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... I too would probably get a second opinion, if only to put your mind at rest. I had a small hard lymph node in the groin and when a ct scan was done, it showed up multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. ... (6 replies)
... I don't think you can give a general answer to how quickly lymphomas grow. There are so many kinds. I don't have much information about my own as all the enlarged lymph nodes were in the mesentery so I had no idea they were there! ... (10 replies)
... My understanding is that to get a definite diagnosis, you need a biopsy. Even though my enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery looked like lymphoma, I still had to have surgery to biopsy the nodes and to find out what type of lymphoma it was. ... (1 replies)

... really had no symptoms but had a ct scan to see why I was getting a slight pain in the left lower pelvis. Nothing showed up there but what did show were multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery, which is higher up. I would never have known! ... (6 replies)
... there for about 6 months before I was diagnosed and was about 1cm. One doctor told me that it was nothing "sinister" and even the surgeon who did a biopsy on my mesentery nodes, felt it might just have been a reactive node, so did not include it in his biopsy. ... (7 replies)
... (12 replies)
... That is the weird symptom of slight pain in the left lower pelvis may have had nothing to do with my lymphoma. I do have an enlarged node in my groin but my surgeon feels that one might be just a reactive lymph node. ... (12 replies)
... It was during a ct scan for a pain in my left lower abdomen that my enlarged nodes were found in my mesentery. Due to the size and formation the radiologist suspected I either had lymphoma or leukemia and a biopsy proved I had lymphoma. ... (2 replies)
... ope the scan results were good. I can understand your need to get answers. I also started my tests because of a pain in the left lower abdomen but my scan showed enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. My blood levels were quite normal and I had no other symptoms at all, but my diagnosis was indolent follicular lymphoma. ... (4 replies)
... re, especially as you already have prostate cancer. I am nearly your age and also have lymphoma in the mesentery. Mine is indolent follicular and I had "multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. I was never able to find out how many is "multiple"! The largest of mine was 2.5 cm. ... (5 replies)
Just an update
Jul 14, 2006
... I have had my surgery which resulted in a 4 inch cut above the navel and 5 pieces of tissue taken from the multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery area of my abdomen. I am OK but feel pretty grotty and sore. I am now waiting for the results... ... (0 replies)
... ths I was in treatment. I never had the B symptoms and mine was only found when I was experiencing low pelvic pain and, finding nothing, was sent for a scan. The enlarged lymph nodes showed up in my mesentery...nothing to do with the pelvic pain! Life is funny sometimes! ... (11 replies)
... That scan showed multiple enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. Blood tests showed no irregularity at all. ... (6 replies)
Dad has lymphoma
Sep 14, 2007
... done for other things. In your dad's case it was kidney stones. In my case it was while investigating a slight pain in the lower pelvis....nowhere near where my enlarged lymph nodes were in the mesentery! This is because lymphoma can be present for some time without any symptoms at all. I never felt ill at all. ... (5 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Jun 23, 2007
... I was dx almost exactly a year ago with Stage 1V Grade 1 follicular lymphoma, which is treatable but incurable. I had no symptoms and my enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery only showed up when I had a scan for something else! Otherwise, I would not have known I had lymphoma. ... (53 replies)
NOW I am Scared...
Sep 19, 2006
... The fact that you have no enlarged lymph nodes other than in the mesentery, has to be good, I would have thought. ... (37 replies)
Possible Lymphoma
Jul 10, 2006
... Hi, I am in a similar situation right now, though not quite the same. I have multiple enlarged lymph nodes in my mesentery and they are going to biopsy one of them tomorrow. They also suspect indolent lymphoma or leukemia. ... (4 replies)
... have more tests. I have never known for sure if the one I had in the groin had lymphoma but a ct scan done to investigate if there was a problem showed multiple enlarged nodes in the mesentery. Those were lymphoma. ... (1 replies)
Just Diagnosed
Jun 24, 2007
... My lymph nodes were in my mesentery which is the lining of the small intestine, so I never knew they were enlarged...never gave me any symptoms. ... (53 replies)
Feb 13, 2014
... rt on my lower left side, suggestive of either an ovary problem or diverticulitis. I had all the gynae tests and nothing showed up. Meanwhile I developed a small lymph node in my right groin. I was told it was nothing to worry about. ... (8 replies)

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