarged reactive lymph nodes in my groin on both sides, the largest one measured 14mm, they deemed them to have increased vascularity. ... (2 replies)

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