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I'm 18 and straight and I've only had sex once, months and months ago...but I noticed since then, the skin on the red head of my penis has started to become increasingy wrinkly, cracked and very dry. Its sensitive to touch and sexual activities are not enjoyable. I'm also very wary to engage with girls, for fear of what they will say. It is like this when both erect and flaccid. There are cracked lines and it is very wrinkly, especially when flaccid. It looks really old and horrible.

It's really worrying me and I'm becoming very insecure about it...I wonder, there surely must be something I could do? I may just be imaging this, but it feels like my penis is shrinking in its flaccid size.

I would EXTREMELY grateful of helppeople could offer me

thanks a lot
Hey there...

Well, reading your post, Im thinking that when you had intercourse with the female in question you may have contracted a slight yeast infection.
In females it gives them itchy rashes and may dry them out a bit, not quite sure. But in males, they do have a tendency to dry out the skin and crack it a bit. If you did not wear a condom, this may be the case now, if you did wear a condom, then you may be allergic to latex.

I say this b/c a long time ago my girlfriend had a yeast infection and something similar to what you described happened to me. I put lotion on the afected part and I think she gave me some antifungal type lotion also.

Best thing to do, check with a medically trained person and they may be able to give you an accurate diagnosis. Good luck, and be safe..
could just be dry weather too. I don't have a wrinkle problem but I do get small cracks in my foreskin. I'm going to consult my doctor next time im home
sounds like a yeast infection to me as well. try monistat, or any other over the counter yeast medicine for women. it will work just as well on a man.
hi, thanks a lot guys.

it has been getting progressively worse these last few weeks, very wrinkled and cracked and i was desperately worried. feels like when my penis is flaccid, it shrinks more than it should do...any ideas about that?

can you get these medications without having to see a dr? i live in britain, i dont know if it will be any different over here.

I really think your best bet is to see a doctor, while it is still likely reversible.
[QUOTE=tommy124]I really think your best bet is to see a doctor, while it is still likely reversible.[/QUOTE]

could it become irreversible?
no offense dude, but are you crazy? lol you definitely need to get to a doctor. why take a chance with your penis?
For a dr appointment in Britian could take months. In the states they sell stuff over in drug stores for womans yeast infections ask the pharmacist
Many good ones over the counter. Ask the pharmacist if in doubt what is best for yeast infection. Sometimes they have a generic but make sure it is the best you can buy and apply twice a day till it is cleared up. Yeast problems more of a plague with uncut.
Cut guys don't have as many problems with yeast.
beg to differ. many cut guys also have problems with yeast. circumcision status doesn't seem to be much of a factor.

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