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... and I told her that my both lymph nodes under my jaw had been swallen. They always tend to get swallen when I have a flue though. ... (22 replies)
... Here is the background story. In October of 2010 i had a biopsy for an enlarged persistent lymph node under my jaw because it was suspected of lymphoma. ... (0 replies)
... terrible head ache that would not go away. She automatically scheduled me for a CT scan of my head and neck. The radiologist report came back and said i had 3 lymph nodes on the side of my neck and by my ear that were slightly enlarged. She then ordered an MRI. ... (9 replies)

... but if the FNA comes back negative you could still push for a surgical biopsy if you still don't feel convinced. I have had enlarged lymph nodes for almost 4 years now and am finally going to have a lymph node biopsy done. My first one that i noticed was on the back of my neck back when I was 20. ... (7 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 16, 2008
... I had a lymph node behind my right ear and went to two doctors and they told me not to worry about it. ... (11 replies)
Lymph nodes
Jan 15, 2008
... About 6 weeks ago I found an enlarged lymph node about an inch under my ear after my jaw bone at the top of my neck. after looking online and seeing many references to cancer, I basically panicked and went to see a doctor. ... (11 replies)
... Ok, you said you have sinus allergies. That will cause your lymph nodes to react. ... (17 replies)
... I am having issues with swollen lymph nodes and glands recently. About six months ago I went to the doctor for a hard lump on the left side of my neck...nothing came of it. ... (4 replies)
... I could really use some input from someone here if possible. This past December I noticed a pea sized lymph node in the back left side of my neck. I had no infection before, during, or after I noticed this. ... (17 replies)
... hello to every one.. this is my first post. The problem and worry is with nodes in my collarbone region, both left and right. The right node seems to have gone down quite a bit over 5 weeks. ... (4 replies)
Node under jaw
Sep 7, 2013
... too. Swollen nodes in the neck are nothing to be ignored. It took 9 months to diagnose the NHL for me. NHL is different than say breast cancer lumps. The lymph node will roll around even with lymphoma in it. ... (2 replies)
... gland he says its probably attributed either a boil or a sebauceus cyst almost exactly 1 inch above from the area where the enlarged gland is. ... (3 replies)
... how on earth can the ct scan not pick it up but there are enlarged lymph nodes? ... (18 replies)
... Im 17 years old and have prolonged enlarged lymph nodes throughout my body. ... (0 replies)
... will stay that way until the infection is totally irraticated. Sometimes chronic sinusitious can also cause swollen glands. If the swelling is under the jaw line, respitory....or right below ears....ear infection. ... (12 replies)
Lump under jaw
Jul 25, 2004
... Well I think your doc was hoping that this node is enlarged due to a bacterial infection and then prescribed antibiotics to make it go down. ... (7 replies)
... I'm very sceptical of having had an excisional biopsy of an enlarged node on right side of neck under jaw line come back as " atypical follicular lymphoid hyperplasia". Not sure if I already posted this. memory is lacking. ... (2 replies)
19 and scared.
Mar 18, 2011
... of 2009, I had mono. After doing some online research on lymphoma, I have read that this can be something that causes lymphoma later on. After my mono ended, my lymph nodes stayed enlarged. ... (5 replies)
Biopsy Question
Sep 21, 2007
... Back in January or February I noticed the lymph node under my left arm was swollen. I have an open wound on my scalp, so when I showed my doctor she chalked it up to that. ... (0 replies)
... Both were minimal so my doctor said not to worry. Recently I had 2 lymph nodes which feel stuck together appear in my right armpit, took about 1 month for them both to surface. ... (2 replies)

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